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Kali Temple at Hindu crematorium in Mathurapur desecrated, plundered

Fears of communal disorder looming On January 27, 2014, in the dead of night, Kali temple situated at the Hindu crematorium in the village of Ranaghata in Lalpur area, within the jurisdiction of police station of Mathurapur in the district of 24 Paraganas (South), was desecrated and pillaged by a group of crooks. It has come to knowledge, Jaladhar Pramanik, an aged individual, lives in a hut alongside the crematorium and on the fateful night, he was attacked by the group of criminals before anything else. Even if he was thrashed mercilessly, Jaladhar managed to inform others in the village of the dreadful episode. When a group of people came to the temple, it had already been defiled and ransacked. The enraged mob (joined by many gradually) went on in the hunt for criminals and soon they got hold of Lekman Mollah, son-in-law of Morshet Khan inhabiting the same village, who was identified as a member of the gang by Jaladhar Pramanik also. Lekman was delivered to the local poli

Sturdiness saves girl student from molestation in Mandirbazar

On January 29, 2014, at 2,30 pm, Jagadish Higher Secondary School in the village of Jagadishpur, within the jurisdiction of the police station of Mandirbazar in the district of South 24 Paraganas, remained witness to any uncanny development or clashes between two groups of students following attempts to taunt a girl student from a nearby school. It has been learnt, Rani Guchait ( name changed ), student of Class X at Saradasuri Girls’ School within the same police station’s jurisdiction, went to Jagadish Higher Secondary School to participate in sports.     While sports were going on, she was targeted by two youths namely Manirul Islam ( name changed and student of Class XII at Jagadish Higher Secondary School) and his friend Javed ( name changed and nonstudent) who went on hurling slangs at her. They also tried to hassle her. Even if there were others also, none dared to protest as Manirul is known as a rowdy in the area. But Monotosh Mandal ( name changed and student of Cl

Hindus in Kaliachak, Malda deflect bids to stop Surya Puja

On January 19, 2014, Nayagram Field within the jurisdiction of the police station of Kaliachak in the district of Malda, remained witness to an untoward development as Surya Puja (worship of Sun God) and the fair, organized by Hindus in the neighborhood as part of the veneration, there were dismantled by a large group of rowdy Muslim youths. The Puja as well as the fair has been going on for 40 years at a stretch. The problem started at 4 pm when the said pack of roughnecks living in Khottapara in nearby Baishnabnagar interrupted and harassed Hindu girls sleazily. It has also been learnt, at 4pm, while food-offering to the Holy Deity was being distributed among Hindu devotees, pebbles were hurled by the gang led by Rahul Sheikh, Sentarul Sheikh, Zakir Sheikh and Pintu Sheikh. Their sole intention was to stop the Puja, fair and also infuse fright among Hindus so that they would not dare to persist the Hindu ritual any longer. Local Hindu youths with members of the fair’s orga

Hindu Samhati drudges in villages, knaves bent to exploit

Hindu Samhati, at the moment, is working in more than 500 villages across several districts in West Bengal and thanks to its own vigor, the organization has become a household name in the districts of 24 Paraganas (North and South), Howrah, Hooghly, Bardhaman, Nadia, Birbhum. But all these bring out a pertinent subject again and it’s regarding the primary job of Hindu Samhati. Hindu Samhati, through years of struggle, has become a vanguard of Hindu defence in Bengal and this can be ascertained from a single fact – Hindu Samhati gives Hindu morale a fillip to strike back Jihadi attacks wherever it happens. It’s a cruel fact that no option except united resistance is in hand or else the tragic episode of partition in 1947 despoiling Hindus overnight would be repeated yet again. With the partition the greater half of pre-1947 Bengal went to the Islamic state of Pakistan (now Bangladesh). But there is no respite as sinister developments (perceived in 1946-47) are resurfacing in West Beng

New spate of attacks to construct illegal mosque in Kolkata Leather Complex

The village of Gangapur within the jurisdiction of KLC Police Station in Bhangor no. 1 Block in the District of 24 Paraganas (South) experienced a fresh onrush on January 23, 2014. Local Hindus were assailed once more by a large group of Muslims with lethal weapons and hell bent to construct a mosque illegally within the area. What makes the confrontation deadliest is the presence of an ancient Hindu temple and it is at a distance of 20 feet away from the disputed site. The temple is venerated by Hindus in the neighborhood highly and the main objective behind recurrent attacks is to oust Hindus from the area and the bid to construct the illegal mosque is the first step, as per locals. However, this is not new; Hindus had premonitions and therefore, to ward off any sinister development, they had submitted a mass petition signed by almost 1100 villagers to the District Magistrate. But the administration remained lackluster as usual and exploiting it, Muslim youths attempted still.     

