Chengail witnesses Islamic onslaught on Muharram once more

Muharram happens to be the first month in the Islamic calendar and is also one of the four most sanctified months of the year wherein fighting remains proscribed. The diktat is certainly appreciable but surely it does not entail confrontation with infidels; Muharram happens to be an occasion in India, especially Bengal, that leads to violent Hindu-Muslim clashes day in and day out. Myriad instances are there to authenticate this statement and the incident that happened today in Chengail, Sub-division: Uluberia, District: Howrah validates the assertion further.

It was 5.30 pm yesterday (December 06, 2011) at Nimtala, Chengail, P.S. Uluberia, when a large religious procession (Tazia) of Muslims marking Muharram, escorted by police, was passing by the area. A large number of observers were there including lots of Hindus, busy in chit-chat among themselves. Nevertheless, one issue dominated most – it was the dearth of apposite compensation of last year’s attack on Hindus (Islamic onslaughts on Hindus in Muharram have become common in Chengail almost by now). Muslims in the procession did hear this; while a few of them warned Hindus of dire consequences, others, being belligerent more, stated in public that Hindus would be taught a lesson within the next 2 days. Strikingly, all these took place before police personnel manning the crowd.

And the warning was not a prank in any way. Today (December 07, 2011) at 9.30 am 6 Hindu shops, in Aimabazar – 1, positioned close to Nimtala, Chengail, were attacked by a Muslim mob and burnt down within a few minutes. Some of these happen to be sweet shops of Paresh Maity and Dayal respectively, cloth shop of Manoranjan and vegetable shop of Tarun.

The situation was highly explosive and fearing more Islamic attacks in due course Hindus started to defend themselves; as a part of defence, 2 Muslim shoe shops, decorative and profitable, were reduced to ashes. Noticeably, Muslim attacks died down eventually.

RAF has been deployed to quell any form of ruckus and violence in the area.

As per fresh reports, lots of Hindu houses in adjoining Shantinagar have been destroyed. It has also been learnt that Muslims are preparing for a wild attack and it will commence once RAF is withdrawn.


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