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Hindus thrashed mercilessly but also arrested in Baruipur

Servitude to Islamists in Bengal indicates calamity in the offing On June 24, 2014, the village of Jayatala within the Baruipur police station’s jurisdiction in the district of South 24 Paraganas perceived a cruel face-off between its Hindu inhabitants and Muslims living in Gatkanda More in the vicinity. No doubt, there has been a steady hostility between two communities but the way in which Muslims from Gatkanda More attacked Hindus from Jayatala village and without any provocation amazed the local administration even. People living in other areas of Baruipur have also condemned this ghastly assault unanimously. The problem started on June 24 at 10 am when three youths inhabiting Jayatala namely Pradipta Naskar, Dibakar Patowari and Uttam Naskar were going towards Gatkanda More on a motorcycle. As soon as three Hindu youths reached the crossway at Gatkanda More, they were abused by an individual named Samser Mollah.  There was apparently no reason to make Samser Mollah call

Kaliachak’s Rath Yatra may end soon

The village of Jalalpur within Kaliachak Block I in the district of Malda was prominent in the vicinity for the Rath Yatra or one of the principal festivals of millions and millions of Hindus scattered across the globe. Apart from pulling chariots comprising Holy Deities of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balarama and Subhadra, the village used to revel a week long fair or “Jalalpur Rahter Mela", attended by both Hindus and Muslims in large numbers. On each year, no less than two hundreds of shops along with makeshift stalls used to take part in the trade event. But the fair is no more and has become a part of history only. The fair ended three years ago thanks to relentless efforts of a section of local Muslims desirous to control the entire area. To garner more profits, this very section of Islamists introduced newer forms of entertainments like wine shops, temporary gambling dens along with other immoral business ventures in the exhibition. These new enterprises marred the hallowed atmo

Mamata's Maha Aarti in Rath Yatra stuns all

Is ISKCON apathetic to Hindu feelings? Despite the fact that Hindus in the Indian state of Bengal are on the verge of wane and religious persecutions on them by Islamists (in each way) and abetted by the weird silence, barefaced pro-minority approaches of state government are rising by leaps and bounds, Hindu religious leaders as well as organizations remain most apathetic to their lot. This came forth best on June 29, 2014 when Sm. Mamata Banerjee, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bengal, was seen to join the Rath Yatra organized by ISKCON, along with a host of members of the state cabinet. The members included Subrata Mukherjee or the Hon’ble Minister of Village Development and Panchayat, Sovan Chatterjee or Hon’ble Mayor of Kolkata and Subrata Bakshi, MP of Trinamool Congress. Bengal Chief Minister was also seen to perform Maha Aarti of the Holy Deities of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balarama and Subhadra. Ratha Yatra or the Holy festival inaugurated once the road before the Holy Chario

Is Kolkata a city of Islamists only?

Syed Ahmed Road at Entally in Kolkata on June 24 at 8.30 am was just like any other day and Ashraf Alam had just opened his meat shop. He was with his assistant in the shop and was awaiting customers. All of a sudden, contrary to expectation of anyone in the locality, a youth came near Ashraf and fired at him. Even if the assailant’s intention was to pump bullets into chest of Ashraf, his foot was badly hit. The unknown assailant fled soon leaving Ashraf Alam behind in a pool of blood. The scene was more than enough to panic Ashraf’s relatives and neighbors but they managed to admit him to the NRS Hospital in a critical condition. Who is the criminal? When police was asked the same question, they termed a local criminal named Mohammed Sarafu to mastermind the ghastly effort. While talking to locals it was learnt Mohammed Safaru had demanded Rs. 2 lakh as extortion from Ashraf Alam and when the demand was turned down, Sarafu attacked him. Incidentally, both Ashraf Alam and Mohamme

