North Dinajpur – depot of illegal weapons, safest corridor for Islamic insurgents

Police trying desperately to recover illegal arms, stop potential mayhem

Apprehending worst violence along with destructive activities of radical Muslims hailing from Bangladesh in the imminent parliamentary election, district police of North Dinajpur has issued an alert and also asked all police stations to expedite recovery of illegal arms and ammunitions. It is worth to mention, the district shares an international border with the neighboring country of Bangladesh and as a result, impression of any tumult there is perceived in this district as well. While the district is enclosed by the districts of Thakurgaon, Panchagarh and Dinajpur districts of Bangladesh on the east, it shares borders with Kishanganj, Katihar and Purnia districts of Bihar on the west. Islampur subdivision in the district contains a checkpoint on the India-Bangladesh international border and is also known as highly contentious. Allegations that this checkpoint is used by radical Muslims from Bangladesh as a safe passage to enter Indian mainland, according to experts, are not wild.    

According to sources, there are ample chances that miscreants, backed by extra-constitutional forces, can wreak mayhem across the district and all these have made the district police tighten its grip and urge police personnel to hasten the saga of recovery. On the word of Amit Javalgi, Superintendent of Police in North Dinajpur, police has definite information that a large amount of illegal arms and ammunitions are with miscreants. To save the society and also the district from any havoc, police is determined to recover all those and the special operation will continue till the Parliamentary Election, 2014.

The district of North Dinajpur shares a 187 kilometer-long international border with Bangladesh while it has a 280 kilometer border with the neighboring state of Bihar and it has also come to knowledge, thanks to this geographical position, smugglers of illegal weapons use this district as a corridor. Lots of police raids have brought forth how illegal weapons manufactured at Munger in Bihar, infamous as hub of illegal weapons industry across India, are brought through this corridor and then distributed around North Bengal. One of such victims is Raiganj, prominent town as well as municipality in the district of North Dinajpur. Now, if sources are to be depended on, large caches of illegal arms can be found both in the city of Raiganj and its outskirts. As per journalists, political parties make use of these mercenaries during elections at random and this can be found best from the surge in violence in the district’s college elections of late. And the uneasiness reigning the national political arena now can lead to more use of these illegal weapons in the ensuing election.  

Raiganj parliamentary seat, after several years, is all set to perceive a stiff fight and chances of flexing muscles and using violence, hence, can’t be brushed aside. On the other hand, it is no news but a reality that radical Muslims from Bangladesh enjoys a steady support in this district and it is increasing fast, according to several sources. The recent victory of BNP and also slow but steady resurgence of Jamaat in Bangladesh is also being supported by a large section of inhabitants here. 

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