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Dhola in 24 Paraganas (South) – hotspot of recurrent Hindu persecution

On February 17, 2014, at 12.30 am, Kripasindhu Purakait (age 34) and his wife, Sadhana Purakait (age 30), living in the village of Harishpur within the jurisdiction of the police station of Dhola in the district of 24 Paraganas (South) were attacked by a band of robbers. It has been learnt from their account, each criminal in the team was Muslim by religion and having lethal weapons including swords. They barged into the residence all of a sudden and while one of them injured Kripasindhu Purakait by a sword, two others thrashed Sadhana extremely. What took place next was nothing save for a plunder; all materials in the household, let alone money and jewelries, were looted and now the condition is such that they have to seek glasses from neighbors to drink water. Prior to escape, Sadhana was tied with her own saree to prevent her from raising any alarm. Locals apprehend that Sadhana became victim to a brutal molestation as well. Even if a police complaint has been filed to the local p

Rezzaq Mollah – father of Islamic fundamentalism in Canning, South 24 Paraganas

While on one hand his own party or CPIM could not digest his latest avatar and had a sigh of relief through his formal expulsion, on the other hand, his former disciple has maligned him in public and also termed him as the progenitor of burgeoning culture of violence at varied areas in the district of South 24 Paragnas and on the word of local Hindus, he had been the greatest inspiration for Islamic fundamentalism camouflaged under the cloak of universal brotherhood. Such is the wretched fate of Rezzaq Mollah at the moment who was seen of late as messiah of the novel notion of Dalit-Muslim axis in Bengal through his own “Social Justice Forum.” But he is a political outcast just now making pundits get skeptical of his political future. However, he is not spared still and sayings of Shaukat Mollah, his one-time disciple and existing president of Trinamool Congress Canning-II Panchayat Committee and also the chairman of East Assembly Constituency, of him are indeed vitriolic. Neverthe

Literacy campaign for Muslims only

Why are other communities not included in Maulana Azad Taleem-e-Baligan project? Even if diatribes against alleged ominous effects of Brahamanical Hinduism and verbal compassions to its worst victims or Hindu depressed castes never die down, governmental benefits are rendered to a particular minority community or the Muslims only. And other minority communities are left in the lurch.  This account is enough to shock any sane and enlightened individual but this has also been the reality in India ever since August 15, 1947 and the trend is gaining strength with each day it passes. UPA government, known to hanker after Muslim support to retain its own suzerainty, has created a new saga through introduction of a new project to increase the rate of literacy among Muslims. The project was inaugurated by Mallipudi Raju Pallam Mangapati , Hon’ble Minister for Human Resources Development, Government of India on January 5, 2014 and it is worth Rs. 600 crores. The project has been named as

Heartrending tale of a Bengali Hindu couple

This is no fiction but a cruel reality being faced by Bengali Hindus in the Indian subcontinent. A community whose contribution to the national freedom struggle was next to none has been ravaged by now in every capacity, thanks to the partition in1947 and the community continues to pay for this monumental blunder dearly yet, something beyond the capacity of anyone to envisage even. The story revolves around Shimul Mallik, inhabiting the area of Mogra Adishaptapur in the district of North 24 Paraganas in the Indian state of Bengal and Mousumi Sarkar, living in the area of Ashasuni Sardapara in Bangladesh. Both were introduced to each other when Shimul visited Bangladesh a few years back and the brief introduction turned into a love affair. They used to communicate through phone and only a few days back, they decided to tie the knot.     Even if Mousumi informed her parents and also relatives, they declined to give permission and this refusal made the girl more determined and defyi

Madhyamik examinee molested in Bardhaman

Muslim youths identified as culprits, arrested  Crimes against women are rising fast in Bengal and while the civilian society here is up in arms against the administration, both the state government and police are found either to pass over the issue or remain busy to justify their activity and pin the blame on the political parties in opposition. Myriad instances are there to prove how the first woman chief minister of the state, instead of accepting government’s fault to curb this burgeoning and endeavoring to rectify, has tried to paint this worst saga in the color of a political conspiracy.  Now adding to the woes of government, a Madhyamik (centralized secondary examination held under the aegis of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education every year) examinee, while she was going to her examination center along with her mother, was molested midway by a few youths. They tried to kidnap her also. The grisly incident took place at Subhaspalli in the district city of Bardhaman on

North Dinajpur – depot of illegal weapons, safest corridor for Islamic insurgents

