Apostasy troubling global Islamic order increasingly

Apostasy or tergiversation, if truth be told, happens to be an act of abandoning a party for cause or the circumstances of having rejected own religious beliefs for a particular cause and this happens to be a burgeoning scourge to the global Islamic order. As per reports, the Islamic Ummah extending from Mauritania to Pakistan is being afflicted by the same bane and what has been heard is that no antidote to this saga has been found yet.

What leads to the utmost escalation in numbers of apostates of Islam across the globe? Well, an assortment of notions does exist behind this, as per intellectuals and also laureates, and the foremost of these happens to be mounting skepticism among Muslims regarding the true character of Prophet Mohammed and also Holy Quran.   

Heaps of books have been written exemplifying a fact that the Prophet instead of maintaining a saintly life (as expected from all prophets) indulged sensual pleasures along with conducting pillages on innocents and stamping down defiance to him – enough instances to rob a prophet of his mythical position of innocence and being a votary of ultimate victory of good over evil.      

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