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Joynagar - Muslims Demolish Hindu Furniture Shop; Other Hindu Businesses

Event: January 20th, 2011 in P.O: JoyNagar during the Hindu Festival of the famed Sankranti fair in the neighborhood. The concerned Muslim individual bought a few furniture from a Hindu shop. However, the buyer was not happy and accused the seller for selling those at higher prices. ..... The Muslim buyer withdrew himself from the spot but came back soon with a contingent of at least 400 Muslim activists brandishing lethal and illegal weapons. What happened afterwards was beyond imagination. The whole furniture shop was destroyed within minutes along with a few neighboring Hindu shops. To Read the Full Report, Please Visit the Following Link

Muslim School Principal Turns Out to be a Islamic gang Leader

Pichakhali is a small isolated village in PS: Kultali. But the same village has turned into a major witness to atrocities of Muslim activists in recent days. On 10th July, 2010 a gang of Islamists masking themselves under black clothing and lungi entered the village in night and taking advantage of darkness in the vicinity got into multiple Hindu houses. ..... Well, they were not alone and were heavily armed with sharp weapons, a DCM automobile, which was never stopped. ..... It was followed by the arrival of Jehangir Alam, principal of the local school, and his Muslim gang. ..... As a result of all these, Hindus have already started to flee; some others are remaining in the village during the day but not in the night. Please Visit the Following Link to Read the Full Report:

No Indian Law For Hindu Girl Namita

There is no end to the mounting Islamic violence against Hindu women in the Indian state of West Bengal. .... What can absence of Hindu prowess lead to is best ascertained from the episode of Namita Ojha. Namita is the wife of Eka Ojha and also an inhabitant of Ojha Para in Village Kumar Khali No. 7, under P.S.: Basanti and became a victim of molestation by a Muslim activist in the last October. .....All Namita tried to do was to prevent him from continuing the same activity. In return, the Muslim individual called her names, threatened to slit her throat with Hansua (a rural knife-like weapon) and even thrashed her with full force. ..... ..... What is more striking, owing to political pressures from the Islamic clergy, P.S.: Basanti is yet to have any F.I.R. in this context. Please Read the Full Report at Following Link;

Bajrangbali Banned in Bengal.....The Saga Continues

Hindu Samhati Reported This Event After Appeal From The Victims a Few Months Ago. Our reporter went back to Chingripota village to find the Hindu family still languishing under extreme Muslim threats in Budge Budge ..... One of the increasing numbers of victims in West Bengal has been Prashanta Das and his family, inhabitants of ChingriPota in Budge Budge, close to the metropolis of Kolkata. The neighboring Muslims started creating problems, in the beginning, regarding the murthi of Bajrang Bali, positioned on the front gate of Das family’s residence. As per Muslims, the presence of the same was enough to impede their religious activity and un-Islamic as well. Maybe the altercation between the two sides could have ended here, had not the local police started backing up Muslims on the whole. ..... ..... Police urged the Das family either to take the murthi away or to change its direction without delay. It is worthwhile to mention that the mosque is also placed illegitimately. To be prec

Muslims Attempt to Defile Hindu Temple, But Hindus Resist and Unite in Joynagar

Summary: Muslims Try to Defile sanctity of Hindu Temple by Placing Beef in it. The Unified Resistance of Hindus Counters the Designs of the Fanatics. If the basic intention remains to defame one individual or the feelings of a particular community, there can’t be dearth of strategies and their precise implementations. You don’t have to go through scores of books in the local library or newspapers to find out any such instance. It happened only a few days back in the village Badyir Chawlk, PS: Joynagar, in West Bengal. On 17th November 2010, Muslims forcefully placed a quantity of beef in the Devi Manasha temple in the evening. To Read the Full Report, Please Visit:

Hindus Submit F.I.R. at Minakhan Police Station

To The Officer in Charge. Minakhan Police Station North 24 Parganas West Bengal, India Sir, It is our humble submission that on 14th November 2010, Sunday the Jagaddhatri Puja was in full swing and completely peacefull. But around 11.00 pm, with the intention to trouble the serene event only, Raqibul Gain, son of Majed Gain, chief of Minakhan Panchayat, son of Jainal Mollah, inhabitant of Sang-MathBari, molested the girls and then pelted stones at the main rostrum. When the club members raised protests, the assaulters said, “We would burn up the canopy (pandal in Bengali) and also the murthi made of clay” and fled from the area for the time being. Only after half an hour, chief of Minakhan Panchayat along with his son and other prominent persons of the neighborhood entered into a meeting with the Puja Committee to find out a solution to the entire problem and under the aegis of the participants a solution was attained. Nevertheless, only after two days, on 16th November 2010, Tuesd

Mayapur Pilgrims Looted by Muslim Gangs

Is Mounting Criminal Activity in Mayapur Part of a Greater Conspiracy? It may appear to be strange to many but in reality, more with the passage of days, Mayapur, considered as one of the holiest cities in the Hindu tradition, is becoming a den of Islamic criminal activities more and more. Only on Jan 2nd, 2011, 7-8 tourist buses, moving towards ISKCON temple, became subject to lootings and all forms of pillages, at Jangal More of PS: Dhubulia, led by a band of Muslim armed robbers. Even the small cars were not spared and as per latest information, a good amount of money (amounting to a few lakhs), gold jewelries and 20 cell phones were looted. The extensive plundering took place from 1.30 am to 3.30 am devoid of any resistance and the passengers were also beaten mercilessly ..... The city is the global headquarter of ISKCON and is also the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Millions of pilgrims visit the city every year. ..... ..... Muslim activists in Nadia backed by Islamist religi

