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Nayana - A Case of Forcible Abduction by Islamic Gang

Nayana Sardar could not escape from Rafikul Sheikh's lustful eyes. Name of Victim: Nayana Sardar (Hindu) Age of Victim: 13 years, 10 months District: North 24 Parganas Police Station: Sandeshkhali, Area: Sarberia Nayana went out of her residence to observe the Bisarjan (immersion of the Hindu Goddess Saraswati) at 7 PM on Feb 3rd, 2009. Rafikul Sheikh (Son of Montu Sheikh), a Muslim, aged 23 from neighboring Taltala-Sakda Village came to the spot along with a Muslim gang riding several motorbikes. The kidnappers forcibly picked Nayana on one of their bikes, and after covering her face with some cloth, left the place for some unknown location. The whole event occurred with such alarming speed and synchronization that the local Hindus could not react expectedly before the assailants left the scene. The girl's father filed a report with the local police station and appealed and pleaded with the Officer-in-Charge. But the police station was unable to do anything whatsoever. The

Hindu girl Abducted by Muslims in Joynagar

District : S 24 Parganas Police Station: Joynagar Village : South Bele Durganagar Date : 6th March 2009 Sushmita Nashkar, daughter of Chandrachur Nashkar is a 13 year old minor. She was kidnapped on March 6th by 2 Muslims, named Rinku Molla (son of Monchur Molla), and Khokhon Molla (son of Imam Molla), both of Padua village in Badra area of Joynagar Police Station. Mr. Nashkar has filed a FIR (Missing Diary no 607) with the Joynagar Police Station. Both the kidnappers are in their early twenties and are known traffickers and sex-offenders in the area. Monchoor Molla and Imam Molla are religious zealots and regularly incite young Muslim men to abduct, convert, and traffick Hindu women. These 2 individuals are part of a large area gang, supported by a section of the Muslim clergy and patronized by leftist politicians. This kind of kidnapping/forcible conversion/trafficking is occurring regularly in Joynagar area, often ignored by the police and adminstration. Hindu Samhati membe

Hindu Residents of Kadambagacchi Seriously Threatened by Islamist Activists

District : 24 parganas ------ Area: Barasat Village: Kadambagacchi --- Date: March 3, 2009 In Matpara locality, resident Sulekha Sarkar's niece, 18-year old Shukla Sarkar while studying for her High School exams was attacked and severely assaulted by a Muslim mob. Her arm was broken and the mob set fire to the house. Due to the presence of multiple Hindus in the area, she was not sexually assaulted (which is often the case with these Muslim zealots), however 10 Hindu homes in the area was set on fire. The local Hindus are afraid to return to their homes, especially at night, and are very afraid of further attacks from Muslims. Taposh Mondol, a Hindu resident and his wife were attacked and badly beaten by the same group of Muslims, their new house under construction was largely damaged, and this incident happened in front of several police officers. In Daspara locality , 8-10 Hindu owned houses of the Das-Muchi(cobbler) clan were attacked and looted by Islamic fanatics. Multip

10 Hindu Homes Bombed and Looted in Chengail

Chengail, Howrah A Muslim mob bombed and looted ten Hindu homes in this area around 9:30 PM on March 5th, 2009. Hindu residents were dragged outside and severely beaten, and threatened to leave the area. Local residents have reported to us that this kind of incident is happening 2-3 times per year, and each time Hindus are at the recieving end.

Hindu Girl Falsely Married and then Feared Sold by Muslim Zealots

Victim Madhumita Haldar d/o Aloka and Shambucharan Haldar. Village: Bhadropara, Police Station: Raidighi Dist: South 24 Paraganas, W Bengal, India Perpetrator Habil Sheikh s/o Ishaq Sheikh Uncle Palan Sheikh and Ninnuki Sheikh Polie report, Feb 2007 Ninnuki Sheikh, based in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, was visiting Ishaq Sheikh at Bhadropara and approached Aloka Haldar with a marriage proposal. He offered Madhumita a good life after marriage with his nephew Habil Sheikh's friend Pappu, who lived in Rampur. The Hindu family was cajoled into believing the groom/party were Hindus. Aloka and Shambucharan, living in poverty, were ecstatic to find a suitable man, who would support and marry their daughter. Madhumita was married to Pappu at the local Hindu temple. Thereafter the newly married couple left for Rampur by Jammu Tawai express. After a few months, when Aloka and Shambucharan went to visit their daughter and her husband they were surprised by the conversation they had with the

The Muslim Threat in Hasnabad Continues

Muslims held the meeting today afternoon flouting all restrictions andusing microphones. Police did not try to stop them. Hindus fled from the market closing their shops. Muslims threatened that they will again tomorrow come and they willnot allow to open the shops until the Hindus involved in mass-beating of Kader arrested. It is feared that Hindus will not dare to open the market tomorrow.

Hindus Are Attacked in Hasnabad

Village Bhebia under Hasnabad p.s. in North 24 Parganas district is a very sensitive place. On last Sunday, 1st March 2009 noon, one notorious criminal Kader Gazi(24),S/O Ansar Ali Gazi of nearby Gobindapur village, came to Bhebia market. He went to the sweet shop of one Sailen Moira, showed his revolver and demanded Rs.2000.00 as ransom. But Sailen Moira refused to pay. Being unsuccessful, Kader came out of the shop. Then he tried to kidnap a 6 year old Hindu boy named Abir Gayen s/o, Manotosh Gayen. The little boy raised alarm. People gathered and Kader fled. In the evening on the same day, Kader again came to the market and allegedly molested a little Hindu girl of nearby ‘Daspara’. Hearing her screaming, local people chased Kader, captured him and started beating. It was evening time in the busy market. People knew this Kader very well. He has already 5-6 criminal cases against him including loot, rape and murder. So, when people heard about his attempt of kidnapping a little boy

Hindu Samhati Declares 9 Affirmations

Hindu Samhati Declares 9 Affirmations as below :-· (1) We will not tolerate any displacement of any Hindu from Hindusthan. (2) We shall not allow any injustice, torture and humiliation upon Hindus. (3) The dignity of Hindu Mothers and sisters are much more valuable than our life. We will save the dignity of them even at cost of our life. (4) We must not allow our sisters to other religion. (5) We will protect our Gods & Goddesses and their Temples at the cost of our life. We shall surely resist the decrease of Hindu population. (6) We shall never indulge the access of any Bangladeshi Infiltrators anyway in this land. (7) We will struggle for the Justice till last breath. (8) Never shall We compromise with any injustice, even We be beheaded, but shall not retreat never, never. (9) Never We shall bend our Head , never shall not tolerate humiliation, never flee anyway. We shall fight up to the last breath. We shall follow the Sermon of Lord Sri Krishna as delivered to Arjuna in Shlo