Hindus pay back Islamists in the same coin in Budge Budge

It was reported on May 06, 2012 (Daily Bartaman) that a thief, Mainul by name, (young as well) was taken hold of by locals at Kharapara, Budge Budge at dead night and became victim of a public outrage soon; he was beaten heavily.  People claimed that regular thefts had been troubling them lots and so they were prepared to catch the individual then and there. Prior to handing Mainul over to police, his head was shaven. Perhaps Hindus considered it as a mark of punishment.

But the situation refused to end there and the next part of the development was not reported by the aforesaid popular Bengali daily (for obvious reasons – to maintain tranquility in the society through chanting the mantra of weird secularism). 

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