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From The Twitter Broadcast Of HS President Tapan Ghosh (July 3, 2017) In West Bengal govt bosses, both political & bureaucrats, take easy the attacks on police and massive damage of govt assets by Muslim mob. 7 police vehicles reportedly damaged by Muslim mob at Kaotsa vill under Baduria PS in Basirhat sub dvsn in 24 Pargana(N) dist near BD border Baduria Police Station reportedly attacked, ransacked. 4 police vehicles damaged by Muslim miscreants. Souvik Ssrkar's house @Magurkhali vill @ Baduria Ps reportedly gutted. Souvik posted on FB something allegedly offending Islam. Widespread communal disturbances in Basirhat sub division. Reportedly on the issue of FB post by a Hindu boy allegedly offending Islam. In WB it's proved time&again that Muslims always take law in their own hands for any http:// grievance.Now   on allegedly offending FB posts Widespread communal disturbances in Basirhat sub division. Rathayatra attacked in Basirhat town by few Muslim miscreants. Hindus agitated. From