Hindu Samhati Salutes Swami Vivekananda, the Revolutionary Sannayasi on His Birth Anniversary

On 12th January 2010, Hindu Samhati Salutes the Great Hindu Reformer and Leader, Swami Vivekananda on His Birth Anniversary. Our organization is inspired and enthused by Swamiji's vision of Equality and Love for All. This is a small biography of this great figure of Indian History. The origin of Hindu Dharma remains a mystery but in all these years tens of thousands of Sannayasi (sages) and philosophers have come to the fore and explained the Dharma in an assortment of forms. But among all these people Swami Vivekananda remains distinctive thanks to his vigor, knowledge and radical frame of mind. How was he introduced to all these? Born as Narendranath Dutta on January 12, 1863, the young Swami Vivekananda had a great interest in religious aspects and his thirst for spiritual knowledge and to know the reality led to his introduction to Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, one of the greatest religious mystics in the 19 th century India. With the passage of time young Narendranath

Malancha Finally Salutes Hindu Resurgence

The triumph of unified resistance of Hindus at Malancha, under Minakha P.S. in Basirhat sub division of North 24 Parganas district has been one of the most decisive developments in the movement to set up Hindu sense of worth in the realm of the Indian state of West Bengal. It has also been found to invigorate Hindu youngsters in the pertinent locale, thinking otherwise (even in the recent past) getting trounced in the hands of communal Islamic activists a common feature. The changed disposition and approach both within the local administration and Muslims does prove that the flare up among Hindus has been too hard for them to digest. This is proved best from the meeting happening on year-end 2010 at Malancha to set up and retain harmony in the local surroundings and joined by representatives of all leading political parties, under the aegis of the administration. Hindu Samhati was also invited to take part in the aforesaid meeting and the organization became involved in it through P

Deganga 2010 : Islamists' Gift to Democratic India

The destruction created by the Islamist nexus of West Bengal was far more profound than what has been seen in the last sixty years in the state. The obvious intention was to intimidate the Hindu population to evacuate the area without physically killing a single Hindu. Millions of Dollars of Hindu owned properties were destroyed, temples were desecrated, and just as in the case of Kashmir, Hindus were asked to leave the 'land of TituMir' Noted scoial activist Debajyoti Roy toured the Deganga area in September of 2010. We are providing this translation for readers to understand the long range damage to the Hindu psyche that Deganga 2010 may create. by Debajyoti Roy A leaflet distributed by the Muslim League in 1946 stated: “Muslims must remember that it was only a Ramadan month when Quran was written. It was only a Ramadan month when Khudah permitted us to perform jihad. The battle of Badar which the great prophet fought along with only 313 Muslims was won in the month of Ramad

Minakha Hindus Succeed in Countering ILL-Designs of Islamist Fanatics

If Hindus Struggle, They Will Emerge Victorious It is proved again that Hindus, if they are determined and vigorous, can defeat any Muslim onslaught and Malancha, under Minakha Police Station in Basirhat sub division of North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal shows the way. The problem started on 14th November 2010 at 11.00 pm with the verbal assault and eve-teasing of Hindu girls by Rajibul Gayen, son of Head of Minakha Village Panchyat, and his few other accomplices, at the function organized by the local club – Milan Sangha on the occasion of Jagaddhatri Puja (a Hindu religious festival). .... ..... A group of Muslim activists appeared in the scenario soon and attacked the Hindu Puja altar devoid of any provocation. But, contrary to their beliefs, they had to retreat and get thrashed owing to the fierce resistance of the Hindus. To View the Full Report, Please Read The Following Link:

Hindus in Katwa Submitted Mass Petition to Governernment Before Eid

To Sub Divisional Officer, Katwa, Burdwan (Dist.), West Bengal Sub: Petition against design to frustrate communal harmony in the region Dear Sir, It is to be stated that we are the inhabitants of village SriSurura, under Panchayat of Village Goai, PS: Katwa, Dist: Burdwan (Bardhaman). And our foremost aim is to bring to your attention a grave issue that is getting prominence more and more. The Muslim community in the village has been making great efforts for the last two years to have cow-slaughter that goes in each and every respect against the fundamental beliefs of Hinduism. To Read the Full Petition, Please Visit the Following Link: To Read Other Stories, Please Visit the Following Links:

Defiant Hindu resistance stops cow-slaughter at Choto Mohora in Amta

Choto Mohora village of PS: Amta, Dist: Howrah in the Indian state of West Bengal an entirely Hindu-based village. Only a few Muslim families (numbering 12-15) do inhabit here. ..... ..... Naturally, the notion of cow-slaughter to mark any Muslim festival (or Bakr-id in particular) was quite unknown to the populace of this area. However, taking advantage of this ignorance, the Bakr-id here of last year witnessed Muslims to slaughter 5-6 cows successfully. ..... Muslims exerted tremendous pressure on BDO and Officer-in-Charge of PS: Amta to enable them to slaughter cows. In this case they were actively supported by Muslims of far-off villages like Deur, Chandarpur and Kansra along with MP (Member of Parliament), Sultan Ahmed and the Imam of Masjid of Tipu Sultan. This led to a strong resentment among the Hindus; they agitated powerfully. Cow Slaughter was Stopped in this village in toto in 2010. The whole agitation was led by our Hindu brother, Niranjan Mondal of Choto Mohora and he des