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Hindu trader’s murder stuns Falta, South 24 Paraganas

Extensive Hindu protests alarm administration The whole of Falta is aggrieved now over the ghastly murder of Kartick Chandra Methia or the owner of confectionery ‘Rittika Sweets’ who was both a successful businessman and popular for his geniality to all.  On March 29, in the late evening, while he was in his own shop located at Jagannathpur junction of Sararhat on Falta road within the jurisdiction of Falta police station in the district of South 24 Paraganas, a team of six miscreants riding motorbikes entered all of a sudden. They gunned down Kartick Chandra Methia (age 42) without delay and to make the death more certain they were witnessed to chop him off by swords repeatedly. The ghastly incident took place before the shop’s workers and a few customers there. They were too afraid to raise any alarm even and to thwart any such approach even, a few bombs were also hurled. On the word of eyewitnesses, the anonymous criminals hailed from Sonakopa village in close proximity. T

Murshidabad forms largest storage of illegal arms, ammunitions

Radical Muslim outfits manning entire trade Bengal administration’s worst fears that the state heads in the entire country in stocking illegal arms and ammunitions, enough to dismantle the entire police force if used together, are coming true. The success of police in retrieving a few of them in the district of Murshidabad has cleared the upcoming parliamentary election’s mandate that no stone will be left unturned to have success and application of violence through stockpiles of arms and ammunitions will be the first and foremost option.   In the last few days, the district police had conducted special raids in search of illegal firearms and emerged with stunning success in the end. Through investigations in the areas within the jurisdictions of Jalangi, Raninagar and Domkal police stations, the police force got hold of 11 firearms and culprits including a Bangladeshi national involved in at least eight cases of murder. Two of the arrested criminals have been found as local de

Fate of Hindu students sealed in Bengal

Religious polarization in discipline of Engineering also While diatribes against Hindu communalism, especially before the impending parliamentary election, refuse to die down, Bengal has experienced a new milestone in its journey of polarizing the chronicle of education. The malice of reservation for Muslims in education has entered the segment of Engineering education finally and according to the state government’s latest decision, 50% of seats in the minority community controlled engineering colleges in Bengal will be reserved for minority students from this year. Students will be admitted to those colleges through an examination but not the conventional Joint Entrance Examination. This examination will be conducted by the Association of Minority Professional Academic Institutes or AMPI. The Higher Education Department issued a circular in this context, on March 7. On the word of officials in the department, the new examination will take place on May 7, 2014 and through t

Deliberate, vicious attack against Hindus in Chakdaha, Nadia

Police buying time to arrest Islamists for thrashing Hindus The village of Madanpur within the jurisdiction of police station of Chakdaha in the district of Nadia remains witness to a deliberate, vicious attack against Hindus by Islamists and apprehensions that the situation may worsen more are on the rise. If sources are to be believed, while radical Muslim youths are gearing up for a new onslaught, patience and trust of aggrieved Hindus on administration thanks to persecution are on the verge of collapse. Even if the local police have pledged to adopt strictest measures to take the criminals into custody, local Hindus have already termed it as hollow and also unreliable. It has also been learnt, local political parties are siding for Islamists to retain their own minority vote bank. The attack against Hindus emanated from a mere controversy in the local fair on March 26. Gourangapur More (crossway) in the village of Madanpur comprises a mixed population and has been witnes

Amay reaches home - police-criminal nexus' conspiracy failed

Yesterday 25 March Amay Bhunia of Sandeshkhali got bail from ACJM court at Basirhat. Today 26 March Hindu Samhati vice president Bikarna Naskar was to escort Amay Bhunia to his home at Sarberia. It was expected that many Hindu youths would accompany them. Police applied all tricks so that Amay cannot go to his house keeping his head high. Police threatened Bikarna not to enter the area. Everybody understands that Sandeshkhali police is acting as puppet of TMC leader Shajahan Seikh. This district North 24 Parganas police is always hand in glove with criminals - recently arrested and released on bail - the notorious criminal Abdul Barik Biswas - is an example of it. BUT BIKARNA NASKAR WAS DETERMINED. HE TOOK THE CHALLENGE. Ultimately Bikarna WON THE BATTLE OF NERVE. He became successful to accompany Amay to his home along with 200 Hindu youths who gathered at Rajbari to receive and greet Amay. Local people received Amay with much affection

Will Sarmistha return to her shocked parents ever?

