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Imam allowance sets off in Malda

Communalization of politics will rape Bengal only There has been lots of hue and cry from people against the calamitous generosity of Didi on Imams across the state (followed by Muazzins) but the juggernaut of ruling clique in Bengal, to strengthen the Islamic vote bank and (thus) secure its prolonged existence in the corridors of power, is unabated and the onset of allowances to Imams in the district of Malda proves it best. Well, you can certainly ask (being a citizen in a democratic country) the nitty-gritty of this decision, taken by a cash-strapped government virtually, - many have already done it but Didi’s choicest thing on earth (Imams) is invulnerable and can’t be obstructed from getting the celestial (?) aids through her. On May 30, 2012, cheques were given to 32 Imams in Malda and in accordance with Dr. Archana, District Magistrate of Malda, all have been done to strengthen the spirit of harmony throughout the district. It has been learnt, procedures to make the

Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India -- The Story You Won't See In the Western Mainstream Media

They are crossing the border illegally and violently displacing the indigenous population whose homes and possessions they either destroy or occupy. They are attacking the young, the elderly, and especially the girls and women, whom they kidnap, forcibly convert, or traffic into brothels. The locals are terrified of them. The police rarely come to their aid, nor do the politically correct media or government. Both are terrified by the criminals and terrorists who are riding these immigrant waves. I am not talking about illegal immigrants to Europe or North America . I am describing Muslims who are penetrating  India ’s West Bengal region. These Bangladeshi immigrants are becoming conduits for criminal activities (arms, drugs, and sexual slavery) which also fund global jihad. To Know More Please Read:

Will there be any justice to Hindus of Taranagar and Paschim Rupnagar villages?

Government’s role degrades reliance on Constitution How are Taranagar and Paschim Rupnagar villages at the moment? The question is not unfounded by any means; a detailed report on Hindu persecution in both these villages ( Political reprisal victimizes Hindus in Joynagar only - ) has already been published in this website but the fear psychosis, owing to Islamic onslaughts and matchless inefficiency of governance to nab Islamist culprits, continue to prevail the persecuted Hindu villages. Following the murder of Shaukat Khan, at 7.30 am, on May 14, 2012, in the area of Ghoshalchowk, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and thus to have vengeance, Islamists made Hindus of both Taranagar and Paschim Rupnagar villages easy preys despite the veracity that Hindus were not involved with the slaying. The political feud likely to occur between CPIM and SUCI (Shukat claimed as SUCI support

Muslim Reservation = Jihad

Introduction  Objectively, fairly and humanely how much reservation Indian Muslims should get? Answer: ZERO! In fact, Indian Muslims already have a 25% reservation.   Indian Muslims already grabbed 25% of the land for themselves in South Asia and drove out almost all non-Muslims. Hence this constitutes a 25% Muslim reservation!   Along with this reservation Muslims are now free (due to their presence in India) to compete for the 75% of the opportunities available to South Asian non-Muslims.  Hindus or other non-Muslims have unfairly lost 25% of the opportunities to Muslims. Additional reservations for Muslims will further reduce opportunities for non-Muslims. In fact, going by the logic of Partition and the subsequent non-Muslim ethnic cleansing from Muslim majority areas to India, all opportunities (100% reservation) in India must be reserved for non-Muslims.   To Know More Please Read:

Pakistan is turning into another Afghanistan

Last month, a Canadian family went to Karachi for a wedding. The day after their arrival in Pakistan’s centre of commerce, crime and terrorism, their ancestral home was invaded in broad daylight by three armed men. They held a gun to the mother’s head and threatened to kidnap her 3-year-old granddaughter.  For the next hour-and-a-half, they helped themselves to the bride’s trousseau, including gold ornaments and jewelry, and almost everything else of value. But they did leave behind, after much pleading, the family’s most valued possession: Canadian passports.  To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Calamity

