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Islamic Conquest in India – Scene of Carnage

Islamic conquest in India has been a bloodbath without any exception and it is needless to say that the same mindset has been prevailing till date. Lots of recent efforts have proved that this suppressed chapter of history advocates travesty of humanity only and to remain silent of this is the greatest crime of any individual. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose – Truest KarmaYogi

Dedication to motherland and struggle for the national liberation till the last breadth was the basis of the life of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and it was his Guru, Swami Vivekananda, who inspired him in such a manner. In short, Hindu Dharma was the fundamentals of his life. Whether in days of meager politics or battlefield Hindu religious texts provided him the moral fiber. And the same has been accounted by people hailing from different spheres of life and also across the globe. Netaji, in short, is a KarmaYogi par excellence. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Why did I Forsake Islam?

Number of Muslims forsaking Islam is growing by leaps and bounds all over the globe and strikingly, the majority of these ex-Muslims happened to be brilliant exponents of Islam till the other day. Once these rational people go through the basic tenets of this perilous philosophy, they can’t remain within its fold any longer. Harrowing experiences of Hossain Salahuddin are no different and prove that Islam can’t be the bastion of intellectuals ever. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindus in Australia become Victims to Islamic Assaults

Chronicles of Islamic assaults on Hindus are not evident in the Indian state of West Bengal only but in far-off Australia also. Auburn , small, insignificant and serene town (even a few months back), in southern edge of the Clare Valley, Mid North of South Australia,is becoming a bastion of Islamic fundamentalism. An assortment of recent reports ascertains the spate of like events has its origin in the fast changing demographic situation in the city. Rising Muslim population in this Christian country is posing a new threat and unless the administration reins in the situation, Christians would be the next target preceded by Hindus. To Read Full Report Visit:

Brave Hindu Samhati Activists of CharaVidya Bailed Out

Even if the situation in and around CharaVidya (Police Station : Basanti; District : South 24 parganas; West Bengal), following Islamic atrocities on Hindus stealthily advocated by the local administration (reported recently), is still tense and Hindus are scared to move freely, there is a slight relief. Hindu Samhati activists of the area have got the bail finally and all these prove how difficult it is getting increasingly to have legal victories against an inimical administration. Hindu Samhati is steadfast to continue the struggle whatever the obstacles are. To Read the Full Report Please Visit:

Amrtya Sen’s bid to venerate Hindu philosophical vision rejecting Dharma – too childish

Denouncing the intellect of Dr. Amartya Sen, worldwide renowned economist, scholar and also Nobel Laureate, is surely a travesty of truth. But it’s also true that he has been scheming and vociferous against Hindu Dharma till date and makes every bid to extract soul from the body. This time too the same has been done; he is ever ready to appropriate the amiable yet brawny vision of Hindu philosophical schools of thought but rejecting the essence of Dharma. And thanks to all these, his argument fails to hold water. To know more log in:

Muslim woman’s design to stigmatize male Hindu foiled

Muslim women are novel flag bearers of Islamic atrocities and their targets, in this context, are Hindu males. And these are no rare instances any longer. This is nothing but a pernicious ploy to break up moral fiber of Hindu society. Carefulness must be adopted in every sphere. To know more log in:

What’s our take?

Will West Bengal State Assembly Election 2011 and the subsequent changes (probable) be of any use to Hindu Bengalis? A great question is rising perceiving the fast changing reality. There can’t be any major change and hence, Hindus must take part in the voting process responsibly and wisely. To know more log in:

Hindus must claim Swastika

Swastika has been one of the most sanctified emblems of Hinduism ever since its origin and has been venerated and made use of by Hindus through centuries. Nevertheless, in spite of this rich tradition, Swastika has been looked on as a villainous representation of Nazi regime, responsible for worldwide destruction, and vicious to humanity, especially in the West. Hindus must claim Swastika once and for all and make people realize its virility and worth. To know more:

