Shahjahan Sheikh – emblem of Hindu persecution in Sandeshkhali

Sandeshkhali within the Basirhat sub-division of North 24 Paraganas district is no new to anybody and has already got the infamy of being the worst terror-hit area across the state of Bengal. What has more added to its infamy is the incident on May 27 that rocked the national headlines even inviting the visit of central BJP team to inspect the fast worsening situation in the area. On the very day, a group of Muslim radicals with lethal weapons pounced down on Hindus in the area for daring to vote for the Saffron party in the Lok Sabha election defying diktats of Shahjahan Sheikh. What followed next was common; bombs were hurled as if rainfall while shots were fired randomly and Hindus were attacked by sword-wielding criminals repeatedly causing grievous injuries of lots of Hindus and also police officers. And this is certainly not new; Shahjahan Sheikh loves to repeat this and persecute Hindus at times to reveal his strength to all.
Who is Shahjahan Sheikh then? If truth be told, Shahjahan Sheikh is synonymous to law and order in Sandeshkhali. Well, he has an official position too – Trinamool leader and sub-head of Sarberia Panchayat – but most of all he is a linchpin or central cohesive source of support and stability in the area whom none, be it political parties or police and administration, can pass up in dreams even. He joined Trinamool Congress in 2009; prior to that he was the mightiest leader of CPIM in the vicinity and then, Hindu persecution, his most favored game, used to go on under the red, Marxist flag. He was involved in all kinds of crimes ranging from seizing fisheries to smuggling cows across the India-Bangladesh international border under the patronage of CPIM leaders. He joined Trinamool Congress in 2009 with the help of Haji Nurul Islam, then MP of Basirhat parliamentary constituency. The landslide of Trinamool Congress in 2011 strengthened his position instigating him to initiate his second innings of terror with a new party but with the old agenda of anti-Hindu activities. Because of the political clout enjoyed by him, neither the district police nor administration dares to take him on ever, let alone local police. This was best revealed when BJP leaders lodged FIR against him regarding the ghastly attacks on Hindus on May 27. It is said, police, terming it as useless, didn’t start any official enquiry.         

And this is also no surprise. On February 1, 2014, at 10 am, activists of Hindu Samhati were busy to glue posters extolling Hindu Samhati’s impending anniversary on February 14, 2014 in Kolkata on walls. Almost 60 local Islamists, led by Shahjahan, attacked them. Three Hindu youths namely Amay Bhunia, Paresh Mandal and Babu Mukle were dragged to the local Trinamool Congress office and were beaten mercilessly. Three youths were left later in highly injured state.  Police was found as a silent spectator.

On February 2, in the evening, the gang of Shahjahan Sheikh unleashed hell once more at Bhatidaha Mallikpara within Sandeshkhali police station’s jurisdiction. At this time, the innocent Scheduled Caste Hindus hailing from Sardarpara in the village of Amjhara within Basanti police station’s jurisdiction and invitees to Dadhiram Sardar’s house at Bhatidaha were attacked while returning. Hindu women, teenage girls were forcibly taken to Muslim residences and were ravished. Police got busy to hush up the incident and warn Hindus of dire consequences. Shahjahan Sheikh owns a governmental land worth 100 bighas in Sandeshkhali; as stated by locals, it is a token gesture. He controls the whole of Sandeshkhali and whenever police is asked of his whereabouts, there is a single answer – investigations to arrest him are going on.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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