Police trying desperately to recover illegal arms, stop potential mayhem Apprehending worst violence along with destructive activities of radical Muslims hailing from Bangladesh in the imminent parliamentary election, district police of North Dinajpur has issued an alert and also asked all police stations to expedite recovery of illegal arms and ammunitions. It is worth to mention, the district shares an international border with the neighboring country of Bangladesh and as a result, impression of any tumult there is perceived in this district as well. While the district is enclosed by the districts of Thakurgaon, Panchagarh and Dinajpur districts of Bangladesh on the east, it shares borders with Kishanganj, Katihar and Purnia districts of Bihar on the west. Islampur subdivision in the district contains a checkpoint on the India-Bangladesh international border and is also known as highly contentious. Allegations that this checkpoint is used by radical Muslims from Bangladesh as a

Exodus of persecuted Hindus from Bangladesh to Bengal may resume soon

No matter the claims of government and administration in Bangladesh, Hindu persecution there following recent election has not subsided and if sources instead of police are counted on, such horrific incidents continue to appear in any part of country on a daily basis endangering existence of Hindus. Now, if police reports submitted to the High Court of Bangladesh recently are taken into consideration, it gets apparent that at least160 incidents of onslaughts along with atrocities on Hindus have occurred in 21 districts following the parliamentary polls on January 5 till now.  Reports assert further that property worth 40 lakh taka (currency of Bangladesh) have been damaged as a result of 70 attacks and perpetrators in the majority of incidents are connected to either BNP or Jamaat-e-Islami or abide by their coordinated leadership. All these prove that there may be attackers from other political or social groups also. What is the nature of atrocities? This question is natural as

Rezzaq Mollah’s dream project of Dalit – Muslim bloc to end Hindus in Bengal kicks off

The decision to float a pro-Muslim and Dalit outfit for a person like Rezzaq Mollah, firebrand and also rebel leader of CPIM, who doesn’t miss a chance to deride the imperceptible dominance of Bengali Hindu higher castes in Bengal, is no thunderbolt. He has been known for days, if not years, to voice against weird Hindu dominance in Bengal and also for having the resolve to end it. And to give this Jihad against Hindu dominance a concrete voice, he has set up “Social Justice Forum” having all potentials to become a political outfit soon and also to contest in no less than 185 seats in Bengal’s assembly election of 2016. The first public convention of the organization took place at Rabindra Sadan in Kolkata, on February 23, 2014. A few highly known faces were also found in the audience. They include Laxman Seth, another firebrand and rebel leader of CPIM, representative of Tapashili community and also on the brink of being expelled from the party; Sukhbilas Barma, MLA of Congres

Indian Mujahideen’s ominous presence in Bengal

Even if the National Investigation Agency or NIA, federal agency that had been set up by the Government of India to combat terror, is tightening its grip on Indian Mujahideen (IM) or the notorious and indigenous  group of radical Muslims, it’s a cruel fact that the terrorist group is gaining strength alarmingly. And by now its tentacles have been extended throughout India, not to speak of Bengal, known as its safe haven these days. All these have come to the fore through the document of NIA terming how nine districts in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is under its sway these days. These districts include Lucknow, Kanpur, Aligarh, Agra, Faizabad, Bahraich, Barabanki, Lakhimpur Kheri and also Azamgarh and as per investigations supported by meticulous researches, these districts form the basis of Indian Mujahideen and help to extend its monstrous activities allover the nation.  Lots of questions may be asked over this basis and in this regard, it is enough for readers to comprehend

Bengal CM skips meeting US ambassador to pacify Muslims in state

Weird secularism rules the roost Was the meeting between Ms. Nancy J Powell, ambassador of the United States to India, and Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of Kolkata, on February 21 cancelled deliberately to earn confidence of Muslims across the state before the upcoming Parliamentary election once more? The question may seem unlikely to many but happens to be the most discussed issue in the state’s political arena at the moment and such reflections are being found in Delhi too.  According to sources, it was a calculated act; the decision was taken by the Chief Minister and her confidants both within Trinamool Congress and Bengal Government and the sole purpose was to go on with cordiality with Muslims in the state.    It is also a reality that a few influential Muslim groups in Bengal asked the Chief Minister to skip the meeting with US ambassador on February 21 even if it had been settled a week before. On the word of critics, the request was a veiled threat and any failure

Will acquittal of Khonra Badshah deepen communal hostility in South 24 Paraganas district?