Dr. Gautam Sen Hindus of the Indian subcontinent are facing an unprecedented calamity that recalls the depredations of Tamerlane and Nadir Shah except that it now stretches across it, virtually in entirety and threatens to seal their fate for good. They have been ethnically cleansed from Pakistan and Bangladesh, where their women are routinely abducted and forced into sexual slavery, in a familiar tradition of scripturally- sanctioned criminality.  Within India itself, Hindus have been ethnically cleansed from Kashmir while the country sat back and watched mutely, most apparently regarding it as a perfectly normal occurrence. And virtually India’s entire political class, including important elements of its ostensible nationalists, are providing political succour to make the expulsion and exile of Kashmir’s Hindus to atrocious refugee camps permanent.  Nor is political India and its officials moved by on-going Islamic demographic conquest, resulting in political subjugation a

Islamists thrashed heavily in Basanti

Whether it is Puja or any other celebration of exclusively Hindu form, it happens to be an eyesore to Islamists and no stone is left unturned to spoil it. This is not any new development but has been a part of Islamic tradition – in short, its perennial attribute that can be throttled only if combatants of other religion get stimulated and offer stiff resistance.   It was May 14, 2012 when a Shiva Puja took place under the auspices of 4 Hindu families of Ojhapara in village: No. 7 Kumrakhali, P.S. Basanti, District: 24 Paraganas (South). Necessary permission for making use of sufficient electricity was also there and hence, electric lines were attached to the plinth of Puja. Everything was fine but on May 24, 2012 at 10.30 am the electric supply got disconnected all of a sudden.   When inquired it was found that students of nearby Madrasa were solely instrumental behind the incident. Two Hindu youths, Swapan Ojha and Toton Ojha, went to the Madrasa and brought back the electric

Time for Bangladeshi Hindus to be animate or dumped for eternity

Can India call the shots? The wretched lot of Hindus in Bangladesh (going on and on ever since 1947) does not shock anyone any longer; it has become a daily affair (almost ) depicting Hindus, if they opt for to inhabit Bangladesh, would have to endure such Islamic atrocities. At this juncture, when an atmosphere of gloominess do prevail all the way, efforts of a few Indians, however minuscule those are, to call this grave violation of human rights a halt draw our admiration.     And indeed as part of a spectacular development, CPIM, known for its every harangue against Hindus (for decades), has come forward and asked the current ruling clique at New Delhi to amend the Citizenship Act to render citizenship to masses of refugees from Bangladesh, both prior to and following its formation. Prakash Karat, general secretary of CPIM, in the letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been learnt to refer to "the citizenship problems of the large number of refugees from erstwhi

Demographic coup of Islam: Agony of Hindu Civilization

R K Ohri India faces a major demographic upheaval. The sharply rising Muslim numbers, both in absolute and percentage terms, and a corresponding decline in the population of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists has the potential to escalate fault-line conflicts and create a Lebanon-like situation. Data from the last six censuses held since 1951 suggests that in percentage terms there has been a relentless increase in the population of only one community, the Muslims; all other communities are in a declining mode. Since 1981, Muslim population growth has been in a fast forward mode, growing at almost 45% higher rate than Hindus and Christians. In terms of percentage, Sikh population has recorded the steepest decline since independence. Census 2001 put the decadal growth rate of Muslims at around 36%, while Hindu growth rate declined from 23% to 20%. On the eve of the Maharashtra Assembly elections, an unseemly political controversy was manufactured by the government on the grou

Frantic efforts of Islamists to desecrate, destroy Kali Temple in Usthi

A frantic endeavor of Islamists to desecrate and destruct a Hindu Kali Temple took place at village: Deula Bholer Haat, P.S. Usthi, District: 24 Paraganas (South) (at almost 12 am) on May 24, 2012. It must be stated (at this juncture), these kinds of incidents are getting common in the aforesaid area and its vicinity more and more making Hindus remain conscious forever and a day. Hence, the vigilant Hindu villagers became able to get hold of two Islamic miscreants on the spot (even in the dead night) while two others managed to flee. The horrendous incident shocked Hindus highly and this led to an outrage among them and hence, the two Islamists were thrashed heavily.  As soon as police came, the two Islamists were handed over to police, and as per reports, police is heading an investigation to nab the two Islamists on the run. Villagers of Deula Bholer Haat claim that 4 Islamic criminals were from the neighboring village of Kaharpur, a strong Muslim-dominated area.  

