Deganga 2010 : Islamists' Gift to Democratic India

The destruction created by the Islamist nexus of West Bengal was far more profound than what has been seen in the last sixty years in the state. The obvious intention was to intimidate the Hindu population to evacuate the area without physically killing a single Hindu. Millions of Dollars of Hindu owned properties were destroyed, temples were desecrated, and just as in the case of Kashmir, Hindus were asked to leave the 'land of TituMir'

Noted scoial activist Debajyoti Roy toured the Deganga area in September of 2010. We are providing this translation for readers to understand the long range damage to the Hindu psyche that Deganga 2010 may create.

by Debajyoti Roy

A leaflet distributed by the Muslim League in 1946 stated: “Muslims must remember that it was only a Ramadan month when Quran was written. It was only a Ramadan month when Khudah permitted us to perform jihad. The battle of Badar which the great prophet fought along with only 313 Muslims was won in the month of Ramadan. It was also in the month of Ramadan holy great prophet established heaven in Mecca after winning the city with 10,000 Muslims. He also founded Muslim commonwealth. It would be a good luck for Muslim League that they have the opportunity to start the fighting in such a holy month.

In 2010, from 26th to 28th of Ramadan month (September 6th to September 8th) a terrible torture was inflicted on Hindus living in the areas like Deganga Bazar, Kartikpur Bazar, Karmakarpara, Viswanathpur, Changdona, Aminpur, Khejuridanga and Beliaghata in the east of Barasat. 70 percent of these Hindus are refugees coming from the erstwhile East Bengal. .....

..... It is not clear where Nurul Islam went after he left the mosque. A large number of local residents complained that he along with accomplices stayed inside the local police station till 9 PM. Immediately after the Muslim festival of Iftar ended, a crowd of nearly 2,000 Muslim activists carrying pistols, large knives, gasoline, and acid attacked unarmed Hindus in Deganga and nearby areas. The political color of Hindus did not play a role here. The sweet shop of CPIM supporter Kapurias were attacked but so were the shop of dedicated TMC supporter Kanailal Gupta or the politically neutral Gopal Mandal. Countless calls were made to local police station immediately after the attack began, but none picked up.

We spent a long time in the localities of Deganga Market, Kartikpur Market, Viswanathpur, Khejuridanga village and Beliaghata. We talked to nearly 100 people for two days......

The shop that Bimal babu owned is damaged severely. But the shop owned by a Muslim who is renting the place did not suffer any damage. A Muslim owned Mahima Vastralaya. His shop did not suffer any damage. Rapid Action Force was deployed on 7th September, 2010. The rampaging Islamists henchmen did not care about their presence and burned four cars costing around 1 crore (around 250,000 US $). Burned bodies of the cars were dumped beside the local police station in Deganga. Many buses and trucks were burnt down. The Kali murthi (icon) inside the main temple in Kartikpur was broken and the Muslim religious psychopaths pissed on them.....

....Ten members of Bakshi family ran a kilometer and sought shelter from the Muslim locality. After getting refused, they went to nearby Daspara and a Hindu family sheltered them....Among the Hindus who suffered damage were supporters of all political parties.

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