The Hindu Genocide that Hindus and the World Forgot

Whether it’s the fate of Kashmiri Hindus or Bengali Hindus, each and every attack on them at different junctures of history is not meant to exterminate Hindus from their own lands only but to put an end to Hinduism, going on from time immemorial without break posing the greatest hindrances to other religions, also.

How can this be checked? This is a difficult question with no immediate answer and if anyone can be accused for letting sane people, in particular persecuted Kashmiri and Bengali Hindus, it’s none other than the bigger population of Hindus, remaining nonchalant to all these boosting the Islamist perpetrators altogether.

How can Hindus be saved if the greater section of the community remains insouciant?

Is this a new development? Hindus have been going on with such a mindset for centuries and it’s a fact that pessimism has been the greatest impediment before Hindus’ progression. It’s natural for a vanquished race like Hindus, as a result, to remain eternal serfs, be it to the Islamists in form of Pathans or Mughals and certainly British.

Who is it serving at the moment then? Its own recurrent stigma of remaining defeated and slaves to all while chanting weird mantras of tranquility and best wishes for the humanity.

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