Muslim mob bombs, crushes police personnel in Nainan, Mograhat

Police attempted to stop hooking of electricity there

Hooking of electricity has become a common practice in the Muslim-dominated areas throughout District: 24 Paraganas (South); village Nainan, P.S. Mograhat is no different and if the government officials dare to call this illegal practice a halt even for once, (violent) battering or thrashing waits for them only.

All these have taken place when responsible officials belonging to Board of Electricity went to Nainan along with police personnel of P.S. Mograhat to stop hooking today itself and they were attacked by a violent Muslim mob. To quell the fast increasing violence, RAF was deployed and police, as a part of self-defence, fired upon the violent mob leading to the death of 2 Muslim women. 22 people including 16 police personnel are critically injured. As per fresh reports, 6 police cars have been torched.

Is this an isolated incident? Even if the reigning government and its secular Left opposition love to term this as a stray incident, reality depicts that situation is out of the frying pan into the fire. Several recent incidents including attacks on police in Dalanghata near Diamond Harbour, ransacking of Kulpi police station (, inhuman thrashing of police personnel of P.S. Jibantala ( and now of P.S. Mograhat in village Nainan prove how Muslims are dauntless and have virtually declared a war against police and administration in District: 24 Paraganas (South).

Without a shred of doubt, this form of Islamic Jihad is going to increase only in the coming months by leaps and bounds, unless checked.

Two Muslim women, Saheba Bibi (age 32) and Rezina Khatun (age 14), have died owing to police firing.


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