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Hindu women teased; Hindu properties destroyed in Bongaon

On 26 June, in the village of Bagan Gaon , P.S. Bongaon, Dist.: 24 Paraganas (North), eve-teasing of Hindu woman led to a great scuffle between Hindus and Muslims and ultimately to the destruction of Hindu properties. Except for golden jewelries, looted valuables included a machine of squeezing sugarcane (Akhmarai) and the cycle van where it was positioned . To Know More Please Read:

Fitna helps to know Islamic extremism best

Fitna was released in 2008 and even it received a wide acclamation among victims of Islamic persecutions and intellectuals (freed from decade-long obsession to speak for worldwide harmony only and not the ominous changes), there was condemnation too, especially among Islamist intellectuals and Marxist theoreticians. But their voices have also calm downed in these years, thanks to crueler (more roughshod) manifestation of global Islamic extremism and its finest depiction through Fitna, creating a spell on viewers. To Know More Please Read:

Will Muslim terrorists liable for Mumbai attacks 2008 be penalized ever?

When will terrorists linked to Mumbai attacks be finally penalized? Will it be ever? This is a grave question and nothing can be said at this juncture, if the India-Pakistan charade of Mumbai attacks is heeded. To Know More Please Read:

Can lost Hindu empires be recovered?

Hinduism is never an India-specific religion. Discovery of ancient Hindu idols in places as far as central Asia proves valiance of earlier Hindu empires. However, owing to several reasons, Hinduism got erased from most of the places which lay to the west of India . Can they be recovered yet again? To Know More Please Read:

Sachar Committee Report – political gimmick of Congress

Salman Khursheed fails to rely on it even Salman Khursheed has stated categorically “the recommendations of Sachar Committee Report are not divine like Quran; they can be wrong also and that’s why one must approach them critically” in the recent days. Not only this depicts the Cabinet Minister’s own distrust on UPA’s pet project to woo Muslims but also that the entire procedure has been a political gimmick. To Know More Please Read:

How can Islamic terrorism be checked?

The best way for non-Muslims to overwhelm worldwide Islamic terrorism is to get united and step forward to attack and punish the radical Muslims on the whole. The policy must be brawny and based on tit for tat. If Muslim terrorists kill 10 kafirs at one place, the kafirs ought to kill no less than 100 Muslims wherever in the world, and if they kill 100 people, it must be avenged by 10 times more. Such a strong and cruel procedure can stop the menace only. To Know More Please Read:

Mounting Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration – a grave concern for India

Infiltrators aren’t economic exiles India ’s position within two Islamic nations is getting unsafe ever more. Reason is simple – the two politically and administratively unstable Islamic countries are global Islamic terrorism’s mainstays. While Pakistan has been promoting terrorism from 80s in India , Bangladesh is a relatively new participant. But millions of Muslim infiltrators from it are the greatest threat to security and integrity of India . They have got to be banished to save India . To Know More Please Read:

Hindu village in Domjur in abject fear; threatened of dire consequences for its valiance

Administration remains indifferent Hindus in village Uttar Nibra Panchanantala, P.S. Domjur, Dist: Howrah in the Indian state of Bengal offered a heroic resistance against Muslim thugs (on June 22) when the incident of stabbing of Hindu youths, Malo Ram and Babla Bera, following their protest against eve-teasing of Hindu girls by Muslim thugs took place. The entire village and its neighborhood, at this point in time, are terrified and apprehending worst. To Know More Please Read:

Bangladeshi Muslim Infiltrators in Howrah posing Grave Challenge to National Security

Infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims into Indian Bengal is taking place without restraint and some of them are residing freely even in Uttar Nitra Panchanantala, P.S. Domjur, Dist: Howrah. Who has been their crony in this operation remains unknown but infiltrators are defiant enough and proudly assert that they would not go back ever. To Know More Please Read:

