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Illegal mosque construction within Diamond Harbor Sub-divisional Court unabated

It was the morning of December 18, 2011, a chill day, when a bizarre incident was perceived within the premises of Diamond Harbor Sub-divisional Court; a mosque was being constructed. The day was also a Sunday and hence, the absence of workforce in the environs was duly exploited. It has also been learnt, that no official permission has been taken to carry on the task of transforming an old, miniature Muslim prayer room to a comparatively larger one.  What is more incredible, the entire construction is taking place within 20 ft. of the court lockup jeopardizing the security without doubt.      To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati marches on in Canning dauntlessly

Hindus, being stimulated by the valiant struggle of Hindu Samhati, in Canning, are waging stiff defence s these days and are resolute to be on the same track and not to leave an inch of land to Islamic perpetrators.  The same stance was witnessed once more in the recent Hindu Samhati Workers’ Meeting on December 19, 2011.  To Know More Please Read:

Witness brings rape charge against Sayedee

International Crimes Tribunal is in full swing in Bangladesh and with the passing of each day, more and more cruel facts, revealing the true face of Pakistan Army and their accomplices in East Pakistan – Razaakar in 1971 war, are coming to the fore. And with this, another truth has also come out – War of Pakistan in 1971 was against Hinduism (on the whole) – its ultimate goal was to wipe out Hinduism from the Indian subcontinent. More than 90% victims in 1971 were Hindus and this fact endorses the aforementioned account sincerely.    Whether Delawar Hossain Sayedee and tens of thousands of Islamic felons (like him) will get the desirable punishment is a long-time (and debatable too) issue as there are no dearth of instances where laws are molded in Islamic countries to grant freedom to Muslim perpetrators against infidels. It will be too early for Hindus in Bangladesh to lionize prosecution of Sayedee. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati attains great success in Hasnabad

Hasnabad, noted community development block, happens to be an administrative division in Basirhat subdivision of District: 24 Paraganas (North) in the Indian state of West Bengal and owing to extensive Muslim population, making the region a Muslim-dominated area majorly, the entire region has always been a hotbed of scuffles. And with the passing of each year, the hostility is increasing by leaps and bounds. Nevertheless, Hindu Samhati and its valiant leadership is bringing forth a new horizon and stimulating Hindus to fight back Islamic atrocities. The same valiance was expressed through the recent meeting of Hindu Samhati on December 18, 2011. 

Our Struggle – Troubles of State and Nation are not similar

On December 10-11 the Fourth Annual Meeting of Hindu Samhati is going to take place in Malia, District: Hooghly . While the forthcoming convention will analyze activities of the organization, recent developments in the state following the recent change of guard and subsequent tactics will also be mulled over. It is also worthwhile to mention that activities intended for the February 14 conference have also initiated.  Two eminent personalities will grace the occasion at this time – while one of them is an American, a neo-convert to Hinduism, the other one happens to be a celebrated Bengali professor of London School of Economics. An in-depth analysis of reigning state of affairs in the entire country will also be taken into consideration, in this meeting. To Know More Please Read:

Dipika has been Recovered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dipkia Halder has been recovered successfully at 11.30 am today, December 19, 2011, from the residence of culprit Mujibar Lasker. No less than 100 Hindu Samhati activists and villagers accompanied Mr. Dilip Halder, father of Dipika, to save the hapless Hindu girl from the grasp of Muslim perpetrator. No defence against advancing Hindus could be built up as seeing the enraged crowd Mujibar had no other option but to flee.    Hindu Samhati assigned its activists to keep a close watch on the movement of Mujibar’s family. And thanks to this rigorous watch, every information became available straightforwardly. It is worthwhile to mention, 1 Muslim woman, seeing the crowd on road, started running towards Mujibar’s abode, surely to inform them in advance. Dilip Halder, smelling a rat, also started running and both reached Mujibar’s house at the same instant. Dipika, seeing her father, burst into tears, rushed towards him and hugged him affectionately. Dipika is in the custody of Hindu S

How far does the ISI money go? Quite far, for sure

Sometimes it is said that the saga of ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) Pakistan is blown out of proportion and all these happen due to India .  The same is being stated within India too and the allegation comes from columnists whose covert relationship with the dreaded agency is being revealed with each day it passes. The range of ISI in India and its bids to charm Indian intellectuals is more pernicious than one can ponder ever. The article focuses on the unheard and unreported aspects of Indian society, Indian brains buckling down to ISI bosses in Pakistan for easy bounties.  The article, without a shred of doubt, is analytical and a foray to reveal the perilous TRUTH harming the nation majorly. To Know More Please Read:

Shariyat and Country Liquor in West Bengal

Among 171 Hooch Deaths In Mograhat, The Most Are Muslims. Nurul Islam, alias Khoka (Khokon) Badshah Is the Main Culprit. Since Long In Mograhat, Selim And Nurul Are Government. Both Are Still At Large. People Think They Are In Safe Shelter Of Some Politicians (blessed by) or The Other. Both Politicians And Police Are Financial Beneficiaries. Police Thinks That It Is Futile To Arrest Muslim Culprits For Obvious Reasons. Therefore, What’s Harm Taking Money From Them!! Politicians Think, These Muslim Culprits Will Fetch Them Both Money And Vote. Moreover, These M – Criminals Will Supply Them The Much Needed Muscle Power To Silence The Opposition. This Technology Was Mastered By The Leftist Parties the art borrowed from their foreign counterparts, Not Only CPIM, But Also Forward Block, RSP, SUCI, etc. Therefore, Shed Some Crocodile’s Tear After Any Major Mishap, Let The People Shout For Sometime. Everything Will Be Okay In Due Course. In This Horrible Mograhat Case, M

Dipika – quarry of Love Jihad

Love Jihad has a new victim – Dipika Halder, age 18 and also a student of Class XI. She has been abducted by Mujibar Lasker, her fiancé and a worker in the Jari industry, who feigned as Dibakar Halder over phone and slowly a relationship grew up between them. Dipika has been missing from December 05, 2011and in spite of large efforts, there is no success (to find her out) yet. To Know More Please Read:

Bangladesh - The Vested Properties Return Act, 2011

Vested Property Act in Bangladesh , known as Enemy Property Act during Pakistani regime, was indeed much picked apart from the very beginning of its journey and it was destined to be as the Piece of legislation enabled the governance to confiscate property from individuals, especially Hindus, terming them as Enemy of the State . In accordance with researches, the nefarious decree was made to repress Hindus and strip them of all of their possessions and thus make them get lost in the oblivion. It is also reckoned, 75% of all Hindus lands in Bangladesh , if not more, were clutched by this very statute. For all these reasons, it is largely expected, The Vested Properties Return Act, 2011, endorsed by the Parliament of Bangladesh, will perform a historical job by returning property confiscated from the country's vast minority Hindu population. Well, there is also a word of caution. As some Hindu organizations have started to state that the Bill has failed to gratify their dec

Minority Community in Bangladesh not safe

The condition of Bengali Hindus has never been safe in Bangladesh , erstwhile East Pakistan , and that its future would be grievous was realized on the Calcutta Direct Action Day, August 16, 1946, followed by the infamous Noakhali genocide. If anyone had still some hope that succeeding governments would be just and truly secular to the minority Hindu community, it dashed to the ground in 1950 – the year that witnessed Barisal genocide or racial extermination compelling tens of thousands of Hindus to move to India , in spite of unwillingness and devoid of any future, finally. What remained after that was in fact a minuscule population of Hindus that has been dwindling with each day on account of mounting state repression and atrocities of Islamic community. The present situation is out of the frying pan into the fire – from the sizeable 29% population in the whole country in 1949 Hindu community in Bangladesh has come down to mere 8%, if not less. Atrocities continue without resp

Hindu Samhati’s 4 th Annual Convention resolves to strengthen Hindu Struggle

Hindu Samhati organized its two-day long 4 th annual convention at Malia, Hamiragachi, District: Hoogly, Bengal on 10-11 December, 2011 and with the presence of organization’s combative leadership and hundreds of selected bellicose activists across the state, the conference truly turned into a festival of the masses. While the meeting was presided over by Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, Dr. Arun Giri, Pradip Das, Sunil Munshi and Sundar Goap Das, other dignitaries were also found to grace the meeting from time to time. Discussions on an assortment of crucial (reigning and also upcoming) issues were done meticulously and apt interactions between activists and leadership on how to deal with a situation and overpower adversaries and thus secure Hindu causes took place more often than not. “Jai Sri Ram” slogan rocked the conference and its environs by and large. 4 th annual convention ended with a firm resolution – to defend every Hindu cause and dedicate one’s own self for

Hindu villagers in Sankrail, Howrah face worst

Islamic predominance resolute to destroy Hindus District of Howrah in Bengal is one of the greatest havens of Muslim rowdies and crooks – this is not any new info but surely how predominant Muslim areas there are engulfing neighboring pocket-size Hindu areas (slowly but steadily) is a new issue that must be dealt with much gravity. This significance derives its strength from the one and only apprehension – complete absorption leads to cessation of Hindu identity in the same area and its environs once and for all – deepest crisis being faced by Hindus in Kamdevpur, Sankrail (South), P.S. Sankrail, District: Howrah. The Hindu village, encircled by antipathetic Muslim villages, is getting more and more vulnerable and two successive Islamic assaults have scared it on the whole. While one of them is the assault on Hindu houses on Muharram (December 06, 2011) by Muslims moving forward with the Taziya, the second is the destruction of Shitalatala temple (on December 08, 2011) in the vill