Hindu Samhati inspires Hindus at Jiban Mandaler Hat, Joynagar to Struggle and Triumph

On January 19, 2014, as a part of its programs to commemorate 150 th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, Hindu Samhati organized a public meeting at the Hindu Samhati Maidan at Jiban Mandaler Hat within the block of Joynagar in the district of South 24 Parganas. The meeting was joined by people in strength and with great enthusiasm. The public meeting was embellished by the presence and speeches of Tapan Ghosh (president, Hindu Samhati), Bikarna Naskar, Sourav Sasmal, Santanu Basak, Sanjay Sardar and others. While several speakers, citing many ominous episodes, cautioned Hindus of the imminent danger and also accentuated the need of Hindu unity, Bikarna Naskar commenced his speech through the portrayal of brutality against Hindus in the state. The depiction of Hindu persecution at Naliakhali in Canning on February 19, 2013 shocked the gathering. He also went on describing harrowing incidents of bashing Hindus and how this precarious strategy has been expanding its sin

Gulzar Zia, violent mob ransack Chittaranjan National Medical College in Kolkata

Traffic was thrown out of gear while law and order was shattered and police remained utterly confused, even perceived to back out – all these features resulting from a wild rampage, led by Gulzar Zia, Trinamool Councilor of Ward No. 60 under Kolkata Municipal Corporation, and his son Sabbar Alam, ruled Chittaranjan National Medical College in Kolkata on January 18 for hours. It has been learnt, Pervez Alam, inhabitant of Jannagar area in Beniapukur and also suffering from diabetes, has been undergoing medical treatment in the hospital for weeks. He was also operated recently. On Saturday, Yasmin Begum and Hena Parvin, his wife and daughter respectively, turned up in the hospital to render the midday meal. However, the scheduled time for visitors in the hospital is between 9 am and 11 am. Both of them entered after 11 am; private security guard asked them to go out and all these led to a scuffle. What followed next were wild allegations – while Yasmin and Hena held staff in the hospit

Endeavor to turn Debuttar Property in Jamalpur, Bardhaman to Islamic Cemetery scores high

It has been learnt from sources, a few days back the village of Bishnubati, within the jurisdiction of police station of Jamalpur under Jamalpur block, in the district of Bardhaman remained witness to grievous attempts to encroach Joy Maa Chandi Debuttar Property within it. Trouble started when a group of people (Muslim by religion), under the aegis of local Hindu political leaders, entered the village and attempted to entomb a dead body. The village is infested with underprivileged Hindus but despite hindrances, all including tribal Hindus tried to fend off the event. It has been found, tribal Hindu girls ran to local police personnel seeking their support. But the administration remained indifferent and Hindus were thrashed brutally to nip any such protest in the bud. Hence, the pious intention to turn the Debuttar Property to an Islamic graveyard completed with a great success. Tight vigil is maintained in village at the moment. In accordance with Indian Law, any p roperty abs

Sankrail witnesses savagery on Viswa Nabi Divas

Villages within Panchla were not sole victims of murderous assaults on “Viswa Nabi Divas” or World Nabi Day; the spate of brutality surfaced in Sankrail (situated at a distance of almost 16 kilometers from Panchla) in the same district of Howrah also. On January 14, at 9 am, Dakshin Sankrail Bodobagan within the jurisdiction of Sankrail police station experienced this viciousness. Large numbers of processions comprising thousands of youths, sound boxes emitting music in high frequency to observe “Viswa Nabi Divas” passed the area. Taken back at lewd comments being hurled on them from processions increasingly, women in the area asked village police volunteers to request Muslim youths to change route. But vanguards in processions dismissed it almost instantly. Getting helpless, local police station was phoned and when the police force appeared, Hindus requested them to ask Muslims of permissions to form processions. It has been learnt, even if Officer-in-Charge of Sankrail police stati

Hindus in Panchla reel under terror

The whole of Panchla, at the moment, is staggering under a fear of death. The expression may appear to be impolite to many readers but the cruel truth can neither be avoided nor be concocted. The visit of a team of Hindu Samhati to the worst-hit areas today itself has brought such heartrending and horrific accounts out.  The earlier report was based on firsthand information while assaults on Hindus were in full swing but now the details reveal a greater horror. Contrary to beliefs that murderous assaults were limited to a handful of villages, it’s now evident that lots of areas populated by Hindus were attacked by the lethal mob simultaneously and they include the village of Biki Hakola including wards like Raypara, Kolepara, Pachhalpara, Choto Gabberia, Beltala, Daspara, Hazrapara and Gabberia Kacharigora. And all these encompass an area of 10 Everything happened as part of grievous and premeditated strategies and hence, the brutal mob was well prepared from the very beginn

