Statement on Mograhat Incident

by Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati

2 Muslim women died in police firing on 1 December: Police Must Not Be Blamed.

It is for the first time that the state govt. dared to take an absolutely correct and legitimate step to stop Electricity theft by Muslims which is most common in all Muslim majority areas of West Bengal. I congratulate Mamata Banerjee for her exemplary courage. Hindus appreciate Mamata for this and future effort to stop all type of illegal and criminal misdeeds of Muslims all over West Bengal.

Now CPIM and Congress will surely jump in the scene and will try to fish in the muddy water. In this case the 'fish' is minority vote. So, they will suppress the fact that Muslims were stealing the electricity, and it is their regular practice all over West Bengal and all over India. They will try to gloss over that the very life of 25 people (16 were employees of WB State Electricity Board and the rest were Police personnel) were in great danger, as the mob had surrounded them after blocking all the connecting roads to that area, and were intent upon beating the Govt. personnel to death. These vote hungry parties will also suppress that how violently “ordinary” Muslims, not the “criminal” Muslims, attack the administrative personnel when they try to stop illegal activities in Muslim areas and enforce the law.

Mamata Banerjee has surprised her followers and critics many times in the past. Once again she is surprising all by taking strong steps against criminal and illegal acts of the Muslims, who thought that their 'Raj' will be established after Mamata comes to power.

Of course, most surprised lot are the Muslims of West Bengal. In simple term, they just got a 'jhatka'. It was beyond their expectation.

In the most communally sensitive district of South 24 Parganas, where Muslim population has exceeded 35 percent and where TMC first got its electoral success by wining the Zilla Parishad even before its last parliamentary election success. And made Shamima Bibi the Sabhadhipati of Zilla Parishad (Chairperson of District Council). Muslims have been shocked most by the unexpected behavior of police. After being sure of Mamata’s attitude or intention, their ‘majhabi’ and political leadership decided to confront it head on. Hence, this (Mograhat incident) is 3rd major clash between Muslim and Police within a span of 38 days in this district. First was attacking Kulpi Police Station and its family quarters on 26 October, second was attack on the police team of Jibantala P.S. by a violent Muslim mob when police caught a notorious criminal Kutubuddin, and the third is Mograhat.

After this untoward incident of Mograhat, surely Mamata Banerjee will be in a tricky position. To quell the situation, she has to take some steps which will displease many, particularly the pro Hindutva supporters and activists, and also the police personnel. This development is a defining moment for her. Let us hope that she successfully gets out of the tricky situation and governs the state smoothly.


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