Hindu passengers at the mercy of minority vehicle drivers in Kolkata

Novel way to subdue before Parliamentary Election!!

When will the police and administration be wise enough to stop drivers in Kolkata from thrashing passengers permanently? This burning question is affecting almost all inhabitants in the metropolis as harassments and thrashing of passengers by vehicle drivers refuse to end.  Sanjit Shau, living in Ezra Street, became a victim to a taxi driver’s wrath on February 18. The gruesome incident took place around Tea Board area in Central Kolkata and it started when Almas Ali, the driver, demanded more fare than the amount displayed in the taxi’s meter. When the quarrel refused to end, Almas Ali punched Suraj Shau in his face. Following the incident, Almas Ali was taken into custody while the taxi was detained.

It has been learnt, Sanjit Shau hired the taxi from Howrah Station at 2.45 pm on February 18 to reach his destination. Almas Ali did not want to go to Tea Board, in the beginning. When Suraj Shau filed a complaint to the police cubicle nearby, Almas Ali had no other option other than to go. On the word of Suraj, after a few minutes Almas demanded extra fare but he declined to pay. The quarrel between the two intensified once the vehicle reached the Tea Board and as per Suraj, he was punched in the face at this time. Suraj got stunned as a result and taking advantage of this shock, the cab driver tried to escape. But Suraj overcame the shock soon and raised an alarm. A few pedestrians gathered in the area soon and stopped the taxi. Local traffic police official also reached the spot in a moment, detained the vehicle and caught the assailant or Almas Ali red handed. As blood was flowing out his face profusely, Suraj was sent to the Medical College Hospital close at hand and he was released from there, following primary medical attention, hours later. Almas Ali was arrested by police and an FIR under sections 323 and 341 was also filed against him. The guilty taxi driver is behind the bar at the moment.

Will this prompt and creditable act of police be able to inhibit rising attacks on passengers by vehicle drivers? The answer is perhaps no as such complaints are being found almost on a daily basis. And the experience of Mousumi Kumbhakar, living in Dunlop, on January 16 is enough to create a shudder. She and her friend became victim to dastardly attacks of an auto rickshaw driver named Mohammed Amir Ali. They had hired an auto-rickshaw to visit Quest Mall in Ballygunje and the fair was Rs. 24. Once the auto rickshaw reached Beckbagan, the driver asked both of them to get down. But he was modestly requested by them to move to Quest Mall. When the vehicle reached the destination, Mohammed Amir Ali (age 24), the driver and living in Jhautala Lane, demanded another Rs. 30. Mousumi protested as the Mall is located at a few yards away from Beckbagan. This led to a scuffle. Amir Ali punched Mousumi on her face by an iron rod all of a sudden and she was left bleeding profusely. Her friend started screaming and Mohammed Amir Ali was caught red-handed.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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