Minority Community in Bangladesh not safe

The condition of Bengali Hindus has never been safe in Bangladesh, erstwhile East Pakistan, and that its future would be grievous was realized on the Calcutta Direct Action Day, August 16, 1946, followed by the infamous Noakhali genocide. If anyone had still some hope that succeeding governments would be just and truly secular to the minority Hindu community, it dashed to the ground in 1950 – the year that witnessed Barisal genocide or racial extermination compelling tens of thousands of Hindus to move to India, in spite of unwillingness and devoid of any future, finally.

What remained after that was in fact a minuscule population of Hindus that has been dwindling with each day on account of mounting state repression and atrocities of Islamic community.

The present situation is out of the frying pan into the fire – from the sizeable 29% population in the whole country in 1949 Hindu community in Bangladesh has come down to mere 8%, if not less.

Atrocities continue without respite.

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