Chengail witnesses Islamic onslaught on Muharram once more

Muharram happens to be the first month in the Islamic calendar and is also one of the four most sanctified months of the year wherein fighting remains proscribed. The diktat is certainly appreciable but surely it does not entail confrontation with infidels; Muharram happens to be an occasion in India , especially Bengal , that leads to violent Hindu-Muslim clashes day in and day out. Myriad instances are there to authenticate this statement and the incident that happened today in Chengail, Sub-division: Uluberia, District: Howrah validates the assertion further. It was 5.30 pm yesterday (December 06, 2011) at Nimtala, Chengail, P.S. Uluberia, when a large religious procession (Tazia) of Muslims marking Muharram, escorted by police, was passing by the area. A large number of observers were there including lots of Hindus, busy in chit-chat among themselves. Nevertheless, one issue dominated most – it was the dearth of apposite compensation of last year’s attack on Hindus (Islamic onsl

December 06 – Hindu Shaurya Day

Chances do come rarely in the life of any individual or any nation or nationality. And to express own worth, stabilize identity one must exploit it best – an eternal truth; the same was done by Hindus on December 06, 1992 through demolishing Babri Masjid, devilish structure on Sri Ram Janmabhumi (birthplace of Sri Ram) throttling Hindu confidence for centuries, to break shackles of Islamic dominance once and for all in India. What followed was a stream of blood, initiated by Muslims to teach Hindus a lesson for the lifetime for such a daring act and responded by valorous Hindus committed to ideology of No Surrender. A domino effect of it was witnessed in neighboring countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh also – Hindus became victim of series of pogroms there (not anything new in such Islamic countries) but even after this, not a Hindu came forward to term the demolition as diabolical or mephistophelean. It was Babur, the first Mughal emperor, under whose guidance the infamous mosque


No nationality is as vulnerable as Hindus, suffocated by the devilish nexus of Christian colonialists, perpetual Islamic adversaries along with Hindu treasonists completely, at this time throughout the globe. And without doubt, the crisis is increasing with each day it passes. Is it impossible for Hindus to break these shackles and emerge as truly independent after centuries of thralldom (slavery)? Hindu activism and assertiveness is the need of the hour. But it is also not an easy task. How can all these be done in one go? To Know More Please Read:

Hindu housewife ravished in Narail, Bangladesh

Latest victim of Hindu persecution in Bangladesh is a housewife, mother of three children simultaneously, inhabitant of village Danga Batashi, Loharara Upazila of the district of Narail , Bangladesh . A group of nine Muslim perpetrators has ravished her. Police, as usual, is yet to take the Islamic culprits into custody and Hindus are living in abject fear in the neighborhood. To Know More Please Read:

Burgeoning Muslim reservation seals Hindu fate only

None cares for Hindus in India and this has become most prevalent with the Congress’ bid to reserve a quota for ‘backward Muslims’ within the 27 per cent reservation in Government jobs and educational institutions meant for the ‘Other Backward Classes’ to assuage Muslims to win upcoming State Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh. Whatever may be the result in the election, without doubt this strategy would be taken up as the best procedure to get and retain power among parties cutting across political lines. This is not a wildest fear but experiences prove how similar strategies adopted in the past ruined Hindu fate. Unless Hindus get able to call this a halt, its fate will be sealed further. The successful UP experiment will spread its tentacles far and wide in India and it’s certain. To Know More Please Read:

Statement on Mograhat Incident

by Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati 2 Muslim women died in police firing on 1 December: Police Must Not Be Blamed. It is for the first time that the state govt. dared to take an absolutely correct and legitimate step to stop Electricity theft by Muslims which is most common in all Muslim majority areas of West Bengal. I congratulate Mamata Banerjee for her exemplary courage. Hindus appreciate Mamata for this and future effort to stop all type of illegal and criminal misdeeds of Muslims all over West Bengal. Now CPIM and Congress will surely jump in the scene and will try to fish in the muddy water. In this case the 'fish' is minority vote. So, they will suppress the fact that Muslims were stealing the electricity, and it is their regular practice all over West Bengal and all over India. They will try to gloss over that the very life of 25 people (16 were employees of WB State Electricity Board and the rest were Police personnel) were in great danger, as the mob had su