A True Assessment of Breaking India

Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindam Neelakandan in “Breaking India” expose three strands operating in contemporary India — Islamic radicalism, Maoist and Marxist activism, and Dravidian and Dalit identity politics — all engaged in systematically breaking up what the venerable Ram Swarup called a “shrinking and shrunken” India. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Temples in United States – best messengers of Dharma

The Woodlands temple depicts essence of Hinduism to all Commencement of The Woodlands temple in north Houston is indeed a great achievement for Hindus living in United States and also a great source of energy for them. The temple remains a precious resource for community celebrations, religious festivals and other community gatherings. But above all it caters to the needs of all the Hindus in the area, unlike older temples in Houston that concentrate on certain regional traditions. To know More Please Read: l

Noakhali Riots’ Relief Worker Reveals Untold Truth

Brutality shown in Noakhali genocide in 1946 shocked the humanity across the globe and to pacify the tension there Mahatma Gandhi along with his band of followers rushed there. The band also included Ashoka Gupta, freedom fighter and also dedicated social worker. She worked closely with Mahatma Gandhi and her life spanned massive changes in India ’s polity and women’s lives. Without a doubt her experiences expressed through the interview are historic. To Know More Please Read:

Doesn’t USA know where ISI-led Pakistan is heading?

India must get tough with Pakistan to save kith and kin ISI or Inter-Services Intelligence , Pakistan's premier intelligence agency, is known more for its enigmatic approaches and alleged role to promote Islamic terrorism across the globe than professional excellence. The world has changed a lot in the post-Laden period and even after more than a few admonitions from United States , there has been no improvement. It seems US and European countries are more interested to cajole Pakistan and to settle the problems such. But it would not help India humanly; it has to get pragmatic to secure own destiny. To Know More Please Visit:

Hindu youths stabbed for resisting Muslim rowdies’ eve-teasing of Hindu girls

Two Hindu youths, Malo Ram and Babla Bera, residing in Uttar Nibra Panchanantala, P.S. Domjur, Dist: Howrah in Indian state of Bengal , were stabbed in broad daylight only on yesterday; they had dared to protest against eve-teasing of Hindu girls by Muslim thugs. Angry locals got hold of two among four Muslim thugs and handed them over to police. Police is keeping close watch on the area. To Know More Please Read:

Bengal observes Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee’s Balidan Divas austerely

Senior Ministers garland and honor Bengal ’s savior finally Like other years, Kolkata in this year too, witnessed reverence to the divine self-sacrifice of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, on June 23. However, there has been a significant difference in this year. To observe Dr. Mookerjee’sMartyr's Day ( Balidan Divas ) austerely a program was organized by Dr.Mookerjee Smarak Samity at Keoratala Burning Ghat, Kolkata in the morning. It was graced by the ardent participation of Sri Subrata Bakshi, senior minister in the reigning Trinamool-led State Government in Bengal , and Begum Farzana Alam, Deputy Mayor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Both were witnessed to pay floral tributes and garland statue of Bharatkeshari Shyama Prasad. Several other dignitaries also embellished the occasion and these included Dilip Maharaj of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Tapan Ghosh, Amitava Ghosh, Mihir Saha. The speakers, through their speeches, highlighted the profound contribution of Dr. Mook

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee’s virile influence on Indian politics can’t be erased

Even if it may appear to be a fancy to many, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee’s role in Indian politics is still prominent and with one more flaw of India regarding Pakistan , it gets brighter. His pragmatic policies, principally regarding Pakistan , could have saved the country from an assortment of flaws. To Read More Please Visit:

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee’s divine self-sacrifice inspires Hindus

Divine self-sacrifice of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, noted educationist, political leader and above all a great patriot – defiant against anti-national forces constantly, for the cause of nation in 1953 continues to influence Indians, especially youths, still. Even if he has not been given due respect by the Indian governance for unknown reasons, Dr. Mookerjee remains one of the key leaders in India who changed history. To Know More Please Read:

Bangladesh squashes secular desires; finds solace in new pro-Islamic constitution

Awami League Government in Bangladesh , ignoring hopes of secularists of apposite restoration of Constitution of 1972 and thus strengthening chronicle of secularism in the country, has decided to retain “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” and Islam as State Religion in fresh amendment of Constitution. Pro-democracy, secularist activists, moderate Muslim population and religious minority groups are completely shattered. To Know More Please Read:

Learn how Communal and Targeted Violence Bill penalizes Hindus

It is being learnt that Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 is all set to penalize the majority Hindus once and for all. Pundits are also stating unless this bill and its implementations are brought to a close, Hindus’ fate would be sealed for the eternity. Is it true? To Learn More Please Visit:

Our Struggle – Assembly Election Results in Five States

2011 Assembly Elections in five states have been spectacular. While Congress and its cohorts have got victorious in states of West Bengal, Assam and Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry have been won by AIADMK (of Ms. Jayalalita) and a regional party respectively. BJP has been uprooted almost in states like Assam , Bengal and Kerala as Hindus here can’t depend on it as a pro-Hindu party any longer. BJP has disposed of its Hindutva identity and Hindus, undergoing struggle for existence, has comprehended it already. To Know More Please Read:

Islam has no Respect for Women

There have been long debates of women’s position in Islam but continuing and escalating atrocities on Muslim women, especially in Islamic nations like Pakistan , depict the cruel reality. Islam has no respect for women. To Know More Please Read:

Muslims occupying canals forcibly, uprooting Hindus

Forcible occupation of sides of canals in South Bengal by Muslims is becoming a common issue and the local administration comprising police and political parties is remaining silent. This is stimulating Muslim cronies to go on with their activities without restraint and Hindus are becoming worst victims of this, it is needless to say. To Know More Please Read:

Get conscious of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act of 1951 allow State Governments and politicians to absorb thousands of Hindus Temples and maintain complete control over them and their properties. Hindus are getting ruined as a result. To Know More Please Read:

Think twice before courting a Muslim – it destroys a Hindu life only

Courtship between Hindus and Muslims are getting common ever more these days. And Hindus are terming this as basis of advancement to a new era, full of solidarity and enabling every individual to excel in own life. Muslims, aware of hidden agenda to advance Islam thus, are not as enthusiastic as Hindus. Marriage to any Muslim is nothing other than synonymous to death for any Hindu. Whether it is Mustakin or Rasheed or even Amina, each one is ready to marry Hindu only to convert him or her to Islam. And if they fail, Hindus are either killed mercilessly or are sold. To Read More Please Visit:

Holocaust Museum stops Hindu detractors

Hindu holocausts by Islamic zealots, for more than a millennium, have been a highly debated issue, even if there is no uncertainty. If the numbers of vandalized temples are simply counted from the fall of King Dahir of Sindh in 712 AD till now, one may get dumbstruck. Whatever it is, there has been never been any lack of enthusiasm among Marxist and Islamic scholars and historians to prove this as a humungous tall tale. Holocaust Museum is a great answer to these pernicious activities going for centuries. To Read More Please Visit:

Arrested Hindus in Bongaon released finally

24 Hindu males arrested, to be precise falsely incriminated, recently as a result of fracas in Ramchandrapur, Dist: 24 Paraganas (North), P.S. Bongaon (reported already at length here) have finally been released on bail. Hopes are rising that other accused ones will also be set free before long. To Know More Please Read:

Anti-Hindu barons in India getting powerful more and more

What’s the secret? It’s no longer a secret that anti-Hindu forces are getting strong in India with time while common Hindus are either already at the receiving end or are becoming easy prey to State’s vindictive attitudes. Without doubt, Gandhi brigade, especially the existing ones, play a major role in this case and surely this audacity emanates from their uncanny resources. To Read More Please Visit:

Human Rights of Hindu women ruined in Bengal, unmistakably, increasingly

Ashtami Ray, pregnant lady and also inhabitant of villageRamchandrapur, P.S. Bongaon, Dist: 24 Paraganas (North) is the latest victim of Hindu human rights violations in Bengal . Her husband Amit Ray, in spite of being an innocent individual, was beaten mercilessly by police personnel, dragged to the police van, on June 03, 2011 and is languishing in jail still. An assortment of meticulous investigations subsequently has discerned that the reigning administration is considering Hindus, across Bengal , as greatest adversary and how harrowing the situation for Hindus is. To Read More Please Visit:

Swami Nigamananda’s valorous struggle manifests warrior-saint spirit

Swami Nigamananda Saraswati had been fasting for four months at a stretch to save river Ganga and finally died at around 2 pm on June 13, 2011 at Jolly Grant Himalayan Institute Hospital in Dehradun. The 34-year-old Swami had been fasting for 115 days in Haridwar. To Read More Please Visit:

Is Bangladesh safer for Hindus than Indian Bengal?

Bongaon episode indicates it Ramchandrapur village, located in Dist: 24 Paraganas (North) and under P.S. Bongaon, in the Indian state of West Bengal became the centre of attention recently owing to a horrendous incident; attempt to rape a Hindu housewife by a Muslim miscreant of the neighboring village of Bhire and the subsequent developments including tortures on protesting Hindus and their arrests. To Read More Please Visit:

Know Bengali Hindus – they sacrifice all to retain Dharma

Bengali Hindus have been suffering immensely for ages. They have become refugees, turned into mere rubbles in streets; their properties in Bangladesh (former East Pakistan ) have been taken away forcibly and surely there has been never been any dearth of Hindu genocides on the other side of the border. In India too, Bengali Hindus have never got any fair treatment and a substantial portion of the community is still known as refugees. They are struggling day in and day out to have citizenship in India . However, despite all these, Bengali Hindus have never surrendered to Islamic atrocities. They are never ready to sacrifice Dharma. To Read More Please Visit:

Hindus must challenge Islamic brutality

Islamic aggression in India has been victorious for only one factor – wrong interpretations of ancient Dharmic scriptures. This erroneous deed has been strengthened by principles of non-violence and mounting reluctance among Hindus of hard and critical issues. To be precise, feminine Hinduism is calling the shots but it has got to be replaced by masculine Hinduism. This is the one and only way left for Hindus to regenerate yet again. To Read More Please Visit:

Casteism among Hindus ceases to exist

Whenever there is any talk regarding Hindu society, the first and foremost issue arresting us is VarnaShrama, seen as basics behind the promotion of alleged inhuman caste-system among Hindus. However, it’s no longer a secret that such procedure exists among so-called socialistic religions like Christianity and Islam too. Nevertheless, recent studies, under eminent researchers and organizations, depict Brahmins no longer enjoy any predominant position but have turned into ruined entity. Casteism has lost its essence, hence. To know more please visit:

Beware Hindu girls

Your boyfriend may be a sham Hindu Tara Sardar, daughter of Tapan Sardar, is a minor girl of 16 years and was abducted by her Muslim boyfriend, pretending to be a Hindu. She was thoroughly deceived by Hasem Mollah, a Muslim lad of 22 years, pretending to be an ideal Hindu (soft-spoken and gentle too) from the very beginning of the courtship. She fell in his love as a result and was abducted on June 09, 2011. Hasem Mollah, shamming to be a Hindu still, married her conforming to all Hindu religious rituals, essential for an ideal Vedic marriage. To Know More Please Visit:

Hindu Bagdis in Baruipur battered cruelly for supporting CPM

The changed political scenario in Indian state of Bengal is witnessing lots these days. Despite assurances being given by Trinamool Supremo, CPM workers are being thrashed and Hindu CPM workers have become the real target of mounting Islamic fundamentalism. Fate of Hindu Bagdis, innocent in all respects, portrays the same. To Read More Please Visit:

Is Christian evangelism backing anti-Ramdev crusade?