Left regime in Bengal flouted India’s sovereignty through boosting Islamists’ illegal immigration from Bangladesh

Fake ration cards issued to illegal Islamists to retain Left rule for decades   The 34-year long rule of Left Front in Bengal , according to some quarters, was not spontaneous but the effect of a few secret measures adopted by the Left bigwigs to retain the hegemony for the eternity. There are enough reasons behind this too – effective measures of the Left Front (1977-1982) including implementation of land reforms, reorganization of Panchayats, expansion of notion of small agriculture, provision to render foods in exchange of works in villages and rural economic development, in spite of making people realize a positive “change” in the state’s administration, could not guarantee a long Left sway in Bengal. And this was found most through a few setbacks in the next election of 1982. Even if Left Front could manage to retain their dominance through winning the election, a deep uncertainty started to prevail its premier leaders.      There was the need of a stable alternative th

Terror at Tamluk

The villagers of Damodarpur under Tamluk subdivision of   East Midnapur   district, caught two thieves red handed on 17/05/212 and in an extreme outburst of public anger while one was beaten to death, the other one is hospitalized but in critical condition. Both of them happen to be residents of Changsarpur which is Muslim dominated area. Killing of Muslims, irrespective of their criminal nature, by   kifir , was sufficient for local Muslims to attack and destroy a nearby Hindu dominated village, Anantapur which lies between Damodarpur and Changsarpur. Organized Muslims attacked the Hindu people.  The shops were looted, houses were ransacked, the properties were set in fire, road were blocked and communication was disrupted. Then police came and picketing was set up. But the situation is still tensed.

Hindus pay back Islamists in the same coin in Budge Budge

It was reported on May 06, 2012 (Daily Bartaman) that a thief, Mainul by name, (young as well) was taken hold of by locals at Kharapara, Budge Budge at dead night and became victim of a public outrage soon; he was beaten heavily.  People claimed that regular thefts had been troubling them lots and so they were prepared to catch the individual then and there. Prior to handing Mainul over to police, his head was shaven. Perhaps Hindus considered it as a mark of punishment. But the situation refused to end there and the next part of the development was not reported by the aforesaid popular Bengali daily (for obvious reasons – to maintain tranquility in the society through chanting the mantra of weird secularism).  To Know More Please Read:  

Another spate of Hindu persecution in Bangladesh

Hindu persecution in Bangladesh has become a common affair and by now, every sane individual across the globe has stopped to be surprised as regards its recurrence. None knows what shall happen to others but it’s certain that the saga of persecution will not end till a single Kafir does remain in Bangladesh. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu religious procession beaten mercilessly in Hooghly

Islamists flaunting muscles still; police remains spineless onlooker  How Islamists remain outfitted (round the clock) to harass and also thrash Hindus got apparent yet again on May 15, 2012, at village: Santoshpur, P.S. Jangipara, Distirct: Hooghly . Hindus have been observing Raksha Kali Puja there for decades and as a part of the program, on the fateful day, Hindus, most of whom were women, were carrying Gangajal (holy water of River Ganges) from Sheoraphuli Ganga ghat to Santoshpur along with the holy deity (this convention has also been continuing for decades). Musical instruments were also being played in the procession and undoubtedly, the environment was joyful. Almost 50 policemen were also guarding the long procession. But all joys ended soon. At 6 pm, police stopped the elated procession at No. 31 route for 40 minutes at a stretch. When inquired, police replied that all were done to let the namaz (being performed at the Santoshpur mosque) remain undisturbed. Hi

Pak to pay terror price

$50 M aid cut for each us life lost   A far-reaching piece of legislation has been introduced in the US Congress that would deduct $ 50 million from American aid to Islamabad for every US citizen killed by terrorists operating from safe havens in Pakistan with the “support” of Pakistan 's spy agency ISI. “ Pakistan has for decades leveraged radical terrorist groups to carry out attacks in India and Afghanistan ,” Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said while introducing the ' Pakistan Terrorism Accountability Act of 2012'. The legislation would require the department of defence to list all Americans killed by terrorist groups operating with impunity inside Pakistan and Afghanistan and supported by elements of Pakistani government. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Self-Defence: Some Steps To Survive