Muslim mob bombs, crushes police personnel in Nainan, Mograhat

Police attempted to stop hooking of electricity there Hooking of electricity has become a common practice in the Muslim-dominated areas throughout District: 24 Paraganas (South); village Nainan, P.S. Mograhat is no different and if the government officials dare to call this illegal practice a halt even for once, (violent) battering or thrashing waits for them only. A ll these have taken place when responsible officials belonging to Board of Electricity went to Nainan along with police personnel of P.S. Mograhat to stop hooking today itself and they were attacked by a violent Muslim mob. To quell the fast increasing violence, RAF was deployed and police, as a part of self-defence, fired upon the violent mob leading to the death of 2 Muslim women. 22 people including 16 police personnel are critically injured. As per fresh reports, 6 police cars have been torched. Is this an isolated incident? Even if the reigning government and its secular Left opposition love to term this as a

Muslim friend deceives, chops Hindu youth for money

Religious bias overshadows longtime friendship Samar Adak, a sholapith craftsman by profession, became victim to a wild attack of his Muslim friend (of long duration) Noor Islam on November 24, 2011 evening who was hell-bent to have Rs. 15, 000 Samar was having at that time for his own job. The injury as a result of repeated sharp hitting by Noor Islam’s sword was so grave that Samar has been transferred to Calcutta Medical College and his condition is in the balance. Noor Islam has been taken into custody , it’s true. But whether he gets punished or police considering this as a prank continues to play with Hindu emotion remains to be seen. To Know More Please Read:

Aseemanand questions bail to Malegaon 7, claims was tortured

Is it a crime to be Hindu in India ? The issue, indeed, has been perturbing the Indian populace, especially Hindus, a great deal following the loathsome stances of the Union Government of India to Hindus these years. Swami Aseemanand, through his memorandum sent to President Pratibha Patil, in conjunction with copies to the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the National Human Rights Commission among others, has clarified once more how regrettable it is to remain as a Hindu in India . As per the memo, Swami Aseemanand was tortured “on account of my religion” severely in all places and he has also raised questions regarding the release of seven accused in the 2006 Malegaon blast case on bail, owing to his confession that Hindu extremists were behind the attack – already retracted by him as it had been made by him under “extortion”. Truth must prevail now. To Know More Please Read:

Goal of COMMUNAL VIOLENCE BILL 2011- destruction of Hinduism

Hindus, at this point in time, has come to an all-time low and there is no single factor that has marred the Hindu nation through centuries. To be precise, thousands of issues are there and Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill – 2011, a new form of infamous Jaziya (tax on infidels) on Hindus and Sikhs during Islamic rule in India is going to be the last to bring the curtain down once and for all for Hindus. However, it’s also true, at the same time, that the majority of Hindus in India are still in darkness of this pernicious bill, hell-bent to destroy Hindus on the whole. The faster they get conscious of the same, the better it is. To Know More Please Read:

Muslim husband kills Hindu wife

Love Jihad wins ultimately Ankita Mandal, Hindu woman of 19 years, had a love affair with Salauddin Gazi, Muslim guy of 28 years, 4 years ago that resulted to marriage daring all religious differences but little did she know then that her life would come to an abrupt end and the assassin would be none other than her better half. This tragic incident took place at 7 pm, Monday, at Milanpalli, P.S. Sonarpur, suburban area of Kolkata, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and Salauddin, in accordance with police, is at large. Thus ends an inter-religious marriage with the death of a Hindu girl. Love Jihad becomes the greatest victor. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu girl teased, slashed in Kolkata by Muslim youth

Is this also an Islamic duty? Sexual harassments and teasing of girls in Kolkata, like other metropolitan cities across India , are getting higher and this can best be found from the incident of Ritu Shah. Ritu Shah, an 18-year-old schoolgirl became a subject of teasing of a Muslim youth named Mohammad Chotu (20 years old) in Kankinara, 24 Paraganas (North) for days. And ultimately, she was gashed with a sharp weapon by Chotu. The incident has stirred emotions in the environs. To Know More Please Read:

Islamic cache of illegal weapons unearthed in Canning

Canning, prosperous town and also headquarters in Canning subdivision in the Indian state of Bengal , is a stronghold of all forms of illegal activities across the state and without doubt, illegal Muslim infiltration across the Indo-Bangladesh border plays a great role in this regard. The cruel reality came before the eye once more when a cache of illegal weapons was unearthed by questioning two Islamic crooks, nabbed regarding a case of murder recently. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati’s first open meeting perceives towering success in Machlandapur

