Save Hindu Girls from Love Jehad

By Sri Satish Chandra

A silent demographic revolution is taking place in the garb of love. Hindu, Christian, Sikh girls are being lured away feigning love by Muslim boys.
The logic is simple – these girls will pro-create not for their own faith but for the belief of their husbands’.  So while one groups grows in number, others becomes stagnant, and in the long run face the grim prospect of being outnumbered in this multiplying effect game.
Historically, this has been a standard practice with schools, colleges, coaching classes and work places acting as ideal hunting grounds. But now with more girls going for work, office acquaintance opportunities are utilized to lure them away – and thus the menace has reached unbelievable proportions of late.
If we don’t wake up now to this quiet threat, then in a decade or two Hindus would become a minority in India.
The crux of the problem lies that even Hindu/ Christian/ Sikh parents are unaware that this is a systematic strategy to make Hindus minority in India. Hence, our daughters, being na├»ve as they are in their adolescence or early adulthood, unknowingly fall prey to this evil practice. And after they fall in love, parents find it impossible to change their mind – only to accept the hard reality with resignation.
Thus we need to teach our daughters from a young age that they should not fall in love with any guy other than of their faith, and that this is a concerted evil design to convert their religion and bear children for the new faith. Whisper campaign can also be a very effective tool to bring awareness amongst us – and that would be half the battle won.                
Hindu/ Christian/ Sikh organizations should also immediately launch a nationwide campaign "Save Hindu/ Christian/ Sikh Girls". They should actively collaborate with each other to fight this threat. Recently, leaders of the Church and Hindu organizations made a joint arrangement in Kerala in this regard, which shows how badly both the communities have been affected.
Is any parent listening?


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