Factional scuffles of Islamists shock Barasat

Jagannathpur in Barasat, prominent town in the outskirts of Kolkata and also district headquarters of the district of North 24 Paraganas, is virtually unrestrained now owing to violent conflicts between two groups, led by criminals professing Islam, of ruling Trinamool Congress that erupted once more on June 17 over controls of local syndicates. The problem burst out Tuesday in the morning leading to the appearance of a large police contingent to rein in warring culprits. Even if police was present in strength, they were also attacked. It has been learnt, culprits of both groups attacked police also causing grave injuries of two police personnel. Bombs were hurled randomly; 10 local people got serious injuries as a result. Injured people were admitted to the Barasat District Hospital. Trinamool leadership is worried highly owing to rising scuffles, it has also been learnt.

According to police and local sources, scuffles regarding supply of raw materials to real estate projects, brick kilns have been going on for years between two groups of Trinamool Congress. While one group is led by Matiar Rahman (Trinamool member of local Panchayat), the other faction is being headed by Sattar Ali. It must be noted, Sattar Ali belonged to CPIM a few months back even but now he is with Trinamool Congress. His induction into Trinamool irked Matiar Rahman and his accomplices much giving rise to a power struggle between the two. The situation worsened after the Lok Sabha Election, 2014. Local leadership of Trinamool Congress scrutinized the fast worsening situation and to bring out a truce, a meeting was organized at Nilganj Village Panchayat on Monday with the two groups. But it failed completely. This got revealed when exchanges of bombs between the two factions rocked the vicinity at night on Monday. 
On Tuesday morning, it was alleged that a few members of Matiar Rahman’s group thrashed Sattar Ali’s followers while they were going through the area. The incident led to destruction of two motorbikes, a house and two roadside shops belonging to members of Ali group. As a mark of protest, supporters of Sattar Ali blocked the Barasat-Barrackpur thoroughfare soon and to foil this effort, Matiar Rahman’s followers attacked with deadly weapons. A war of bombs started frightening local people to the highest extent. What followed next was a commotion and severe injuries of quite a few persons. Due to the blockade, it became impossible to admit injured persons to local hospitals. When a police team from Duttapukur police station reached the spot to control the turmoil, it was also attacked. Hundreds of people, reportedly, were seen to attack the police contingent.  

Finding it impossible to control the tumult, a large team of district police reached the spot ultimately and lathi charged indiscriminately to bring the situation under control. The hour-long scuffle disturbed the locality very and Barrackpur Road remained blocked for hours enhancing woes of commoners only. Even ambulances had to remain in the snarl-up for hours. While speaking to press and media, Matiar Rahman termed Sattar Ali as confidant of CPIM and blamed him for the burgeoning crisis. Locals were found to wonder whether administration would be able to rein in these criminals anyhow.

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