Hindu Residents of Kadambagacchi Seriously Threatened by Islamist Activists

District : 24 parganas ------Area: Barasat

Village: Kadambagacchi ---Date: March 3, 2009

In Matpara locality, resident Sulekha Sarkar's niece, 18-year old Shukla Sarkar while studying for her High School exams was attacked and severely assaulted by a Muslim mob. Her arm was broken and the mob set fire to the house. Due to the presence of multiple Hindus in the area, she was not sexually assaulted (which is often the case with these Muslim zealots), however 10 Hindu homes in the area was set on fire. The local Hindus are afraid to return to their homes, especially at night, and are very afraid of further attacks from Muslims.

Taposh Mondol, a Hindu resident and his wife were attacked and badly beaten by the same group of Muslims, their new house under construction was largely damaged, and this incident happened in front of several police officers.

In Daspara locality, 8-10 Hindu owned houses of the Das-Muchi(cobbler) clan were attacked and looted by Islamic fanatics. Multiple Hindus, including children were beaten and seriously inured. The Hindu carpenter's tools were stolen at knife-point. Another Hindu, Ratan Das lost Rs. 50,000 ($1,000 US) to the attackers.

Deen Mohammed, the Moulavi at the Kadambagacchi mosque, it is alleged, gave a fiery speech over loudspeakers urging all Muslims in the area to unite since "Islam Is in Danger". Over two thousand Muslims assembled together to "Protect" Islam.

The Hindus of various areas of Kadambagacchi are running scared. The police are not taking any action against the Muslim culprits who are attacking the Hindus via multiple dimensions using various banners. Hindu residents did appeal to the Police station for help, but in a strange twist of justice, the police under pressure from the Muslims, have instead, arrested 12 Hindus and placed them in custody.

It should be mentioned here that this Kadambagachi comes under Barasat-2 Block. In this Block, according to 2001 Census Report, Hindus became minority with a population of 26.95 % only. Muslim percetage here is 72.89%.

Members of The Terror Gang of Kadambagacchi:

Sukur Ali Mandal - headman / leader, son of Kader Mandal involved in multiple arson attacks against the Hindus.

Golam Azir - Regularly molests Hindu women in the locality.

Mohammed Hossain - son of Sattar Ali, who openly advocates that each Muslim man must marry multiple Hindu women.

Hasha Sheikh - Involved in a major extortion racket that openly demands protection money from Hindus; Regularly leads other Muslims to desecrate local Hindu temples by throwing forbidden cow-meat in the sanctum-sanctorum.


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