Bangladeshi infiltrators in streets, alleys, all over

Is Central Government ready to push back illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh?   On June 22, 2014, a Bangladeshi infiltrator was arrested in front of the residence of Chief Minister of the Indian state of Bengal or Sm. Mamata Banerjee at Kalighat by a team from Kalighat police station. The arrest sent a shudder through the spine of Bengal administration and basically, potential hullaballoo over the incident worried the concerned department most. It has been learnt from Murlidhar Sharma (D.C. South), the name of arrested youth is Mohammed Anam (age 28), hailing from Nayakhali of Dakshin (South) Sunmgunj) Upazila (Sub-District) in Bangladesh and according to his own statement, he entered India through Beanpole or the principal checkpoint of Bangladesh in the India-Bangladesh international border to meet the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bengal. Even if a passport has been received from Mohammed Anam, he has no visa and accordingly, he has been detained for investigations. A case has al

Hindus stop administration from favoring Islamists in Jangipara, Hooghly

Iron fortitude rules the show The village of Santoshpur within the jurisdiction of Jangipara police station in the district of Hooghly is affected by another communal conflagration and it has stemmed from the same Islamic burial ground or the bone of contention between Hindus and Muslims in the locale for years. The problem started of late when local police and administration was found to be support one community blatantly over the same contentious issue making Hindus in the area burst into protest. A large contingent of police has already been deployed to get over any further deterioration of law and order. It is worthwhile to mention, a vested land consisting of a pond also and located beside Jangipara Main Road (Root-31) was changed to an Islamic burial ground (forcibly) a few years back. Terming any such construction as precarious to the existence of Hindus in the village of Jangipara, locals stopped the construction and after a few years, thanks to relentless struggles

Is Trinamool using Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh to reign smoothly?

There have been multitudinous arguments for and against and also denials regarding illegal infiltration of Bangladeshis to the Indian state of Bengal down the ages but the arrest of Nur Hussain has brought the cruel truth to the fore. Bengal is the most vulnerable state before the spate of illegal infiltration and there is no immediate end to this perpetual agony owing to its porous international border with Bangladesh. Nur Hussain, convicted with the murder of 7 persons at Narayangunj in Bangladesh, was arrested along with two accomplices named Zaman and Selim from an apartment in Kaikhali, Kolkata on June 15, 2014 at 11.30 pm by the Anti-Terrorist Cell of Bidhannagar Commissionerate and a police team from Baguihati police station. However, this, as per analysts, happens to be tip of the iceberg. It must also be mentioned, Mr. Manas Ghosh, editor of Dainik Statesman, in an article penned by him and published in the esteemed daily on January 12, 2014 had brought forth some re

Jihadi, madrasa nexus resolute to destroy Bengal, create Greater Islamic Bangla

When the much coveted clarion call to push back illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators from India will be given is unknown yet but Islamists are not idle and watching the fun or awaiting the call from the other side of Bangladesh – they have started their preparations to dismantle India for the last and the best and if fresh reports are banked on, the day of final onslaught is not far away either. In accordance with reports published in press and media, no less than 45 Jihadi camps, at the behest of several Islamic fundamentalist groups stationed in Bangladesh along with ISI, Hizbul Mujahideeen and Lashkar-e-Taiba, are unabated in several parts of the country. But instead of covert activities, madrasas and local clubs have been selected as training centers and here, apart from imparting educations on latest warfare and guerilla activities on them, budding activists are also being trained for conducting relentless Fidayeen attacks. These 45 Jihadi camps are located in areas beside the Ind

English Medium High Madrasa progresses with vigor

Sanskrit Education lost in ignominy    The pro-minority politics makes a swift comeback in Bengal’s educational scenario with the inauguration of first English Medium High Madrasa at Paninala in Nadia. However, if concerned administrative officials are believed, its foundation stone was laid by Sri Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, then Chief Minister of Bengal, in 2010. But another stone was laid in 2013 by Sm. Mamata Banerjee, present Chief Minister and after long wait the school was formally inaugurated on June 23, 2014. People who graced the occasion included Sri Bani Kumar Roy – president of the District Council, Sri Tapas Pal – Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Nasiruddin Ahmed – Hon’ble MLA and others. It is to be noted, the school has a meager population of Hindu students also since they have no other option for education in the vicinity. According to history, the madrasa education in Bengal initiated with the zeal to impart sacrosanct, Islamic education on Muslim students and wit

