Gulzar Zia, violent mob ransack Chittaranjan National Medical College in Kolkata

Traffic was thrown out of gear while law and order was shattered and police remained utterly confused, even perceived to back out – all these features resulting from a wild rampage, led by Gulzar Zia, Trinamool Councilor of Ward No. 60 under Kolkata Municipal Corporation, and his son Sabbar Alam, ruled Chittaranjan National Medical College in Kolkata on January 18 for hours. It has been learnt, Pervez Alam, inhabitant of Jannagar area in Beniapukur and also suffering from diabetes, has been undergoing medical treatment in the hospital for weeks. He was also operated recently. On Saturday, Yasmin Begum and Hena Parvin, his wife and daughter respectively, turned up in the hospital to render the midday meal. However, the scheduled time for visitors in the hospital is between 9 am and 11 am. Both of them entered after 11 am; private security guard asked them to go out and all these led to a scuffle. What followed next were wild allegations – while Yasmin and Hena held staff in the hospital as culpable, security guard and staff blamed both women for the trouble. According to police, problem started when Yasmin and Hena tried to enter without accredited visiting cards.

Within a few minutes, a large mob from the neighborhood and led by Gulzar Zia, Sabbar Alam went on a rampage and also ransacked the hospital. A police outpost was also plundered by the violent mob. It is alleged, some troublers even attempted to molest policewomen.  Police also struck back and took four offenders into custody. But they were freed on bail soon due to pressure of Gulzar Zia and his followers.
Relatives and neighbors of Pervez Alam blocked CIT Road for hours as a mark of protest. The blockade was lifted once protestors were assured of justice.  

Even if Sabbar Alam and his confederate Ershad were arrested on January 19 in the morning, Gulzar Zia is on the run.  

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