An unfamiliar story – worse than Love Jihad While political confrontations with soaring violence are getting widespread through the length and breadth of Bengal, the chronicle of Love Jihad has entered another phase with a novel strategy. Gone are the days when a Hindu girl was allured and snatched by a Muslim youth furtively under a Hindu anonym; nowadays these sinister developments are taking place overtly, by bullying the Hindu family in public. This approach came forth on March 21 in Howrah when Sarmistha Sarkar (age 16 yrs), student of Class VIII in Dharsha Prahlad Das Girls’ School at Dharsha Kajipara in Howrah, was abducted by Becha Mallik, age 45 and a Muslim Black Magician by profession. Sarmistha is the daughter of Swapan Sarkar and Lakshmi Sarkar, living in Satashi Uttarpara, GIP Colony within the jurisdiction of Jagachia police station in Howrah district . Prior to narrating anymore, let’s focus on Becha Mallik. According to locals there, Becha is both in

Sheikh Maibul arrested for raping girl child in Bardhaman

Ravishment of women and also female children refuse to die down in Bengal and without doubt, t he more parliamentary election is drawing close, the more rapes of women are becoming common in the state. It seems that the administration is busy in any festivity while political parties are engaged in settling their own scores and also pulling in more support through rosy promises. And all these are being said following the rape of Sandhya (name changed), a girl child of 8 years, living in the village of Natu within Raina police station’s jurisdiction in the district of Bardhaman.  On March 23, she was raped by Sheikh Maibul, living in the village of Chakkhanzadi within the jurisdiction of Jamalpur police station. Sheikh Maibul, it has also been found, is a debauchee by nature and revels by harassing girls, especially Hindu girls, sexually. Sheikh Maibul is a frequent visitor to the village of Natu. His father-in-law, as per locals, lives in this village and his agricultural lands a


HARINAAM  YAJNA  VANDALISED  IN  NORTH 24 PARGANAS, POLICE  OFFICER'S  HEAD  FRACTURED  BY  MISCREANTS  Yesterday 24 March serious incident happened in the village Sonakania Dorjipara under Habra Police Station in North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal. 2 nd officer of Habra PS Mr. Prafulla Kumar Shaw has been seriously injured by brick batting of miscreants led by one Rafikul Mondal alias Bhola, Mafidul Mondal and Ismail. Another seriously injured person is Sri Gopesh Ghosh, President of ‘Naam Yajno Samity’. He is now under treatment in Barasat Sadar Hospital. Yesterday ‘Naam-Sankirtan’ was going on in the village. At about 11.30 am, just beside the Sankirtan place, one Muslim vendor started selling Beef which he was carrying in a bucket on his cycle. The devotees took notice of it and they informed the matter to the committee of the programme. Then the President, Sri Gopesh Ghosh went to the Beef-vendor and requested him to stop this act and leave the venue with be

Welcome to the Bengal module of Indian Mujahideen

Police is yet to bust the terror network The arrest of Waqas alias Zia-Ur-Rehman, Pakistani national but a key operative of Indian Mujahideen or the dreaded and indigenous Islamic outfit involved in several terrorist acts throughout the country, has unfolded a new chapter. It’s the chapter of high presence of Islamic terrorist groups, their cadres in Bengal and their direful activities here and how they do also enjoy support of a considerable section of civilians. It is no more a secret that Islamists consider Bengal as a safe heaven thanks to its lackadaisical governance with geographical position and also their increasing supporters. The four alleged IM operatives that include Waqas a.k.a. Zia-Ur-, Waqar Azhar, Mohammad Mahroof and Saquib Ansari were arrested from Rajasthan on March 23 by a joint operation of Special Cell of Delhi Police and Anti Terrorism Squad of Rajasthan Police. It has been learnt, the group was working hard to launch terror attacks during the impending L