Contrary to expectations of people and especially families of victims, Noor Islam Fakir alias Khonra (lame) Badshah, liable for the death of almost 200 persons in the infamous hooch tragedy that rocked the whole of Bengal in 2011, has been released. Apart from him, seven other persons including his wife Shakila Bibi have also been acquitted. Even if the couple will have to be behind the bars for the time being due to their involvement in two other hooch tragedy-related death cases, it is believed that this exoneration will relieve the hooch kingpin ultimately. While on one hand, this acquittal evidences his sway in the environs even after languishing in jails for more than two years, on the other hand, the insincerity of police and administration has come to the light also. According to locals, had police, defying political pressure, been sincere to convict Badshah, the result would have been different. What is more apprehended, his final release will change the politics-crime world

Hindu passengers at the mercy of minority vehicle drivers in Kolkata

Novel way to subdue before Parliamentary Election!! When will the police and administration be wise enough to stop drivers in Kolkata from thrashing passengers permanently? This burning question is affecting almost all inhabitants in the metropolis as harassments and thrashing of passengers by vehicle drivers refuse to end.  Sanjit Shau, living in Ezra Street, became a victim to a taxi driver’s wrath on February 18. The gruesome incident took place around Tea Board area in Central Kolkata and it started when Almas Ali, the driver, demanded more fare than the amount displayed in the taxi’s meter. When the quarrel refused to end, Almas Ali punched Suraj Shau in his face. Following the incident, Almas Ali was taken into custody while the taxi was detained. It has been learnt, Sanjit Shau hired the taxi from Howrah Station at 2.45 pm on February 18 to reach his destination. Almas Ali did not want to go to Tea Board, in the beginning. When Suraj Shau filed a complaint to the polic

Minority Rule in Bengal

Lok Sabha election is round the corner and even if there is a Modi wave across India, none is ready to vacate the war front and hence, the saga of good governance and an assortment of assurances prevail the Indian political arena. Trinamool Congress is also not lagging, naturally and therefore, to retain its predominance and also to fortify it, the Bengal government, under the reign of Trinamool Congress, is busy to win Muslim community these days. The statement is enough to propel a bystander to ask the same question, “Is this anything new?” No it is not but the sane person is advised to go through this to check the bankruptcy of Indian politics once more. To maintain its control and also to strengthen its own destiny, Bengal government is back and with an assortment of proposals and wise intentions for the Muslim community, the only minority class that is recognized by all in Bengal. Only a few days back, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, while she was in North Bengal, issued a statement th

Jihadi Muslims thrash Hindu school teacher in Shantipur, Nadia brutally

Bids to free school from Hindu teachers in full swing   On February 14, 2014, Malancha High School for boys located in Shantipur within the jurisdiction of the police station of Shantipur in the district of Nadia witnessed the turbulence of Jihad, waged by no less than thousands of radical Muslims in the neighborhood. It has been learnt, problem started with a single teacher in the school named Krishna Kanta Ray, known for his generosity to the students in the school and also for professional prowess. Malancha High School has a vast population of students but since the majority of students are Muslims, Saraswati Puja is not allowed within the school’s premises. Hindu teachers of the school, hence, decided to observe the event informally on February 14 and through organizing a small get together among them in the morning. It has to be noted, hallowed day of Devi Saraswati Puja was on February 4 or Tuesday. As a result, none of the teachers apprehended any problem even in their dr

Mob fury kills Bangladeshi cow smuggler in Cooch Behar

On February 6 , 2014, a cow smuggler named Aminur Rahman (age 30) was killed by an irate mob, tired of escalating cow smuggling in the area and also the lackluster response of local administration to inhibit this ominous trade. The incident took place at the village of Hemkumari under the police station of Kuchilbari in Mekhligunj within the district of Cooch Behar adjacent to the international India-Bangladesh border. According to local police, slain Aminur Rahman is originally from Bangladesh and lived in Patgram there. The dead body, following post-mortem examination, was handed over to the Bangladeshi police through a flag meeting with Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) at Charbandha. Meanwhile, 4 persons, known to be involved in stealing a cow in the village of Nagar Bhagni of Dinhata, were handed over to local police. Police seized the vehicle used to smuggle cow as well.   On the word of Anup Jaiswal, Superintendent of Police in Cooch Behar, a team comprising Bangladeshis en