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Bengali Hindus are dying

Let’s begin the countdown "Freedom is not absolute, if you don't defend it, you lose it. If you give in to the threat of violence, there won't be less violence, there will be more." – indeed a fine speech depicting the cruel reality and it was said by Salman Rushdie at the concluding dinner at the two-day India Today Conclave at the Taj Palace Hotel held recently. No sane individual across the globe, learned enough as regards the changes of history and ups and downs (portraying the developments one has got to through for ever and a day), can ever deny its authenticity. No victor or even loser can also rebuff this genesis of struggle. Nevertheless, Hindus prove to be defiant (in this case at least)! Hindus, especially Bengali Hindus, being confounded and suppressed by many factors ranging from the weird saga of secularism to Islamic fundamentalism, remain candid enough to deny the same. Why? Here is the answer – Bengali Hindus have never learnt from history, they d

Barisal Genocide, 1950 remains a permanent scar

Partition of India in 1947 forms one of the darkest chapters in the history of Indian subcontinent but unfortunately, only a few chapters of that gruesome tale, pertained to Bengali Hindus, has been unfolded yet. And there can’t be any second thought in this regard. While contemporary journalists along with historians and political scientists, owing to weird reasons, refrained from exploring partition-related facts, there was no effort in the following ages too. What’s more important, witnesses of those carnages, especially genocide of 1950 in   East Pakistan, remain silent still. Only a few of them have become vocal of late but it’s less than essential yet. Nevertheless, even if there are a few available facts of   Barisal   genocide, 1950, they do confirm how religious bigotry of Muslims or savage Islamic fundamentalism succeeded to exterminate and uproot Hindus there racially, followed by in rest of   East Pakistan   soon. What happened in 1950 was quite different from partition r

Demographic coup of Islam: Agony of Hindu Civilization

by R K Ohri India faces a major demographic upheaval. The sharply rising Muslim numbers, both in absolute and percentage terms, and a corresponding decline in the population of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists has the potential to escalate fault-line conflicts and create a Lebanon-like situation. Data from the last six censuses held since 1951 suggests that in percentage terms there has been a relentless increase in the population of only one community, the Muslims; all other communities are in a declining mode. Since 1981, Muslim population growth has been in a fast forward mode, growing at almost 45% higher rate than Hindus and Christians. In terms of percentage, Sikh population has recorded the steepest decline since independence. To Know More Please Read:

Islamists persecute Hindus in Etinda Panitar village Panchayat, Basirhat

Can myth of Rule of Law make Hindus there confident anymore? Basirhat is moving towards an Islamic hegemony speedily; this deduction is not based on any fiction but hard facts – facts that are cruel enough to send shudder through the backbone of any sane and patriotic individual. Religious persecutions on Hindus led by Islamists have become order of the day in Basirhat and with each day it passes, intensity of crime, persecution and hatred against Hindus gets increased.   Kalipuja is organized under the aegis of Panitar Market Committee, in the area of Etinda Panitar village Panchayat, P.S. Basirhat, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North), every year. Fair does also take place (for 4 days at a stretch) to celebrate the joyous environment. On March 10, 2012, the Kalipuja (of this year ) was organized. Hindus, in and around Etinda Panitar village Panchayat , were perceived to make merriment. On March 12, 2012, at 7 pm, an Islamist youth was caught red-handed while att

The mighty fortress of Brahmanism

“The mighty fortress of Brahmanism” is the phrase used by Monier Williams (author of the Sanskrit English Dictionary, 1899) to describe Hinduism. It is a mix of ignorance, hatred, fascination, racism, and the desire to overcome this religion by an ignorant colonialist of the 19th century, but it sums up the general ignorance of the Christian West regarding Hinduism, much like the seven blind men who tried to describe an elephant by touching one part of the animal and proclaiming that it represented the whole elephant! To Know More Please Read:

Indian sovereignty comes to a standstill in Bangaon

Will the India-Bangladesh border area be ceded ultimately? It is no secret to the regular readers of this website ( or even to people (remaining conscious of the fast changing reality or the exponential rise of Islamists and hence, the fast approaching nemesis to Bengal) that Bangaon area of District: 24 Paraganas (North) happen to be one of the most vulnerable sectors to illegal migration of Islamists, clandestine onslaughts from Bangladesh and also a more potent bastion of cattle smuggling. A series of investigations were conducted by Hindu Samhati earlier to portray the truth (horrendous in every sense of the term) there. See: ; ). And what had been found was indeed shocking. In spite of the presence of BSF in the concerned areas, lawlessness reigned supreme and the main reason behind this happened to be

Hindus in Basirhat persecuted gravely

Islamists are on the rampage History does change at each moment and every moment does bring forth a novel anecdote – Hindus of Bengal are witnessing the same at the moment – it’s an unrestrained growth of Islamic fundamentalism – hell-bent to unleash a complete hell on Hindus.  On March 25, 2012, at 9 am, while Hindus were engaged in setting up their new business hub, a few Islamists appeared on the scene. Claiming the land as theirs, they asked Hindus to desert the tract right away. When on earth Hindus (stunned) refused to do so, foul languages were used against them; Islamists did rampage soon.   The foremost intention was to uproot Hindus, end their enterprises in any way. The mob comprised almost 90 Islamists including Sheikh Motiar Mandal, Sirajul Mandal, Rubiul Islam, Abdullah Mandal, Selim Mandal, Khaliullah Mandal.   To Know More Please Read: (Hindu shops burnt down) 

Does an Islamist have the prerogative to oppress Hindus?

Baladevpur depicts it terribly It’s the prerogative of an Islamist to perturb (in any means) and hamper Hindus; if Hindus, as a counter-measure, get tough and teach them a lesson, Islamists will make Hindu lives dreadful – this is the newest trend in Bengal, being experienced by village: Baladevpur, P.S. Mandirbazar, Sub-division: Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South) – like several other areas throughout Bengal – at the moment.   To Know More Please Read: (Helpless Hindus in  Baladevpur)   

Hindus in Bangladesh remain the worst lot

  Religious persecutions go on There has never been any end to human rights movements in Bangladesh, hue and cry in the Indian state of Bengal  (though much feeble than what is expected) against the methodical religious persecutions on Hindus in Bangladesh.  Nevertheless, the saga of persecutions goes on there and Hindus become the first and foremost casualty.  To Know More Please Read:

Make India “bleed through a thousand cuts” – Kolkata witnessing repeatedly

If contemporary events are brought under a constant, efficient scanner free of any preconception, it has got to be deduced that Islamists’ power is on the rise in the Indian state of Bengal and with each day its passes, Islamist notion of usurping power, owing to both incompetence and gutlessness of administration, not to speak of imbecile Hindus, is gaining a stronger footing. Well, myriad of articles can be written of how to stop these and what should be done by the administration; nevertheless, at each time, administration and social order (eventually) turn into the greatest casualties. Islamist persecutions on Hindus or muscle-flexing are getting higher all over Bengal; while its rural sector has become breeding-grounds of such activities by now, Kolkata, one and only bastion of Bengali Hindus across the globe, is also falling apart steadily. How can this be explained? Indeed, a brilliant implementation of Ziaul-Haq’s (former President of Pakistan) policy of utilizing terrorism to

Prime Minister’s Package: The Long Betrayal

by  Mohan Krishen Teng Reports appearing in the Indian press, emanating from the statement made by the Home Ministry in Parliament, on the eve of the 22nd anniversary of the exodus of the community of Hindus from Kashmir, that not a single family living in exile had availed of the Prime Minister’s Package, should give no cause for any surprise.  What should cause surprise is the belief that the Indian Prime Minister and the men around him harboured the thought that the Hindus of Kashmir living in refugee camps in Jammu and other parts of India should have returned to Kashmir to live in refugee camps there at the charity of the Muslims and the mercy of separatist flanks who are leading the so-called struggle for freedom of Kashmir from the ‘occupation’ of the Indian army. To Know More Please Read:  