Muslims malign Hinduism, threaten Hindus in Sarberia

Atrocious incident in Sarberia depicts how Hindus are living under the cloak of secularism in Bengal. The situation is getting worse, each day it passes and the reluctance of administration to shelter peace-loving and hapless Hindus adds salt to the gaping wound. The choice is getting clearer. Either there would be a new exodus of Hindus from Bengal to nowhere or they must battle against Islamic zealots. To know more log in:

Kashmiri Pandits must become hawkish to procure citizenship in Kashmir

Whatever may be the pre-militancy harmony between the two leading communities in Kashmir, severe atrocities and brutal exodus of Hindus has been the reality from the end of 80s. And neither there has been any repentance nor has there been any approach from the Muslim politicians of the valley to take Hindus back. Tens of thousands of demonstrations and seminars on persecution of Kashmiri Hindus have come about leading to no result. Time, therefore, is ripen for Kashmiri Pandits to plunge into a rigorous struggle – battle for life or death. To know more log in:

Hindus becoming easy prey to Islamic rouges in CharaVidya

Hindu Samhati workers, owing to their painstaking activities round the clock, have become targets of Islamic fanatics. Incident of CharaVidya proves the Islamic zealots are worried of growing influence of Hindu Samhati and would do anything to nip its activities in the bud. To know more log in:

Taking on Islamic hard-line? Be prudent, innovative and vicious like it

Islam has become a power to be reckoned with across the globe owing to its savagery and innovative methods to triumph over the unconquered areas. History proves to defeat such a savage ideology a warrior must also get adept in such methods. Or else the exaggeration would not lead to any success ever. To know more log in:

Muslim criminals strike once again in Deganga

Deganga is turning into a dangerous place increasingly for Hindus to live in. What has taken place in the village BasonaBenapur, P.S. Deganga, is a travesty of humanity and the activities of self-claimed custodians of administration prove Hindus are just like orphans in this vast territory. Unless Hindus in Deganga say enough is enough and plunge into struggle, there is hardly any hope for betterment. To know more log in:

Hindus tortured in Kumarjole, Minakha

Religious persecution on Hindus is again on the rise in Bengal and Hindus in Kumarjole Minakha area happen to be the latest target. Hindus, after lots of experiences, here have realized that there can’t be any alternative to struggle and are, therefore, determined to carry on the struggle against Islamic fanatics. To know more log in:

Will Gangasagar cease to belong to Hindus exclusively?

More the days pass, Gangasagar is facing new and new problems. Hindus are not getting microphones to make religious gathering success and the administration is acting as step-mother altogether. It’s not far away when this imperative Hindu pilgrim place will be a thing of the past, if Hindus remain passive and also pessimistic like the present. To know more log in:

Muslims defile Hindu temples, assault Hindus in Mallikpur

Staining of Hindu temples by Islamic Jihadists is becoming a regular feature in West Bengal more and more. And the incident of Mallikpur, P.S. Bhangar is a leaf of the book or saga of persecutions. The administration remains numb and also helpless to save Hindus. What should Hindus do then to save its dignity? The question must be answered before long. To know more log in:

Police brings Charak Puja to a halt in Charghat again

Fate of Charak Puja and Utsav in Charghat Darga Para proves Hindus have become second-class citizens in West Bengal. Whatever may be the ancient rituals, police and administration, best grovelers to Islamic fundamentalism, have no respect to Hindu rituals and faith. The administration has ceased to exist for Hindus and unless, they change their mindset the Hindu community may go to oblivion soon. To know more log in:

Muslim zealot abuses Hindu housewife sexually

The cat is out of the bag. Gone are the days when Hindu women used to be taunted and even molested by Muslim criminals. This is a new day when Hindu women are getting vulnerable to sexual assaults of Islamic zealots in West Bengal as well. At every instance help of police and administration is sought, happens rarely and is becoming rarer increasingly. Will Hindu virility prefer to remain behind the doors still? To know more log in:

Swami Pradiptanandaji’s speech on Hindu Samhati’s 3 rd Anniversary mesmerizes Hindus

Swami Pradiptanandaji electrified the huge congregation on 14 th February, 3 rd Anniversary of Hindu Samhati, through his speech. He did emphasize on the reality, problems that made Hindus succumb to defeat and ways that can strengthen the entire Hindu community yet again. Without a doubt, the warrior Sannyasi’s words are praiseworthy and to become worthwhile and powerful once again, each and every Hindu must pay attention to all these. To know more log in:

Dr. Richard Benkin speaks on 3 rd Anniversary of Hindu Samhati

Dr. Richard Benkin’s speech denotes Hindus are not alone and their grave struggles against Islamic fundamentalism and hardliners are being appreciated and advocated increasingly across the globe. However, facts from the speech also confirm unless Hindus get pro-active, West Bengal may turn into another Bangladesh within the next few years. To know more log in:

Tapan Ghosh speaks at Hindu Samhati’s Third Anniversary

Tapan Ghosh, Founder and the President of Hindu Samhati , on 14 th February, 2011, 3 rd Anniversary of the organization, initiated his telling speech by thanking the delegates on the podium and crowd for making the congregation a historic success . He stressed on the need to defend the rising Islamic atrocities on Hindus in Bengal and to do everything necessary for their safety. To know more log in:

Hindus of Charghat celebrate victory through blood donation

It’s the might that creates history, ensures safety of the posterity and not the senseless weeping of any fatalist. If Hindus have to live in Bengal with dignity and without fear, they have to struggle and conform to the lessons of Charghat. To know more log in:

Hindu minor girl raped by Muslim fanatic

The brutal rape of Hindu minor girl, Sabita Mandal and the local administration’s total helplessness to take on the Muslim mafia, responsible for the act, into custody affirms that complete hell is falling down on the Hindu community rapidly. It’s just not enough to console Sabita (and other Hindu women likewise) but to do everything to get the JUSTICE. To know more log in:

Can Muslim women get freedom ever?

The pioneering approach of All India Shia Personal Law Board is indeed praiseworthy but question remains whether Muslim women in India remaining in darkness for centuries can make use of it. To know more log in:

Sufism becoming hapless victim in Radical Islamist Bangladesh

Radical Islamist movement in Bangladesh is not targeting Hindus only but Sufi singers are also becoming worst victims of their outrage increasingly. Even if a few people are terming these as stray incidents, it is becoming evident those who dare to think apart from tenets of Radical Islam, not to speak of Hindus there, have no place in Bangladesh, once destined to be the ideal bastion of free thought. To know more log in:

Charak Utsav in Charghat Darga Para faces Islamic and Police wrath

No Hindu way of worship is safe at the moment in West Bengal and experiences in Charghat Darga Para add woes to all these. But there is a deeper message as well; it is the might that wins the battle. To know more log in:

Our Struggle - Hindu Samhati in upcoming State Assembly Election

The upcoming state assembly election in West Bengal is going to be historical in every sense of the term. There will be lots of ups and downs, needless to say, but a single and wrong decision would make fate of Bengal’s Hindus doomed forever. To save their own dignity and also right, Hindus must go for tactical voting – clarion call given by Hindu Samhati. To know more log in:

HS monthly meeting heeds growing complexities

Hindu Samhati’s monthly meeting is something to reckon with where the organizational think tank adopts newer strategies to intensify the existing struggle after taking into account views of its cadres and the fast changing reality. To know more log in:

Islamists planning to initiate new reign of terror in Deganga

Islamists are all set to acquire West Bengal and Degnaga, in this case, is going to be their first ground. Islamic religious teachers’ fresh and bitter criticisms of Hinduism in Deganga prove they are not ready to miss a single opportunity. To know more log in:

TMC says NO to Saffron Babus

TMC (Trinamool Congress) is not the best podium for people with Saffron links to vent their anger against the Left-led atrocities of more than 3 decades and this is proven by expulsions of such names from the TMC list of candidates for the upcoming West Bengal assembly election. What would be their next fate and also approaches remain to be seen. To know more log in:

Muslims defile Dol Purnima fair in Mayapur

Islamic vindictive attitudes to Hinduism and leaving no stone unturned to destruct it are not new to people at large. It has been continuing for centuries and may go on if not checked at once. But there is ray of hope also; Hindus are gearing up and preventing the assaults come what may. To know more log in: