Dipika has been Recovered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dipkia Halder has been recovered successfully at 11.30 am today, December 19, 2011, from the residence of culprit Mujibar Lasker. No less than 100 Hindu Samhati activists and villagers accompanied Mr. Dilip Halder, father of Dipika, to save the hapless Hindu girl from the grasp of Muslim perpetrator. No defence against advancing Hindus could be built up as seeing the enraged crowd Mujibar had no other option but to flee.   

Hindu Samhati assigned its activists to keep a close watch on the movement of Mujibar’s family. And thanks to this rigorous watch, every information became available straightforwardly.

It is worthwhile to mention, 1 Muslim woman, seeing the crowd on road, started running towards Mujibar’s abode, surely to inform them in advance.

Dilip Halder, smelling a rat, also started running and both reached Mujibar’s house at the same instant. Dipika, seeing her father, burst into tears, rushed towards him and hugged him affectionately.

Dipika is in the custody of Hindu Samhati at the moment. 


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