What makes Central Government of India deal with Ramdev episode so harshly? To Read More Please Visit:

Frenzied Muslims make brutal attacks on Hindus in Asansol to stop temple construction

Construction of temples has been the greatest aspect of Hindus, despite Islamic assaults and wrath of alleged secularists. But it has come under threat in Bengal and the fresh incident in Asansol, depicting Muslims’ frantic bid to stop temple construction, is the best revelation of Islamic fundamentalism hitherto. The attack was a part of slanderous campaigns of Muslims (for years) to take over a land containing temple, known as mainstay of local Hindu population, in the vicinity. To know more please read:

Draconic Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 all set to seal fate of Hindus for eternity

Lots of talks have taken place regarding Nehru’s vindictive attitudes and intents to harm Hindus once and for all. But the proposed Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011, waiting for authorization only, will inflict sharpest blow on Hindus forever. The draconian law has been designed only to exterminate Hindu interest and above all, Hindu psyche encouraging mounting Hindu movements across India to strike back aggressions. To Read More Please Visit:

Is Pakistan fortifying anti-India alliance through sending ancient relics to Sri Lanka?

Had Pakistan sent most sanctified relics of Lord Buddha to Sri Lanka motivated by humanity, it would have been best. But this can’t be and none can believe Pakistan , known for its duplicity and covert and overt support to Islamic terrorism worldwide. Perhaps, through sending relics Pakistan is trying to fortify its desire for regional dominance and bid to encircle India . To Read More Please Visit:

Is India serious to end illegal Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh?

Illegal Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh to India has been a major concern for the Indian governance and unless apposite measures are adopted to call this bane a halt straight away, Indians will have to lament only. To Read More Please Visit:

Pakistanis consider rapid Islamization of society most effective

Pakistanis, reports suggest, are considering rapid Islamization of society as the best way to counter international propaganda machinery against it and also to build up a noble future. What the consequence would be is hard to predict but it would lead the country to reach its bottom, undoubtedly . To Read More Please Visit:

Ghastly attempt to rape Hindu housewife in Bengal

This time it’s an attempt to rape and at other times it’s rape altogether. Whatever it is, Hindu women remain softest targets of Islamic supremacists round the clock. How can they be saved? The Hindu society must rise to protest, as in this case of Shefali Tarafdar, and create serious efforts to make local administration hear their woes. Or else similar forms of heinous attacks of Muslims will go on. To Read More Please Visit:

Two grand personalities meet again

In spite of spectacular developments in the sphere of technology, advent of fresh technological gizmos, books remain something special for people at large. And if the book is beautifully composed, focuses on two great Indian personalities whose works spanned almost the same period, it becomes par excellence. “ Mahamana and Mahatma” by S. Somadkandan and Rama Venkataraman is of this genre. To Read More Please Visit:

Can United States end up Islamic terrorism after Laden?

It’s simply not possible for United States and its cohorts to stamp down worldwide Islamic terrorism. What makes them read the nasty design faultily is their own ignorance of Islam, its first and foremost aim and the procedures adopted in any age to attain the objective. They must read the whole and do not depend on muscle-flexing only. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Secular Mamata making great efforts to better Muslims in Bengal

Hindus continue to remain non-entity Whoever may acquire and sustain power in Bengal , Muslims become most fortunate and also beneficiaries. This is no longer a tradition just but has become a ritual on the whole. Mamata Banerjee’s efforts to better conditions of Muslims is therefore not anything splendid but rises from the primitive desire to survive always. Muslims en masse have become her greatest supporter, flagbearer. Hence, it is her duty to honor them. What’s of Hindus? Like Islamic supremacists, they are dubbed as slaves by political parties too. To Read Full Report Please Read: