Terrorist attacks in Bengal apprehended

Rampant illegal migration from Bangladesh poses worst danger

Even if political stability is being restituted in the realm of Bangladesh and allegedly the government there is trying to deal with forces persecuting minority community, affright reigns supremely among Hindus there as cadres of reigning Awami League are being found to replace the position of Islamic zealots. On the other hand, months long disturbances have destructed indigenous industry, economic stability and all these have led to infiltration into the Indian state of Bengal. According to sources, persistent cataclysms and strikes have closed (no less than) ten thousand small-scale and cottage industries. The fate of workers in textile industry along with gold-plate industry is also doomed leading to an extensive illegal infiltration into India. However, intelligence agencies apprehend that the route is being utilized by terrorists from Bangladesh to wreak havoc across India and, in particular, Bengal soon.

On the word of security pundits, millions of youths in Bangladesh were professionally involved with said textile and gold-plate industries and being jobless presently, they are trying to move to the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, known as hub of such industries, in search of jobs. Trespassers are infiltrating Ghojadanga and Petrapol borders to enter the Indian mainland while others are using riveries to pass through Hingalgunj and Hasnabad borders. It is being learnt, any illegal Bangladeshi can enter India at a cost of Rs. 1, 500 each and more than 5, 000 Bangladeshis have entered Bengal recently through Swarupnagar and Basirhat, infamous to be under the sway of Islamic radicals. Border Security Force (BSF) has also got hold of a large amount of smuggled gold but as per its high-profile officials, at least 50 times these have already been pumped in India. It has also come to the knowledge from BSF sources, central intelligence agencies had warned in advance that post-election scenario in Bangladesh would cause a spate of illegal migration into India. But there has hardly been any success and the failure in this regard, as per locals, is of BSF above all. It is needless to state that Islamic terrorists from Bangladesh had made use of various transit routes at both Petrapol and Basirhat border areas to pour in Bengal.

What scares the police and administration is the current political scenario, both in Bengal and in the rest of India. Lok Sabha election is drawing near and with it is also increasing tensions along with political, regional and caste-related feuds; the ruckus in Parliament of late reveals the intensity of escalating bad blood in the Indian politics as well as society. Again, even if Bengal is under a single party rule still, ominous developments and religious polarization, thanks to the burgeoning Muslim appeasement, is also rising alarmingly. In such a situation, ample chances to exploit and also worsen it persist. It is known to all how brawny is the network of ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) of Pakistan within India and intrusion of Pakistan-backed Bangladeshi terrorists will add fuel to the fire only.

It must be kept in mind that strategists of explosion in Bangalore entered through the border area of Basirhat, ill-famed as a sanctuary for Bangladeshi Islamic terrorists who visit there often for both medical treatment and steer clear of Bangladeshi government in search of them.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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