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Hindu Temple Burnt, Kali Icon Desecrated and Vandalized in Basirhat, West Bengal

33 year old Kali Temple Attacked and Burnt; Kali murthi stripped and vagina blackened; At the late hours of 16th December, 2009 some unknown miscreants (suspected to be Islamic activists) entered the 33 year old Kali temple of Kankra village of Kachua Panchayet, under Basirhat Police Station in North 24 Parganas district, stripped the murthi, or icon of Mother Kali naked and burnt the temple. Before leaving the temple, the miscreants even tied the throat of the stone made murthi of the Goddess with a thick rope. The vagina of the idol was blackened. Keeping in view to the nature of the crime and mixed population of the area, one can easily understand that no Hindu can do such a heinous and sacrireligious deed. The finger of suspicion is definitely pointed to the Muslim community. The village of Kachua is a popular pilgrimage place because of the famous temple of renowned saint Sri Loknath Brahamachari. Hundreds of thousands of devotees visit this this Temple throughout the year. In

Press Release: Hindu Samhati Concludes Succesful Regional Conference

Press Release : Hindu Samhati Concludes Succesful Regional Conference A two days State Conference of Hindu Samhati has been concluded in Kolkata on 26th and 27th of Dec 2009, very successfully. Over 230 delegates from 22 blocks covering 83 villages attended the meeting at Mundhra Dharmashala in the heart of the city, to chalk out the organizational strategy and plan for the next year programs, highlighting its 2nd anniversery on 14th February, 2010. The program was inaugurated with lighting of earthen lamp by Durga Mukherjee and chanting Aum thrice by all. The dignitaries present offered flower petals in the picture of Bharat Mata amidst shouting of Bande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki Jai and Jai Sree Ram several times. In the opening speech Tapan Ghosh, Presedent of Hindu Samhati presented the Bengal Scenario, tormented by the semitic thrust and the political hegemony. He described the situation of Bengali Hinds as worse than ever. He urged the Hindu Samhati members to keep keen vigil

Hindu Convergence at Nainanpur by Hindu Samhati

Diamond Harbour : (Hindu Samhati correspondent) - A grand success overlapped all the hurdles to hold a big Hindu public meeting in Nainanpur under Usthi PS (Police station) in South 24 Pgs ( West Bengal, India) where the Hindus became almost minority in the last few decades. Over one thousand Hindus converged into the venue of Nainanpur primary school ground from adjacent Kulpi, Mandirbazar, Magrahat I & II, Diamond Harbour I blocks on 15th November last to consolidate the Hindu solidarity in this Diamond Harbour Sub-Divisional Hindu Sammelan with a great enthusiasm and sensation. The function was inaugurated with the Tarja Gan (solo vocal conversational Bengali song) by eminent TV & Radio artist Sushil Naskar ; Prokash Das, reputed journalist of SAMHATI SANGBAD delivered the inaugural speech as an emphatic start of the occasion. Amaresh Mukherjee, an eminent litterateur, artist and educationist described such spontaneous association of Hindu youths is a start of a new H

Barbaric assault on Hindus in Jangipara village

On 15th November, 2009 around 4 PM Trinomool Congress took out a victory procession from the two Muslim dominated villages, namely Sufijangal and Bahana of Jangipara, Hoogly district. It is noteworthy that about eighty percent of the people who joined and led the procession were Muslims, and the remaining ones were Hindus. Raising fiercely the Islamic slogans, i.e., Allah Ho Akbar and Narae Takdir, the belligerent procession made its way through the main road and entered the Hindu villages one after one, namely Borhol, Khurigachi, Nikash, Dilkhash etc and damaged and looted Hindu shops. The tea stall of Sankar Das (Hindu) at 'Borhol Bypass More' was looted and razed to the ground. "All Hindus of the area will be chopped off"-such slogans were aired. The Hindus were beaten up indiscriminately. Prasenjit Bag, a well-known worker of Hindu organisations received serious injuries in the attack. He had to be hospitalized and his left limb is still in critical condition. T
Hon'ble Calcutta High Court, Thou too? Anita can’t be disowned, She is our Daughter Anita can’t be disowned, She is our Daughter and shall ever be Where are we heading to? This sentence at the very outset may astound you a good deal. Well, before going to any further, let’s check out some readily available facts. Ever since Islam stepped into the realm of Bengal, forceful conversion of Hindus has been one of the most preferred ploys of the Muslim zealots to make the whole community kowtow. Throughout the Muslim hegemony and 19th century, it was in full swing and gained new momentum with the onset of the 20th century backed by several doctrines. It has been unabated in both erstwhile East Pakistan and contemporary Bangladesh but the same malicious campaign is being witnessed in the Indian state of Bengal too, thanks to the tacit understanding between the pseudo-secular sections and Islamic fundamentalist forces and certainly the uncanny silence of the culpable democratic societ

Hindu Samhati Rescues Hindu Girl and Brings Her Back to Hindu Fold

She is Kalpana Mandal. She is pretty, she is 17 years old, and she is from Basirhat. Few months back, Kalpana was love-trapped by a Muslim man. He encouraged her to leave her parents and flee with him. Entrapped by his pollen fraudulence, she deserted her parents, married him, converted to Islam and began to live with him in his house. Her father made contacts with Hindu Samhati and rescued her. The girl left her house again. Her father then took her to the members of Hindu Samhati and pleaded them to bring her back the right path of life. She stayed with HS members who guided her through this difficult stage in her life. After 15 days, Kalpana changed her mind. She refused to go back to her crafty, conniving Muslim husband. Then Manoj Mukherjee, a young Hindu agreed to marry her. She was married with Manoj on last 22nd November following all Hindu customs and rituals. Now they are living happily, as a bright, cheerful couple. Please Help Us To Bring More Kalpanas Back To Hindu Fold !

Three Hindu Temples attacked and damaged by Muslims in Park Circus in Kolkata.

The populace in Bengal again saw a flash of Pakistan in Kolkata heartland on 29 th Oct. ’09 evening, behind the Chittaranjan National Medical College and hospital at a distance of few furlong crossing the railway lines from there. Through Ram Mohan Bera Lane (Kolkata-700 046), the procession of Jagadhatri Goddess of local `Bipul Sangha’ Club was heading for its emersion ceremony. When it was passing by a small mosque there named `Madrasha Arabia Jamaetul Ulema’, the insiders from the mosque came out to protest and stop the mike and band party with the procession. But the processionists did not care to hear such unreasonable claim. For this turmoil the procession was with held for the time being. In the meanwhile the opportunist Muslims announced from the Mosque’s loud speakers that Islam is in danger. They also announced a (fake) attack upon Mosques. Within a moment some 2,000 Muslims gathered there at 10.30pm to attack the procession and a wishful rampage upon Hindus. They broke the

December 6th----Open Letter to Ashok Singhal --- by Tapan Kumar Ghosh

An open letter to venerable Ashok Singhalji in commemoration of 6th. December Tapan Kumar Ghosh Respected Ashokji, Sadar Pranam (Obeissances unto you). At the very outset, let me state it unequivocally that Ram Mandir shall be built. Yes and at the exact place where Lord Ram was born. Lifelong penance of Paramhansa Ramchandra Das can’t go to waste. The supreme sacrifice of Ram Kothari, Sarat Kothari and others can't go in vain. But, construction of Ram Mandir got deferred for a long. An enduring seventeen years have passed after demolition of the notorious Babri structure. Time has elapsed and 6th. Dec., the 'Hindu Shaurya Divas' has again revolved back. Let us review on this very day as to why Ram Mandir could not be constructed so far. To read the full letter by Tapan Ghosh to the Honorable Ashok Singhal, please go to:

Hindu Samhati Activists Arrested for Protesting Against Cow Slaughter in Kalna, West Bengal

Kalna, West Bengal A most outrageous incident has happened in the town of Kalna in Bardhaman dsitrict of West Bengal. During this Muslim festival of Eid there was extensive cow slaughter throughout the town (Hindus throughout the world consider the cow to be sacred and abhor killing of cows). despite vigorous protests from the Hindus. In Sahapur, a village adjoining Kalna, there are only two Muslim households – the rest are Hindu – and both these families slaughtered multiple cows for Eid. To protest this blatant affront to the Hindu sensitivities, the local chapter of Hindu Samhati had put up posters and had planned to organize a procession and a meeting in Kalna on the 3rd of Dec, 2009. However just for the ‘crime ‘ of putting up posters and planning a rally and a meeting, the police arrested Sri Haripada Adhikari and three others Hindu Samhati activists on 2nd Dec, 2009. They have been picked up without any formal charges and have not yet been released. We are organizing protest

Creation of a New Pakistan in Barrackpore

Mosque to be Revived after 63 Years to enhance anti-Hindu activities in Barrackpore, West Bengal An absolutely dilapidated mosque, named Bhanga Masjid, is situated in Ward no. 3 of Barrackpore town in North 24 Pargana district. It is just on the side of the main railway track of Sealdah – Krishnanagar line. In last 63 years, i.e., after independence, nobody offered Namaz in that mosque as there is no Muslim locality nearby. Before independence, some Muslims used to live here who migrated to Pakistan after partition. Just opposite side of the railway line, the name of the locality is ‘Sankharipara’ which is inhabited by refugee Hindu Sankhari community who were forcefully evicted from the famous ‘Sankhari Patty’ of Dhaka by Muslim extremists. A branch of Bharat Sevashram Sangha is situated within 25 meters of the Bhanga Masjid on the same side of the railway line. In this Bhanga Masjid, a government primary school (Nabarun Vidyamandir) used to run since long time. In fact, all the

Press Release : Remembering Nov 26--Hindu Samhati's Programs in Districts of West Bengal (with Pictures)

26/11 Mumbai Remembered Rallies Across Districts of West Bengal Hindu Samhati is conducting various rallies and meetings in various parts of West Bengal as a follow-up of their grand Kolkata event paying homage to the victims of the 1st anniversary of the attack on Mumbai on 26th November 2008. In addition, the present government and the opposition were held accountable for the degeration of the security of the nation for the last decade. Prokash Das and Ajit Adhikari, senior activists of Hindu Samhati led a silent march on the 26th in Bangaon Town with over 10,000 mourners joining them through the event: The rally started from the ground of historical Bangaon Town Hall, the mourners conducted a silent march tying black straps in their faces in protest of total inaction of the Indian Government in the matter of the Pakistani threat perception upon India’s internal and external security. Das briefed the stand of Hindu Samhati in general to the local media and commented " We don&

Press Release : Homage to 26/11 Martyrs on 1st Anniversary - Kolkata (with Pictures)

26/11 Mumbai mayhem Homage to Martyrs in 1st anniversary in Kolkata In a very befitting manner Hindu Samhati’s Kolkata unit observed 1st anniversary of Mumbay mayhem on 25/11/09 at College Square in front Calcutta University . Hindu Samhati, Kolkata organized this occasion to pay deep respect to the Great Martyrs and to express whole-hearted sympathy to the bereaved families of the martyrs with specific demand to hang Azmal Amir Kasab, the lone Paki terrorist still alive and under trial in the special court meant for the case. The function was presided over by Kanti Majumdar. Barid Baran Guha, Dr. Arun Giri, Prokash Das, Pratap Hazra, Upananda Brahmachari were the other speakers and dignitaries on the occasion. A major flank of the supporters of HS gathered to pay tribute and demanded immediate hanging of Kasab by shouting slogans and distributing leaflets published for this occasion. In his maiden speech Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati vehemently condemned the

Jinnah - Jaswant - Pakistan by Tapan Ghosh

Jinnah - Jaswant - Pakistan Tapan Ghosh ( ) What is the real truth regarding the partition of India or creation of Pakistan? Who was responsible for it? Is Jinnah responsible for the partition or not? Gandhi, Nehru, Patel -- are they all responsible for the partition of the country? Or is it the fact that they all are partially responsible! Only British imperialism is responsible? Was Jinnah really secular? In 1920, during Non- Cooperation & Khilafat movement, Gandhi sided fully with obscurantist Maulana Mohammed Ali and Saukat Ali and sidelined modern Jinnah. Was Gandhi’s neglect coupled with Nehru-Patel’s lust for power responsible for transforming the modern, progressive Jinnah to a separatist and Islamic fundamentalist? All these questions have cropped up from Jaswant Singh’s much published book “Jinnah, Partition and Independence”. It is a healthy sign and Jaswant deserves thanks for that. Let us find the answers of these - one by one.

Hindus Fight Back in Bongaon

Bangladeshi infiltrators grab land of Indian peasant in Bongaon, West Bengal; police arrests protesters agitating to recover their land. Independent news reporter. In a shocking case of punishing the victim, local police officials in Bongaon area have arrested eight members of Hindu Samhati for protesting against land-grabbing by Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. Mr. Ajit Adhikari, Mr. Somnath Pal and seven other workers of HS were arrested while protesting against police atrocities in the land grabbing incident and have been locked in jail without bail. Even more shocking is the fact that no action has been taken by the police against those Islamists involved in the land-grabbing. The incident started when members of the Hindu Samhati group recovered an agricultural land in the Eropota village of Bongaon subdivision, legally owned by an Indian citizen Mihir Mandal but was later forcefully occupied by Islamic group supporting Bangladeshi illegal immigrants. Around 4:30 PM on Octob

Hindu Samhati Is Not Alone !

A conference of Hindu organizations from all over India, met at Delhi to express support for Hindu Samhati and its welfare work in Bengal. One such organization is Hindu Makkal Katchi (Hindu Peoples Party), and was represented by the party general secretary Arjun Sampath. The Hindu Makkal Katchi against significant odds, resisted Islamization in Tamil Nadu and has helped revert more than 3000 people to Hindu Dharma. Arjun Sampath spoke about the role played by party volunteers in averting the Coimbatore attack on the life of former Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani.

Powerful Hindu Protest Against Islamist Persection in Taki-Hasnabad

At the time of Kalipuja (Hindu festival also known as Deepavali - October 17, 2009), there was a cultural function by a Club Puja Committee in the Taki town in Basirhat subdivision of North 24 Parganas dist of West Bengal, India. Several Muslim youths from nearby Sankhchura village came to the function and misbehaved. Hindu sentiments were hurt by the outsiders' actions and words, a small scuffle occurred and the intruding miscreants were driven away from the venue. In retaliation for this defensive action, on October 25th 2009, about 30-35 Muslim youths from Sankhchura village came to Taki town and beat up 2-3 Hindu boys and fled. On 26th October, twenty-six clubs of Taki town joined hands. 3 to 4 thousand Hindu people gheraoed (encircled) Taki Police Station and organized a very strong demonstration. Hindu Samhati workers Narayan Ghosh and Dayanjan babu were actively present there. To control the Hindu reaction, Rapid Action Force (RAF - an elite police force of the Indian

Temple being built by a non-Hindu

"If you go to any country and request the Muslims or persons following any other religion to constuct a Hindu temple for you, you will understand what kind of help they will extend to you. Then, they may even attempt to destroy your temple, even your life" .- Swami Vivekananda

Hindu Women – Focus of Islamic Torture in Howrah

Should We Remain Silent Still ? Hindu Women – Focus of Islamic Torture in Amta Mrs. Rekha Dutta Mrs. Rekha Dutta's ear torn apart by Islamic zealot Mrs. Kanak Dutta Mrs. Maya Rit Mrs. Padma Dutta Mrs. Tapati rani Dutta Mrs. Tapati Dutta Mrs. Suchitra dutta Mrs. Soma Dutta Mrs. Satan dutta Mrs. Nupur Rit Mr. Subrata Dutta Mr. Subrata Dutta and Mrs. Basanti Dutta Mr. Bimal Dutta Mr. Narayan Chandra Gui Mr. Sanat Gui Goddess Kali Temple in Norit village

Hindu Women Attacked & Sexually Assaulted by Islamists in Howrah

In Howrah district Hindu women are assaulted, beaten up, molested and injured. This time, local Hindus too are getting organized to resist the brutality and self-preserve. In Norit village under Amta Block of Howrah district, a religious Muslim group was trying for long to destroy the only Kali Temple of the Hindus. On several occasions Muslims tried to obstruct the religious functions of the Hindus on some pretext or other. Police and Panchayat (local body govt) were duly informed by the Hindus. Former Officer in Charge of Amta Police Station Subir Chakraborty came to the spot. He was satisfied with the legal papers showed by the Hindus and okayed the possession/religious functions of the Hindus. But the Muslim population led by their zealous leadership did not give up. On 9 th August 2009, Sunday, they started a riot by beating up an aged named Hindu Sanat Kumar Rit (60) without any reason or pretext. That was at 1.00 pm. Most of the Hindu men folk were not at home at that time.


On Sunday afternoon 19th July, a public meeting was addressed by Hindu Samhati President Tapan Kumar Ghosh at Canning bus stand in South 24 Pargana dist. The meeting was a grand success. 400 hundred workers and about one thousand people attended the meeting. In the meeting Tapan Ghosh said : The situation in the villages of Canning 2 Block is worse than Bangladesh for the Hindus. At least for last 20 years, Hindus in this Block are being tremendously tortured, humiliated and persecuted by the Muslims regularly. So much so that hundreds of Hindu families left their ancestral home for safer destination. To protect themselves, Hindus joined CPIM, RSP, Congress, TMC, even BJP by turn. But no party could give them security. In a latest incident, 17 Hindu families of Dakshin Moukhali were uprooted from their home by the Muslims. The reason : the Hindus joined TMC from CPIM. But not surprisingly, TMC did nothing to protect them as the offenders are Muslims