Spate of Terror following Election; A Few Questions

Results of 16 th Lok Sabha Election have brought forth a historic decision by Indians on the whole; NDA led by BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) has achieved an astounding success through securing an absolute majority. If BJP is taken into consideration apart, the party has attained its biggest victory ever since its formation in 1980. What has been its impact in Bengal then? Even if BJP has been able to wrest two MP seats and also raise its voting share in the state considerably, Trinamool Congress by procuring 34 seats has also penned a historic success. What would be the fate of nation and state hence depends on BJP and TMC respectively; certainly Hindu Samhati is not related to it. But the reign of terror afflicting the state with a wave of bloodshed must be contemplated highly.  

Right to Vote is a rational corollary of the Fundamental Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression and forms the basis of any successful democracy like India. You can capture the power only if you emerge victorious in the election and this basic notion is known to all political parties. That’s why, violence during election or following it is no new development in the Indian scenario. But the picture, at this time, is different in Bengal. On the word of political pundits and other experts, the minority vote bank has played a substantial role to the astounding success of Trinamool Congress in the state. Trinamool leadership agrees to this view also and exploiting this favorable situation, minority hooligans are inflicting the worst persecution on Hindus across the length and breadth of the state. Even if this is the cruel reality, criminals are trying to paint the rush of tortures on Hindus in a political color and Trinamool party’s flag is used hence rampantly. The situation at vast areas in the district of North and South 24 Paraganas, areas close to the international India-Bangladesh border, Usti, Falta, Mograhat, areas close to the international border in North Bengal is worst; Hindu villagers have become worst victims to relentless attacks of Islamists. Since Islamists are using TMC’s flags, administration is scared to keep them in custody. Shajahan Sheikh, Salim, Shaukat Mullah or Abdul Barik have become trusted lieutenants of TMC. Nevertheless, they used to be vanguards of CPIM during Left Front’s hegemony; it has got to be kept in mind. With the change of guard in 2011, these criminals also joined Trinamool brigade. Earlier they used to torment Hindus by using Red flags; now the same is being done with Trinamool Congress’ silent blessings. Hindus have no respite in rural Bengal. It’s the high-time for all to grasp this brutal truth.   

It’s also the time for present rulers in Bengal to get hold of another truth; they didn’t emerge victorious with minority votes only. Had Hindus not supported them wholeheartedly, triumph would have continued to remain a victory for them. As a result, the state government must step in to save Hindus from Islamists as well as atrocities of police. Culprits, to be precise, ran amok in the areas of Haroa, Sandeshkhali, Usti, Mograhat and Bangaon for the last few days. Hindus are under a reign of terror there while many of them have fled as well. Police and administration must succor these helpless people and restore law fast.  

There is no skepticism with the affection of Chief Minister to Bengal. But her imprudence has turned the rural Bengal to a casualty. While attacks on women are on the rise, lands in Bengal are being grabbed stealthily but steadily by hostile forces. Only the Chief Minister can save the state from such a crisis. She has an innate capacity to change courses of history. The same can be done here too but wisdom must be there at the same time. We do appeal to her to save Bengal.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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