Jinnah - Jaswant - Pakistan by Tapan Ghosh

Jinnah - Jaswant - Pakistan

Tapan Ghosh

What is the real truth regarding the partition of India or creation of Pakistan? Who was responsible for it? Is Jinnah responsible for the partition or not? Gandhi, Nehru, Patel -- are they all responsible for the partition of the country? Or is it the fact that they all are partially responsible! Only British imperialism is responsible? Was Jinnah really secular? In 1920, during Non- Cooperation & Khilafat movement, Gandhi sided fully with obscurantist Maulana Mohammed Ali and Saukat Ali and sidelined modern Jinnah. Was Gandhi’s neglect coupled with Nehru-Patel’s lust for power responsible for transforming the modern, progressive Jinnah to a separatist and Islamic fundamentalist? All these questions have cropped up from Jaswant Singh’s much published book “Jinnah, Partition and Independence”. It is a healthy sign and Jaswant deserves thanks for that.

Let us find the answers of these - one by one. The famous Pakistani historian Ayesha Jalal who currently teaches history in an American university has raised the question that whether it is possible for a single individual to divide and partition such a vast country! This question in all it’s perspective assumes significance. One single individual can’t partition such a vast country. Then, did British partition the country? Yes, of course. British did partition the country. But how could they succeed? Herein lies the answer as to how modern Barrister Jinnah got transformed into an ‘India baiter’ Jinnah. Whether Jinnah was secular or not is debatable, but definitely Jinnah was not an obscurantist. Advani and Jaswant have described Jinnah as secular. This is a half baked truth. Half-baked truth is more dangerous, more harmful than lies. Then, what is the real truth? As I am apolitical, I would like to bring forth the real truth to my readers.

The real truth is - Jinnah did not create Pakistan; Pakistan did create Jinnah. Jinnah did not divide India. Islam did. In Jinnah’s own words- “ The seed for Pakistan had been planted the very day when the first Indian man got converted to Islam.’’ When Congress refused the demand for Pakistan, Jinnah retorted, “A cab can be snatched away from forest, but the memory of forest is deeply inculcated/imprinted/implanted in it and can never be wiped out. You (Congress or Hindus) are refusing the demand of Pakistan today, but you can never wipe out the idea of Pakistan that is deeply implanted into every Muslim psyche in India.’’[source : Meaning of Pakistan - by F.A.Khan Durani].

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