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Hindus stop construction of illegal mosque in Kolkata Leather Complex

Gangapur, a village alongside the famed Kolkata Leather Complex under the jurisdiction of the Kolkata Leather Complex Police Station within 24 Paraganas (South) district, remained witness to a communal fracas on December 24, 2013 due to bids of fortifying an illegal mosque in the environs. It has been learnt, a few people (belonging to Muslim community) appeared in the land sharing an ancient temple of Banadevi surprisingly and without consulting anyone, they commenced to build up a new structure – later found as an illicit mosque. The news was enough to both unnerve and enrage local Hindus as they knew that they would have to pay a high price for this ultimately. It is worth mentioning, the ancient temple exists within 100 meters of the disputed and illegal structure; Hindus worship at the temple regularly and the Banadevi fair is also organized there annually.  As a result, the effort behind this new mosque was deemed as evil by local Hindus. They also realized that completion

Uttar Pradesh becomes perfect secular through new Muslim DGP

What is the best way to woo Muslims and get identified as a true secular in a state like Uttar Pradesh? There are, indeed, various ways but to get back Muslim support, especially after vicious Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013, the best way is to assign a Muslim police official or administrator to the topmost post of the state administration. And the Akhilesh Yadav government has followed this route by naming Rizwan Ahmed as the first Muslim Director General Police of the state. Despite the fact that the riot despoiled both Hindu and Muslim communities simultaneously, weird secularism prevailing India opts for designating a Muslim police official only. In this case, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Samajwadi Party supremo,  call the shots finally.     The report on also states that “ Evidently, Mulayam’s Final Decision Is Understood To Have Been Influenced By His Desperation To Woo Back Muslims, Who Were Appearing To Be Terribly Disillusioned With The Ruling SP Because Of The Gove

Shahriar Kabir’s documentary evidences truest, cruelest nature of Islamic fundamentalism

“The Ultimate Jihad” – latest documentary of Shahriar Kabir, noted journalist, filmmaker, human rights activist from Bangladesh and also leader of anti-fundamentalism struggle, has evoked a good response from the audience in Kolkata who witnessed it on Saturday, December 21. Terming the rough treatment of Debjani Khobragade, Indian diplomat stationed in the United States, of late by the indigenous governance there as a novel American endeavor to caution India, Shahriar Kabir stated that it was the fallout of a bitter disagreement between India and United States over the nature of Islamic fundamentalism in the Indian subcontinent. United States is making all efforts to strengthen Jamaat as the spokesperson of “soft religious bigotry” against the all-encompassing fundamentalism championed by Talibans – a notion refuted by India, known to bear burnt of Islamic terrorist attacks always.  To Know More Please Read:

Middle-aged Hindu housewife raped in Hariharpara, Murshidabad

Now it’s the time for the district of Murshidabad to witness another spate of rape; a middle-aged Hindu housewife has been raped within an ambulance by its driver. The gruesome incident took place in the dead of night on December 27, 2013 at the field of Benepura under the jurisdiction of the police station of Hariharpara in the district of Murshidabad. It has come to knowledge, the victim or middle-aged housewife lives in the village of Choana and her daughter Mrs. Ruma Sarkar was shifted to Hariharpara Block Health Center owing to acute labor pain on last Friday. Ruma was not alone; she was joined by her mother to the local hospital in an ambulance driven by Habib Sheikh. The admission took hours scaring Ruma’s mother a lot as she had no option except to return to her own residence in Choana.  However, Habib assured that he would personally escort her to the residence. But (while returning) the ambulance was driven to Benepura through Swaruppur; the vehicle reached the field of

Sandeshkhali : Hindu Arrested for Hosting Hindu Samhati Meeting; Women Lathicharged for Protesting Arrest !

December, 2013 District: North 24 Parganas; Police Station: Sandeshkhali; Village: Mekuakhali Bhuiyanpara . In the middle of 2013, several Hindu members of the infamous Sandeshkhali area don Shahjahan Sheikh's gang deserted him. Reason ?  Amiya Bhuiyan and his friends left the criminal group as they grew unhappy with the persecution meted out to Hindus in the locality.  Recently, only Hindus and Hindu owned businesses were being targeted exclusively by Sheikh. As an example, his men would poison and destroy Hindu owned fish ponds, terrorize the Hindu owners, chase them out, and then sell only to Muslims. Therefore, the Hindu gang members felt that the Muslim gangster was disenfranchising Hindus only, and benefiting the Muslims in the area, and not religiously neutral, and this led to an exodus by Hindus from the group. . On 16th December 2013, a Hindu Samhati team visited Mekuakhali Bhuiyanpara village accompanied by Dilip Mehta, Hindu activist and leader of Hindu Mahasa

Hindu Samhati – to celebrate 150 th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Pakistan's State of Denial

Whatever may be the intensity of atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistani Army and governance on Bengalis in 1971 at East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), Pakistani polity remains unapologetic yet and it was found best when the National Assembly in Pakistan passed a resolution condemning the hanging of Abdul Quader Molla (or the Butcher of Mirpur), tried, sentenced to death by the International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh and hence executed. The grief in the Islamic world following the hanging remains unique – while Chaudhury Nisar Ali Khan (current Interior Minister in Pakistan) termed the execution of this infamous leader of Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh as a “judicial murder”, Imran Khan, globally acclaimed cricketer and also chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) , called M olla as innocent and charges against him as fabricated. Other Islamic institutions are not lagging as well. Muslim Council of Britain termed the entire development as "a sad day for Bangladesh and sa

Has the last phase of racial extermination of Hindus in Bangladesh begun?

The political impasse in Bangladesh is worsening with each hour it passes and the trigger-happy reaction of Jamaat and its Islamist accomplices following Qader Mullah’s execution is virtually holding the entire country to ransom. Exploiting the apparent political indisposition of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (known for hobnobbing with radical and pro-Pakistan Islamic groups in the country recurrently), Islamists are leaving no stone unturned to turn the entire country to a complete hell, as per fresh reports that are coming in. While Awami League workers are also being attacked by Jamaat and Islai Chatrashibir cadres, religious minority communities, especially Hindus, remain their first and foremost target. The statement of Makbul Ahmed, well-known leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, is worth mentioning in this context. In a press statement issued on late Thursday he stated "people would take revenge on this killing by establishing Islam in Bangladesh, which is stained with the blood o

Hindu Samhati’s Protest March against Hindu Persecution in Bangladesh unfolds a new chapter of Struggle

Unfolding a new chapter in the history of West Bengal, Hindu Samhati, to express its abhorrence against the ongoing Hindu persecution in Bangladesh and also to convey its solidarity to minority Hindus there, brought out a massive protest march in the town of Bangaon in North 24 Paraganas district, on December 10, 2013. The demonstration which commenced its headway from Batar More (crossing) in the noon was joined by Hindus in throngs and while the march went on, hundreds of Hindus were witnessed (on both sides of the thoroughfare) to cheer it. Some were even found to term Hindu Samhati’s endeavor as opportune and as the only way to make the nonchalant, obtuse Indian governance conscious of the cruel reality on the other side of the border and how any more silence may destabilize the integrity and also economy of India.  It is worth to mention, hundreds of Hindu families, as per fresh reports, have already entered the Indian mainland for security following the violent clashes back hom

Minority people are diminishing in Bangladesh

The number of minority people in Bangladesh is declining fast and as per the census in 2011, the number of Hindus has decreased by 24%. Officials of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics stated (on condition of anonymity), the number of Hindus may decline more in the next census. If facts of census are analyzed, in 1901 Hindus comprised 33% of the entire population in the territory shaping contemporary Bangladesh. The first census of independent Bangladesh in 1971 revealed that Hindus represented 13% of the entire populace and by 2001 it came down to 9.3%. However, at the same time, there has not been significant reduction of Buddhists, Christians and other religious minority groups. On the other hand, the number of Muslims has increased exponentially. To Know More Please Read:   Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both govern

Hindu Shrine attacked in Gagrabari, S 24 Parganas; police arrests the victim along with the aggressors

If you thought Tarapith was the only place which came under jihadi attack today, think again. Be it popular Hindu religious places like Tarapith in the district of Birbhum or the remote village of Gagrabari under Kanthalberia panchayat in South 24 Parganas district, Hindus are often at the receiving end Relentless attacks in West Bengal. There used to be a Hindu temple consecrated to Sheetala Mata deity in Gagrabari village of Basanti police station. As the property of the temple was being encroached upon by local Muslims, apprehensive Hindus put a fence around the area. On 27th November, a Muslim named Hamid Poddar trespassed into the area of the temple and started making haystacks along with his sons and other members of his community.  Hindus vehemently opposed their actions and asked them to leave the premises at once but Hamid Poddar and his sons Monirul Sardar and Nazir Sardar not only refused to leave quietly but attacked the Hindu protesters accompanied by Nabir Ali Sarda

Tarapith – no more in safe custody

As per reports to the news desk of Hindu Samhati, serious clashes broke out between Hindus and Muslims at Tarapith in Birbhum, renowned Hindu pilgrimage across the globe, on 27 th November. Reportedly, the scuffle initiated once a few Muslim youths living in neighboring Fulir Gaon tried to disrupt the traditional Kartick Puja held behind the Tarapith temple at this time every year.   To stave off any further deterioration, organizers of the Puja along with others built up a firm resistance. However, it turned to be abortive ultimately as the Muslim youths retreated to their own village of Fakirpara but they came back soon and with more street fighters. The hotspot calmed down due to the efforts of local police and to prevent any such development again, a large contingent of police personnel was deployed.  Mutual distrust and simmering tension prevail the environs.   Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both gov

Communal hostility over fishery in Sandeshkhali, woman assaulted but saved by heroic efforts of husband

Achintya Bhowmik and his wife Sujata Bhowmik own a fishery conjointly in the village of Bermojur Hatkhola under the jurisdiction of Sandeshkhali police station in the district of South 24 Paraganas and the couple is known as amiable in the environs. However, both their amiability and economic strength became eyesore to a few local gangsters and with the end to seize the entire property from the couple, the same felons attacked the fishery at 2 am on November 5, 2013. It has been learnt, culprits including Hasanur Ghazi (son of Kousar Ghazi), Motalef Ghazi (son of Jubbar Ghazi), Rezaul Ghazai (son of Rezzaq Ghazi), Habibullla Sheikh (son of Kasem Sheikh), Salauddin Ghazi (son of Yakub Ghazi living in Bermojur Madrasapur) entered the tract silently first and asked Achintya to come out from the makeshift room used by the couple to guard the piscary.  Terming them as petty businessman, Sujata asked them to collect fish and go away. But Hasanur was not in a mood to be cowed and hence, he

Bangladesh : Genocide Now, Taliban Soon  ========================= Bangladesh is on the road to becoming another Afghanistan, fulfilling the clearly stated desires of jihadists and fundamentalists, according to Bangladeshis who have fled the ir homeland. ------------------------------------------------- Imams describe women as filth and demand that they cover themselves. They accuse exploited female garment workers of prostitution when they are forced to work late into the night to earn a living. Schoolchildren have to dress in Islamic garb, even if they are not Muslims. Workers are discriminated against if they are other than Muslim. Land grabs by Muslims of property owned by minorities occur all the time -- with impunity. Atheist bloggers are beaten and even killed for "insulting Islam," and all this under the supposedly secular Awami League administration. The Hindu empire once stretched from Afghanistan to Indonesia, before the Muslim invasions whittled it down. According to

Nisha Hari goes missing with Mohammed Imran without knowledge of her parents in Hatiara, Kolkata

Nisha Hari is 16 years’ old daughter of Jitendra Hari and a student of Ananda Sundari Vidyalaya at Deshbandhunagar in Baguiati. She is a resident of Dakshin Math Subhaspalli in Hatiara under the jurisdiction of New Town police station in North 24 Parganas and is known as a modest girl in the vicinity. She went to the school on 8 th   October and had not returned to her home. The worried family was aghast over the absence of their daughter but left no stone unturned searching for her in all directions but no success has been attained. It has been learnt after lots of inquiries that Nisha has purportedly eloped with Mohammed Imran who is middle-aged and also the father of two children. Imran is the son of Mohammed Islam and living in Hatiara Ghuni and is a cab driver by profession. Local people consider Imran to be highly proficient in enticing girls and exploiting them thereafter. It appears that Nisha is his latest victim.  Albeit Nisha’s father went to the police station of Baguiati

Minor girl goes missing from Shantipur, Nadia, FIR filed against suspect Shoaib Ali

Kaberi Kundu, 16-year old student of Saratkumar High School and living in Ward number 11 of Dokantala Shantipur under the jurisdiction of police station of Shantipur in the district of Nadia went missing on 24 th October and she has not returned to her residence yet. It has come to knowledge, Kaberi went to private tuition at 7 am on the same day and was kidnapped midway by Shoaib Ali. Shoaib is of 30 years old; he is the son of late Shamser Ali and lives in Ward number 12 within Durgatala Shantipur under the jurisdiction of same police station. Kaberi’s father and relatives lodged a general diary number 1293 on 24 th October but searching for her went on for the next three days. Once complicity of Shoaib Ali in the case was confirmed, the aghast family filed a First Information Report against him in the Shantipur police station on October 27 – First Information Report number 646/13 dated 27.10.2013. Kaberi’s father received phone calls on both 28 th and 29 th October from a pers

"SHUBHA DEEPAWALI" --- Deepawali Message From Tapan Ghosh To All Brothers And Sisters Across The Hindu Diaspora

"Every Hindu Must Take an Oath on This Sacred Occasion to Fight Against The Asuras (Jehadi Demons) of Today." ..   Tapan Ghosh ... , President of Hindu Samhati       --FULL MESSAGE BELOW-- SHUBHA DEEPAWALI !!! On the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, celebrating the home coming of Sri Ram and the slaying of the demon Narakasura by Sri Krishna, I convey my best wishes to all on behalf of Hindu Samhati. On this hallowed occasion marking the TRIUMPH of Sacred over Evil, I have but one Prayer. I pray that all Hindus whose forefathers have been driven out of their homes by the Islamic aggressors from Afghanistan to Bangladesh, Kashmir to Assam or from any other part of Akhand Bharat, observe this day by taking a vow. Let us solemnly resolve that one day they will return to their ancestral home after defeating the Jihadi Ravanas of Kali Yuga - just like Sri Ram eliminated Ravan of Treta Yug and just like Sri Krishna eliminated the demon Narakasura of Dwapar Y

Hindus waging desperate struggles in Basanti, Sandeshkhali

The following is a heartrending narrative of the condition of Hindus inhabiting No. 7, No. 9, No. 10 and No. 11 Kumrakhali villages under the jurisdiction of police station of Basanti in South 24 Paraganas district. The fierce disorder now prevailing in these villages commenced on October 16 on the day of Bakri Id/Eid ul-Adha when a handful of Muslim youths forcefully closed down shops in Rampur Bazar under the authority of police station of Sandeshkhali. As the majority of shops there are owned by Hindus such an abrupt diktat angered them a lot. While they tried their best to convince the Muslim youths of the problems of shutting down shops and the consequent financial losses, nothing could be achieved. Meanwhile, the tension reached Sanfuipara in No. 9 Kumrakhali village and an altercation ensued between the Hindu and Muslim youths. The situation could have been checked but the attack on local and venerated Panchanan Thakur temple spoiled the remaining chances. Hindus reacted stro

Durga puja pandals in Narkeldanga face communal threat; deities destroyed and pandal pillaged

An altercation on a minor issue soon turned ugly on the day of  Maha Saptami  , 10 th  October, in Narkeldanga area of Kolkata. It started when a few Muslim youths approached the Milan Sangha puja committee at Narkeldanga main road and instructed the members to stop the microphone during their ensuing namaaz.  Their posture and demeanour was unusually aggressive, which infuriated the members. The matter aggravated further when a police sergeant forcefully stopped the microphone; very soon the defiant members of puja committee turned it back on and continued to telecast the mangala stotram. As the time of namaaz was drawing nearer, Muslims youths went to the Narkeldanga mosque but after an hour they were found to approach Milan Sangha puja committee once more. The same group was joined now by a large number of Muslim youths armed with weapons including sticks, swords and daggers. Very soon they began to pillage the puja pandal. While the deity was stoned, the priest suffered severe in

Police fails to arrest Mohammed Allatali Gayen of Rajbari Purbapara, Sandeskhali, after failed sexual assault bid

The savage bid of Mohammed Allatali Gayen to molest Joba Mandal, wife of Sishukumar Mandal, has lead to deep resentment among their neighborhood. The victim is 30 years old and resident of Rajbari Purbapara under the jurisdiction of Sandeshkhali police station in the district of South 24 Paraganas. And the persistent unwillingness of police to initially register the couple’s complaint against the culprit has intensified the anger. Sishukumar is a vendor by profession. On 25th September, Sishukumar returned to his residence from local crematorium after   midnight . Because of strong emotional tussle after cremating a close relative along with the hard labor that comes with his job, he got asleep soon. Abiding by the Hindu custom, he was in veranda while Joba was inside. At around   1.30 am , Mohammed Allatali Gayen who is son of Kouhar Gayen and infamous for his licentious conducts, entered Shishukumar’s residence in search of Joba. But once he tried to cross Sishukumar, the later gra

Another love jihad turns nightmare as victim returns to parents home bruised, beaten and tortured in Gazole, Malda

Baby Debnath, 29 years old lady and daughter of late Haren Chandra Debnath, is a resident of Arjunpur village under the jurisdiction of police station of Gazole in Malda district. The following is a harrowing tale of an innocent girl who has joined the bandwagon of unfortunate girls betrayed by the saga of love jihad. According to her own testimony, Mahbul Alam, son of Habiruddin Sarkar inhabiting the same village, promised her a job seven years back from today. Under his sway she went to several places under one false pretext or the other. She was also compelled to gratify his carnal desires that led to her pregnancy. When Baby confronted her with her situation, Mahbul assured to marry her and also to let her follow religion. Within the next few days, a nikahnama (Islamic marriage) took place where her name was changed to Baby Sultana without her own knowledge! But when she gave birth to a girl child dashing Mahbul’s hopes for a son, life quickly turned into a hell for her. Mahb

Innocent auto-rickshaw driver almost lynched in Bagda

On 19th September at around   11.30 p m , Makhan Sarkar (age 47), resident of Amdoba village under the jurisdiction of Bagda police station in the district of 24 Paraganas (North) was returning from nearby Helenchbazar in his own auto rickshaw. Makhan had gone to the market to listen to   Baul   or folk songs that are characteristic of rural Bengal. He was driving fast but midway at Malipota in Dhutraberia, he was stopped by 4 persons who happened to be his next-door neighbours. After Makhan asked them about the reason for stopping his vehicle, all of them pounced down on Makhan as if to kill him. The assailants were Banki Billa Mandal, son of Kousher Ali Mandal, Samsuddin Mandal, son of Rezzaq Mandal, Mafizul Mullah, son of Syed Ali Mullah, Ramjan Ali Mir, son of Moniruddin Mir. It has been learnt later on that the attack was neither a spontaneous act of any provocation nor an attempt to rob Makhan but a carefully executed plan to murder him and seize his auto rickshaw.   With this