No Indian Law For Hindu Girl Namita

There is no end to the mounting Islamic violence against Hindu women in the Indian state of West Bengal. .... What can absence of Hindu prowess lead to is best ascertained from the episode of Namita Ojha.

Namita is the wife of Eka Ojha and also an inhabitant of Ojha Para in Village Kumar Khali No. 7, under P.S.: Basanti and became a victim of molestation by a Muslim activist in the last October.

.....All Namita tried to do was to prevent him from continuing the same activity. In return, the Muslim individual called her names, threatened to slit her throat with Hansua (a rural knife-like weapon) and even thrashed her with full force. .....

..... What is more striking, owing to political pressures from the Islamic clergy, P.S.: Basanti is yet to have any F.I.R. in this context.

Please Read the Full Report at Following Link;


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