Mamata Banerjee in dire straits

Will she opt for iron fist, expelling illegal Bangladeshi nationals? Mamata Banerjee has finally admitted the presence of illegal nationals from Bangladesh in Bengal even if it is not known yet whether she has tried to identify them as migrants or infiltrators and this leads to skepticism once more. For people elated with this admission of Trinamool supremo and terming this as her defeat to Shri Narendra Modi, present Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, it must be mentioned at the outset that a vast difference exists between a migrant and an infiltrator. While migrant is basically a traveler moving from one region or country to other seeking seasonal jobs, infiltrator is a person who adopts a position furtively for the purpose of espionage. And it is also not clear whether Bengal Chief Minister is ready to draw a line of distinction between Hindu refugees from Bangladesh and Muslim infiltrators ultimately. If political analysts in Bengal are depended on, this admission of Her is o

Hindu youth’s love affair with Muslim girl earns wrath of Islamists in Sherpur, Bangladesh

Hundreds of Hindu families are on the streets to evade assaults More than hundreds of Hindu families living in the village of Betmari in Sherpur Sadar Upazila (sub district) within Sherpur district in the division of Dhaka, Bangladesh have become paupers overnight and are forced to run from pillar to post for security. They have left their ancestral village and are living in open meadows. On June 20 they had been assailed by local Islamists and while members of 5 Hindu families have been lucky enough to take refuge in the office of Zilla Puja Udjapan Parisad (District Puja Council), others are in fields. The problem erupted with the love affair of Ratan Rabidas, son of Puni Rabidas, a Hindu individual living in Uttarpara of Betmari village, with a Muslim girl named Seema, daughter of deceased Rashid Mian and also student of HSC. Ratan works in a garment factory and when they realized that social conditions would not let them have a happy life, the couple fled on June 10. It ha

Islamist Rapist, Hindu Victim and Apathetic Police denote Bengal

People living in Bodo Atiarbari at Dinhata, headquarters of Dinhata subdivision and also a municipality in the Cooch Behar district of Bengal, are fuming in anger over the inability of police personnel of Dinhata police station to get hold of Abul Mian still. Abul Miman tried to rape Gita (name changed), a 9-year old girl, on June 17 or Tuesday when she was in her house in the area all alone. As per the official complaint or FIR lodged by Gita’s mother on the same day, she had to go outside for a job leaving little Gita all alone in the residence. Taking advantage of her absence, Abul Mian entered the residence stealthily and asked Gita to fetch him a glass of water. Once Gita entered the next room to bring water, Abul Mian got hold of her from behind all of a sudden, tried to shut her mouth and satisfy his own carnal desires also. Gita, to save herself, cried for help desperately. Once her voice was heard, neighbors rushed to the spot and saved Gita; making the most of this commot

Shahjahan Sheikh – emblem of Hindu persecution in Sandeshkhali

Sandeshkhali within the Basirhat sub-division of North 24 Paraganas district is no new to anybody and has already got the infamy of being the worst terror-hit area across the state of Bengal. What has more added to its infamy is the incident on May 27 that rocked the national headlines even inviting the visit of central BJP team to inspect the fast worsening situation in the area. On the very day, a group of Muslim radicals with lethal weapons pounced down on Hindus in the area for daring to vote for the Saffron party in the Lok Sabha election defying diktats of Shahjahan Sheikh. What followed next was common; bombs were hurled as if rainfall while shots were fired randomly  and Hindus were attacked by sword-wielding criminals repeatedly causing grievous injuries of lots of Hindus and also police officers. And this is certainly not new; Shahjahan Sheikh loves to repeat this and persecute Hindus at times to reveal his strength to all.   Who is Shahjahan Sheikh then? If truth be