Onslaughts against woman in Bengal getting communal

Dignity of women in Bengal is ravished or outraged and this outrageous condition predominates the state’s destiny while the government remains busy in deluding its own citizens – this is no more any erratic view of commoners but a definite opinion conveying violent mood of all. How true they are!! There is no need to reflect high profile cases like that of Kamduni or of the recent Madhyamgram episode. Whether it is Khidirpur or Jorasanko or Ballygunje, women are being targeted hither and thither and molestation of women (let alone ravishment) has become order of the day.  

The gruesome ravishment of Rani Pal (name changed), a 21-year-old young woman, at Khidirpur in Kolkata of late has sparked off a wild debate, not remaining within the circles of a few choicest people but has found to attract commoners more altogether.  Even if the culprit Muhammad Hamid alias Raja has been detained, questions on the escalating onslaughts on women refuse to die down. Nevertheless, two different stories (in this regard) are drifting high – while one point to the presence of several others along with Raja to ravish the lady, the other point to a kind of mutual intimacy. Eyewitnesses are found to state that the wound endured by the lady can be the consequence of gang rape only and police is hell-bent to attest Muhammad Hamid as innocent.  

Mousumi Kumbhakar (age 27), inhabitant of Dunlop and a saleswoman by profession, became victim to a dastardly attack by an auto-rickshaw driver on January 16. It has come to knowledge, Mousumi and her friend had hired an auto-rickshaw to go to Quest Mall in Ballygunje and the fair was Rs. 24. When the driver asked them to get down at Beckbagan, he was requested to move to Quest Mall. When the vehicle reached the destination, Mohammed Amir Ali (age 24), the driver and living in Jhautala Lane, demanded another Rs. 30. Mousumi protested as the Mall is located at a few yards away from Beckbagan. This led to a scuffle. Amir Ali punched Mousumi on her face by an iron rod all of a sudden and she was left bleeding profusely. Her friend started screaming and Mohammed Amir Ali was caught red-handed. While Amir is behind bars now, heavily injured Mousumi is languishing in her own residence.

Only a week ago, Mohammed Ayub, living in a pathway at MM Burman Street, was taken into custody for molesting Puja Das (name changed and an adolescent girl) living in the footpath of Mandir Street in the area of Jorasanko. According to locals, Ayub is known to harass girls in the area and on the same evening, he tried to whisk her away in the beginning. When Puja protested, Ayub molested her and when he tried to advance more, she raised an alarm. Ayub fled, as a result. Puja filed an FIR against Ayub at the police station of Burrabazar and Ayub was arrested from Armenian Street, within the jurisdiction of same police station, on the next day in the evening. Ayub is in jail custody at the moment. 

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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