Stockpiles of illegal arms menaces Bengal

Jihadi network behind the show The apprehension of Bengal administration over massive stockpile s of illegal arms and ammunitions under the sway of Islamists across the state had been learnt through sources months back and hence, what has been found in the district of Bardhaman of late fails to evoke any wonder. The operation has been a success undoubtedly; but it’s just the tip of an iceberg. In the last 48 hours almost, police literally combed the entire district of Bardhaman and its first breakthrough was Anisur Rahman. He was caught red-handed with an illegal firearm by the team of Ausgram police station from the Bhedia market area in the night on Saturday. According to police, Anisur Rahman is an inhabitant of the village of Panua within the jurisdiction of the police station of Bhatar.  On the other hand, Memari police station’s team arrested two youths, Amal Bag and Prashanta Murmu, with firearms from GT Road at Debipur. They do live in Radhakantapur and Maheshdanga

Vitiated secularism must be defeated for Hindus’ existence in Bengal

When the article “ Maulana Barkati’s stint as political mentor to seculars kicks off in Bengal ” was published in this website a couple of days back, many people were found it as an incitement to riots in the state. However, none of them was found to state it as faulty or highly partisan or even based on myths. The message was therefore clear that even if the article was corroborated by readers, they hesitated to accept the bitter truth that Bengal has sunk so low or an overt competition between political parties in Bengal is going on to stoop as far as possible to garner confidence of the principal minority community. Well, publication of the interview of Maulana Nurur Rahman Barkati, Shahi   Imam   of the Tipu Sultan Masjid and known to have a strong influence on Muslim voters in the state, in “The Hindu” – reputed English daily in India with leftist leanings has silenced all detractors of the abovementioned article. In a nutshell, the interview substantiates worst apprehensions

Muslim League politics of 1940s surfacing increasingly

An adage is haunting me before penning this article – He who fails to learn from history is tend to repeat it and in the most brutal manner. Even if the person who coined this adage first in history is shrouded in history, indisputably there is no second to this. And this is not being said by any wandering individual in the alleys of metropolis of Kolkata but by the octogenarians even who were witness to the most macabre period of modern India – the Bloody Partition stemming from the jingoistic notion of Muslim League – Pakistan for Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. They did also witness how a bunch of Islamists led a huge mass of people and let them go on with bloodthirsty yells against Hindus; the day was August 16, 1946 – Direct Action Day. The Statesman, then best-known English daily in the Indian subcontinent then having its head office in the metropolis of Calcutta, termed the conflicts on that day as no ordinary riots but as fury – a word borrowed from mediaeval dictionary.

Steady decline of Bengali Hindus

"Freedom is not absolute, if you don't defend it, you lose it. If you give in to the threat of violence, there won't be less violence, there will be more." – indeed a fine speech depicting the cruel reality and it was said by Salman Rushdie   at the concluding dinner at the two-day India Today Conclave at the Taj Palace Hotel held in 2012. No sane individual across the globe, learned enough as regards the changes of history and ups and downs (portraying the developments one has got to through for ever and a day), can ever deny its authenticity. No victor or even loser can also rebuff this genesis of struggle. Nevertheless, Hindus prove to be defiant (in this case at least)! Hindus, especially Bengali Hindus, being confounded and suppressed by many factors ranging from the weird saga of secularism to Islamic fundamentalism, remain candid enough to deny the same. Why? Here is the answer – Bengali Hindus have never learnt from history, they do not have the basic