Nur Hussain’s arrest manifests illegal infiltration’s nemesis in Bengal

The arrest of Nur Hussain, convicted with the murder of 7 persons at Narayangunj in Bangladesh leading to a public outcry there, along with his two associates named Zaman and Selim from an apartment in Kailhali, Kolkata, has opened a Pandora’s Box virtually apart from slapping weird, hell-bent approaches of Bengal Government to deny the spate of illegal infiltrations of Islamists from the same country in this Indian state. According to reports, on June 15, 2014 at 11.30 pm, Anti-Terrorist Cell of Bidhannagar Commissionerate arrested Nur Hussain along with two others from a flat of Indraprastha Apartment, located at Kaikhali. Police had prior information that on the 4 th floor of the apartment a gambling-den had been set up by a few Bangladeshis. Police raided the flat, arrested three people and brought them to the police station of Baguihati. An FIR was also lodged against them based on illegal infiltration to India, illegal arms act and establishing an illegal gambling hell. 

The three arrested persons were produced on June 15, at 2 pm to the District Court of North 24 Paraganas when police demanded remand as well.  Edwin Lepcha, Hon’ble 2 nd Judge in the District Court, granted remand for 8 days in the police custody. It has also been learnt, police found 2 cell phones along with 1 revolver during arrest. The judicial order has been given against Case no. 339 in the police station of Baguihati. On June 23, these three persons will be produced in the court once more.  

It must also be mentioned simultaneously, murder of 7 persons including aged lawyer Chandan Sarkar and recovery of these corpses in the river of Sitalkhya on April 30, 2014 led to an uproar in the entire country, unprecedented in every sense of the term. Press and media along with common people were found to be up in arms against the governance there perturbing the reigning Awami League government much. Nur Hussain, commissioner of ward no. 4, Awami League heavyweight and also infamous Mafia at Narayangunj, was termed as the prime suspect behind the ghastly incident. The intimacy between Nur Hussain and Shamim Osman, prominent Awami League leader of Narayangunj, worsened the situation more.  According to sources, Shamim sent Nur Hussain to Mashiur Rehman’s residence in the village of Shyamalgachi within the sub-district of Sarsha to help him to enter the Indian mainland through local support. . On June 3, Mashiur Rehman took Nur on his motorcycle to the international border of Beanpole and finally through local support Nur got success to enter India. He didn’t live in any den for days and used to change shelter after every three days till his arrest at Kaikhali.

Nur Hussain is a fugitive from Bangladesh and if sources are counted on, Ministry of External Affairs, Bangladesh urged its Indian counterpart to accelerate the investigation for Nur Hussain and detain him fast. What’s of others? This question is raised since illegal infiltration from Bangladesh to the Indian state of Bengal remains unabated and a simple visit to areas close to India-Bangladesh international border is enough to make the viewer wise of the calamity and how India is loosing its own land to alien people fast.  

Will the Bengal government go on denying the nemesis of illegal infiltration of Islamists from Bangladesh into Bengal still?

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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