Hindus say – Never to Say Die The word picture has several definitions at the same instant; while to some it is a visual representation (of an object, scene, person or abstraction) produced on a surface, to others it does signify a situation treated as an observable object. People are free to vie among themselves of the definition but it is undeniable that pictures stand for the reality and become more powerful than words; a picture symbolizes two or three paragraphs all at once. You will have the same experience through the pictures listed below that speaks of the towering success of Hindu Samhati through its 1 st open meeting a Machlandapur, a highly significant census town, P.S. Habra, Sub-division: Barasat, District: 24 Paraganas (North), on November 26, 2011, eloquently. The pictures expressing the fiery mood of squads making onward motions, large gathering of Hindus, speeches of Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, and others authenticate how Bengali Hindus there are

Cow slaughter on Bakri-Eid in Chotochandpur

Hindus protested, Government remained indifferent Court orders to prohibit cow slaughter on Bakri-Eid or Id-Ul-Zoha (November 07, 2011) were there and hence, Hindus in Bengal (this year) were hopeful that something positive would take place – administration in Bengal would leave no stone unturned to call this heinous practice a halt. But they were utterly wrong. The opposite took place wholeheartedly throughout the state – somewhere with the tacit support of the administration while at other places with the direct backing of the government and what did take place at village: Chotochandpur, P.S. Rajarhat, District: 24 Parganas (North) on Bakri-Eid, denote the brutality of the government to hurt Hindu sentiments through consenting to slaughtering of cows candidly. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu martial spirit witnessed in Boulkhali, Howrah

Hindus, these days, are in no mood to surrender to Islamic domination and terrorism. T hey are witnessed to fight back tooth and nail and what happened on November 06, 2011, the day before Id-ul-Zuha (Bakr-Id), at Boulkhali, P.S. Bauria, District: Howrah , regarding immersion program of Devi Jagaddhatri, denotes the same approach. To Know More Please Read:

Islamic hatred to Hindus knows no end

At times, it is heard from Muslims, as well as Pakistanis, that violence, sectarianism and religious zeal expressed through ethnic cleansing fail to make humanity reach any conclusion and hence, humanness, nonviolence (peaceful resistance) must be credited. All these are good and noble thoughts (without a shred of doubt) and signify the views the Vedic (Hindu) civilization has been preaching from time immemorial. But the graciousness, on the part of Islamic civilization, ends with verses in al-Qur'an spreading hatred against infidels. Muslims of all hues, without any exception, can’t ignore but digest and enact those without respite. What can be the conclusion then? Talk of religious harmony, peace is an innovative approach to deceive Hindus – Islamic hatred to Hindus is everlasting. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati’s meetings at Dhamua and Ramnagar Sasati – major success

On November 20, 2011, Hindu Samhati remained witness to its major success in Dhamua, P.S. Magrahat, District: 24 Paraganas (South). A meeting was organized on the ground of Maitree Sangha and without doubt, the mammoth gathering proved how much the Hindu populace in the environs is hankering for a strong Hindu leadership. To Know More Please Read:

Rs 318 ticket to terror?

Without doubt, with each day it passes the porous border shared by India and Bangladesh and also the lackluster attitude of the Indian administration is becoming a threat (more and more) to Indians. And the reason behind this apprehension is quite clear. The expenditure that a cross-border terrorist endures to travel all the way from Bangladesh to Sealdah railway station in the heart of Kolkata is just Rs 318. To Know More Please Read:

Basirhat Post begins today

Journalism requires bravado, stubborn commitment to honesty and a persistent zeal to fight for justice. Hindu Samhati’s news website has been going on with the same principle from the very first day and we are confident to render people the truth and the true facts of existing situation of Hindus in this BasirHat Post as well. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu girl gangraped viciously in Raghunathpur

Who’s next target? Your wife or sister or mother? Myriad reports published in this news site have already depicted how hapless the condition of Hindu womenfolk in the Indian state of Bengal is getting in the wake of mounting onslaughts and sexual attacks of Muslim fundamentalists but the gang rape of Papiya (name changed), daughter of Jibon Santra (name changed), village: Raghunathpur, P.S. Mandirbazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), on November 16, 2011, sufficient to shame wild beasts even, surpasses all these. Papiya happens to be an innocent Hindu girl of 17 years and on the fateful day, she went to a small pond in the field, behind her house, to fetch some fishes for the lunch. She was seized there by 4 Muslim hooligans and was gang raped. An FIR was lodged by the wretched Hindu family but now, it is proved that both the FIR and Medical Report have been twisted leading to an intense dissension among Hindus in the environs. The outrageous incident of ravishment of Papiya, as a