Learn religious persecutions on Hindus in Bangladesh

Be active, raise your voice in protest The saga of religious persecutions on Hindus in Bangladesh is never-ending. It has never ended and there are no indications of its end in a little while. Nevertheless, in spite of the continuation of this inhuman saga for decades, there has never been any relief or assistance to Hindus, unlike others especially Palestinians, from globally acclaimed organizations. What we have seen in all these years is a lip service that falls through at every time it is made. So this time tested effeteness is of no use at the moment. What we can do at this hour is to know the existing reality and raise our voices, convince others also to raise their voices in the global arena against this crime against humanity. To Know More Please Read: (Fanatic Islamists) (Islamists persecuting Hindus)  (Hindu woman victim)  (Bangladeshi Hindu victim) 

Muslims in India are being misled: Salman Rushdie

Acclaimed writer Salman Rushdie, author of the controversial "The Satanic Verses" as also bestsellers like "Midnight's Children" and "Shame", on Saturday denounced "disgraceful vote bank politics" being practised in the country and said "95 per cent of Muslims in India are not interested in violence being done in their name". To Know More Please Read:

Kolkata Islamists protesting against insulting Pakistani cricketer!

What the metropolis of Kolkata witnessed today is not anything new these days – people just went on the rampage throughout the town, and the players in this chronicle are much known as well – Islamists, determined ever to make use of any issue and thus, hold the state to ransom. How can the use of a picture, published on Monday in t2, the entertainment supplementary of Kolkata-based English daily The Telegraph, be avoided then? The picture portrayed nude image of a model holding a frame of Lord Vishnu (face replaced with that of Sachin Tendulkar) and a Pakistani cricket player (in green dress with the cricket team’s star insignia ) performing a ‘sajda’ before it. According to Islamists, such a portrayal happens to be the worst case of defilement of Islam and it can’t be allowed to go on. And what happened next is known to us already.  There was a din throughout Kolkata and outskirts of the metropolis. It has also come to the knowledge that Islamists in different parts of Bengal, espec

Islamists stop Krishna arati in Deganga

What’s next? How is Deganga at the moment?  This single question does perturb individuals at times and there are, indeed, enough reasons behind it. It was the month of September, 2010 when the name of Deganga rocked the Indian scenario – witnessing the worst form of persecutions on Hindus by Islamists.  And even after deployment of security forces by the then Bengal government to quell such ominous developments, nothing fruitful did happen. Nevertheless, after lots of hues and cries then the ominous situation for Hindus there did improve but it has never been stable thus far. And the recent harrowing experiences of Hindus depict once more that nothing has changed in Deganga. To Know More Please Read:

Why should I respect these oppressive religions?

Whenever a religious belief is criticised, its adherents say they're victims of 'prejudice' By Johann Hari The right to criticise religion is being slowly doused in acid. Across the world, the small, incremental gains made by secularism – giving us the space to doubt and question and make up our own minds – are being beaten back by belligerent demands that we "respect" religion. A historic marker has just been passed, showing how far we have been shoved. The UN rapporteur who is supposed to be the global guardian of free speech has had his job rewritten – to put him on the side of the religious censors. To Know More Please Read:  

Islamists molest Hindu girl in Madhyakolra in public; Hindus fuming

Can deployment of RAF quell mounting danger of Islamists simply? The village of Madhyakolra, located in the jurisdiction of P.S. Domjur, District: Howrah, Indian state of Bengal, is once more in flames and as fresh reports are coming in the entire area is being guarded by RAF owing to an untoward development – molestation of an 18 year old Hindu girl by a group of Islamists today in the evening. It has been learnt, the innocent girl, in the evening, was delighting in Fuchka in the local market area when the aforementioned Muslim ruffians, roving like a pack of mad dogs in search of Hindu girls always, got hold of him. They snatched her dupatta (accessory of Churidar) all of a sudden and when she endeavored to resist them, the goons simply pounced on her. And as a part of grievous molestation her clothing was ripped. Hindus youths, present there, protested against this outrageous act right away and this protest was followed by a violent attack of the same Islamists on them. Hindu yo