Dr Koenraad Elst Some Hindus ask me,   as a sympathizing outsider, if I have any advice for them when they want to revive their fortunes. In principle, I have no advice; it would be arrogant to pretend to know something that the people concerned are not so sure about. But then again, Hindus are no different from others, they are subject to the same laws, so an approximative knowledge of their condition is enough to predict where they are moving and to say what they have to do to make the best of it. So, here goes. To Know More Please Read:

Budding doctors to study Islamic history!

Minorities Development Department, Bengal is all set to form a Medical College under Aliah University , and the detailed project report (DPR) of the same has already been completed. As per sources in Minorities Development Department in the Writers’ Building, a medical hospital under Aliah University is going to be constructed in Rajarhat and the Government of Bengal has allotted 20 acres of lands to the university. Well, the hospital (with 500 beds) will be formed in 10 acres of land there and 200 seats will be assigned to the students of medical college. In accordance with DPR, 501 crores of rupees is required to implement the entire project. To Know More Please Read:

Hindus warned in Bhasna

Police’s tacit support to Islamists makes situation agonizing  On May 15, 2012, at 9.30 pm, Gaffar Zamadar, age 28, an Islamist residing in the neighboring village of Koutala, was caught red-handed while daring to enter the residence of a Hindu individual (sneakily), Sri Govinda Banik, living in village: Bhasna, P.S. Dhola, District: 24 Paraganas (South), to rob the entire family of all their belongings. It is worthwhile to mention that the said village has been an epicenter of nasty activities (of al forms) of Islamists to harm Hindus on the whole and hence, compassion of Hindus to Gaffar was unlikely. Hindus, en masse, after getting hold of him, thrashed him highly and Gaffar got unconscious. He was taken to Kupi Hospital where he was declared dead at once.    The development created strong reactions among Islamists inhabiting the environs and as a mark of protest, they were perceived to gherao the police station and also block the thoroughfare. What is most striking, I

Our Struggle – Deep-rooted anti-Hindu conspiracy

Hindu Samhati, abiding by democratic norms, had a plan to submit a memorandum to the Hon’ble Governor, West Bengal, to protest against providing Rs. 2, 500 per month to Imams. It was also planned that on April, 24, Hindu Samhati activists would make a gathering at College Square (at first), from there they would travel either to Metro Channel or Rani Rashmoni Road ; a small team of HS representatives would go to Rajbhavan from there and submit the said memorandum. To make this a reality, necessary permission was sought from Joint CP (Headquarters). Nevertheless, responses from the very department proved to be weird in every sense of the term.  In the beginning, it was stated promptly that owing to programs of others on April, 24 permission would not be given. Consequently, a new application to organize the HS program on April 25 (on the very next day) was submitted. There was no response but after repeated inquiries Joint CP (Headquarters) said unflinchingly that no permission

Madrasa, Urdu & Imams' Honorarium

Mamata Banerjee and fate of West Bengal Tapan Kumar Ghosh Mamata Banerjee has crossed all limits. Wearing a veil of secularism she has shamelessly surrendered to the Islamic fundamentalists. A commoner can well understands that this blatant, unparalleled appeasement would cause great harm to West Bengal. However, Ms. Banerjee and her band of adulators have lost even that rudimentary sense. Last 3rd April, Mamata convened a meeting of Imams at Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata. She proudly declared a monthly honorarium of Rs.2500 per head that would definitely benefit 30,000 Imams of West Bengal. Did she really not cross all limits in all its' ramifications? The Govt. is convening the meeting of Imams at Govt. expenses. Does any Govt. have the right? Who is an Imam? One who conducts a Namaz in a mosque is known as an Imam. So, he represents a particular religious community. Does secular constitution of India permit any Govt. to organize any meeting solely consisting of