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Gias Uddin Exposes Ahmed Hassan Imran

Gias Uddin is a school teacher in Murshidabad dist in West Bengal. Surely he is an exception. He is trying to make some reforms in Islam. He is author of many articles and books on this subject. Undoubtedly he is courageous. Now he exposes Islamic Terror promoter Ahmed Hassan Imran. This article is in Bengali. In this article Gias Uddin described the criminal communal deeds of Jamati members in Bangladesh in collaboration with Paki Army. Those Jamatis are now reportedly getting support from TMC MP Ahmed Hassan Imran. And now his partners are playing 'minority card' to get rid of these serious allegations. The article by Gias Uddin :   দেশদ্রোহীতার অভিযোগে অভিযুক্ত আহমদ হাসান ইমরান কি ধর্মের সুড়সুড়ি দিয়ে পার পেয়ে যাবে ?  Link -


Today district administration of South 24 Pargana district called a peace meeting in the wake of Hindu resistance put by the Hindu youths in the villages of Kumrakhali, Charabidya, Gabbunia, etc. Administration called 10 persons each from both sides of Hindus and Muslims. But, under the guidance of Hindu Samhati, local Hindus boycotted today's peace meeting due to continuous partisan acts of Basanti & Jibantala police against Hindus of Kumrakhali and other vill ages. Even yesterday they arrested one Hindu Kashinath Pramanik, raided Hindu houses before 'Rannapuja', confiscated 2 motorbikes from Swapan Baidya's house. Earlier many Hindus have been arrested, slapped many false cases by police, whereas it failed to protect the common Hindus. In this background the so called meeting is meaningless to the Hindus. Hence Hindus boycotted this peace meeting.

Hindu Samhati President demands immediate arrest of Ahmed Hassan Imran, TMC MP in Rajyasabha

Friends, my fears coming true. Again opposition parties have been managed by Islamic forces in West Bengal. Even after disclosure of conclusive evidence of direct involvemen t of TMC Rajyasabha MP Ahmed Hassan Imran in Canning riots < >, and explosive disclosure of his involvement in funding Islamic fundamentamentalist force Jamaat in Bangladesh to destablise Sk. Hasina govt, no opposition party here are categorically demanding his immediate arrest and then thorough inquiry by NIA or CBI. Imran is a threat to our national security and a threat to the peace and progress of our neighbouring country Bangladesh.  IMRAN IS PAKISTAN BORN < >, but highly safe, protected and powerful here in India. All these conclusively prove that in West Bengal anti national pro-Pak Islamic force is stronger than nationalist forces. Reach of Saudi money thru ISI is