Glimpses of united Hindu resistance in mediaeval Bengal

The stupendous rise of Raja Ganesha or Raja Kans or Raja Danujamardanadeva in the politics of mediaeval Bengal (in 1415 AD) by overthrowing the Ilyas Shahi dynasty or the first independent Muslim dynasty then fragmented Islamic hegemony in the region and this was based on his vengeful or rancorous activities. His supremacy perturbed Sufi saints or Darbesh such that Sheikh Nur Qutub-ul-Alam, well-known Muslim Chisti saint, sent a letter to Ibrahim Shah Sharqi or the Sultan of Jaunpur to raid Bengal and relieve them from the rule of this Kafir or infidel. 

Raja Ganesha’s rule witnessed several ups and downs – his son was converted to Islam under compulsion and then reconverted to Hinduism. Nevertheless, with the help of other Hindu kings he formed a confederacy that posed severest challenges to the dream of establishing an Islamic empire. It is worth mentioning, Raja Ganesha assisted by other Hindu kings controlled entire Bengal even if for a brief period – remaining a dream for others in the following centuries only.    

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