Muslim procession on Viswa Nabi Divas unleashes terror on Hindus in Panchla, Howrah

As fresh reports are coming to the news desk, Hindus, especially women, have fled from the persecuted villages of Kolepara, Pachalpara, Santrapara and Beltala in particular, within the jurisdiction of the police station of Panchla in the district of Howrah, following an unprecedented attack on Hindus inhabiting the villages today in the noon. It has been learnt, massive procession of Muslims to observe “Viswa Nabi Divas” or World Nabi Day, under the watchful eye of police, was brought out in the noon today itself. The problem started when a Hindu woman Shyamasree Ghosh (name changed) living in Koelpara objected to high pitch sound emanating from sound boxes used in the pageant and asked organizers to lessen it. When she was both challenged and taunted sexually, a few Hindu youths joined the protest leading to a minuscule fight between the two groups. Contrary to the expectation of Hindus, the news of tussle was circulated to other groups of Muslims rapidly and massive violent attacks

Wild claims on land weaken communal harmony in Duttapukur

Hindu-Muslim scuffle over a stretch of land in the village of Duttapukur Chaltaberia within Duttapukur 2 No. Gram Panchayat and under the jurisdiction of Duttapukur police station in the district of 24 Paraganas (North) has become a cause of concern by now and the administration is found to apprehend more ominous developments. It is to be noted, the dispute remains over a 15 cottah land (1 cottah = 720 sq. ft.) in an area (within the village) populated by 300 Hindu families, wretched refugees from Bhola and Barisal districts in Bangladesh.  There are almost 60 Muslim families in the same area but around Chaltaberia Uttarpara located at 500 meter away from the disputed site. Now, Muslims are asserting that the same 15 cottah of land belongs to them and it’s nothing but an Islamic graveyard. Nevertheless, another burial ground of Muslims is located in the environs, used commonly and contains a mosque as well. But these basic facts failed to bring sanity and on January 13 several Mu

Will police in Malda wake up and stop Love Jihad now?

On January 7, 2014, at 10 am, Ripa Mandal (age 17 years) was abducted by Sakim Shiekh (age 22 years) while she was going to her school. Ripa happens to be the student of Class IX at Mahammadia High Madrasa Bahadurpur and is the daughter of Atul Chandra Mandal living in Sundartala, within the jurisdiction of Post Office: Dulugram and Police Station: Kaliachak in the district of Malda. Sakim, on the other hand, is the son of Khurshed Sheikh inhabiting the village of Salehpur Dariapur within the same police station’s authority.  Even if the police appeared reluctant to deal with the case, a missing diary was filed on January 8. Once the disinclination of police was spotted, Atul started to find her daughter out all-alone and within the next few hours culpability of Sakim Sheikh came forth.    After lots of endeavors, Ripa was found from the residence of Sakim on January 11. Atul Chandra Mandal went to Sakim’s residence alone but Ripa was not given to him. Instead, she was transferr

Hindu Samhati commemorates Swami Vivekananda’s Birth Anniversary in Hasnabad with valor

On January 12, 2014, Hindu Samhati, to commemorate 150 th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, organized a convention at Hasnabad, situated on the bank of River Ichamati and also a prominent town alongside India-Bangladesh international border, in the district of North 24 Paraganas. The convention scheduled at Subhas Mukta Mancha Maidan was attended by locals in large numbers and dignitaries whose presence graced the occasion included Tapan Ghosh (president – Hindu Samhati), Bikarna Naskar, Brajendranath Ray, Sumana Chowdhury, Narayan Chandra Ghosh. Speaking on the occasion, Sumana Chowdhury, editor of periodical “Tapoban”, censured the present scenario in Bengal remaining a mute spectator to mounting Hindu persecution altogether. She emphasized how incidents of cow-slaughter perturb Hindus and administration remains ever active to inhibit any anger among Hindus in this regard. Even if several luminaries in the town of Hasnabad, according to her, protested against cow-slau

Hindu Samhati observes Swami Vivekananda’s 150 th Birth Anniversary at Bagnan, Howrah

Hindu Samhati organized a convention at Bagnan in Howrah to observe 150 th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and it was joined by people from all walks of life. The pictures published here speak of their elation.   Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.