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Communique : A Vijaya Dashami with NO Durga Puja

Kolkata, India November/5/2010 Hindu Samhati Appeals to the General Hindu Public to QUESTION the West Bengal Media, Administration, Police, and Political Parties one single question : Why was there Vijaya Dashami Celebrated in Deganga Block WITHOUT a Durga Puja ? "A Vijaya Dashami with NO Durga Puja" ================================= This is not the name of a movie. Durga Puja Committees across Deganga area in N 24 Paragana have gone empty. No Murthis (Hindu Religious Icons) were worshipped as has been done in this area for ages.The biggest Bengali mega-festival for which the Hindu awaits in excitement and hope for the full annum have been boycotted and relinquished by the Goddess' followers. Deganga Hindus had decided NOT to bring Mother Durga and her 4 children home, ie NOT to celebrate Durga Puja, ie, Sacrifice Durga Puja in 2010. Has there been a calamity, an earthquake, a typhoon, or flood ? NO ! Over 500 Hindu homes and 500 Hindu owned businesses have been a

Puja Pandal Attacked in Basanti

Can Hindus get justice in secular India ever? Time to evade such a daydream! Islamists attacked a Hindu religious function in Basanti, and desecrated the altar and destroyed the Murthi (Icon) of Goddess Lakshmi by chooping off the head and hands of the Deity. The local police has remained mute spectators against the attackers. In contrast, they forced the devotees to drown the Murthi and local arrested Hindus for protesting and have not allowed the media to cover the communal event. To Read the Full Report, Please Click the Following Links: Addendum - Information Hitherto: Hindus in Basanti go on shivering – in fright and uncertainty There seems to be no respite for the Hindus at Ranigarh, Jyotishpur Bazar, P.S.: Basanti, West Bengal, who dared to voice their protests against the sinister designs of the administrative scenario, local and also state-wide, unde

"Deganga and the Hindu Protest" - Interview by Upananda Brahmachari

-A Message from Upananda Brahmachari, Vice President, Hindu Samhati Th e following comminque was written by Upananda Brahmachari while he was jail for participating in the Barasat Hindu Samhati Rally, protesting the anti-Hindu pogrom in Deganga in early-September, 2010. “Jai Shree Rama", This is my third imprisonment in my organizational life. First & second time I went to Alipore Central Jail & Diamond Harbor for the cause of passive Hindutva under the banner of B.M.S. & R.S.S. respectively (for labor problem in the first instant and for demand of speeding up the hanging of Afzal Guru, the attacker upon the Indian parliament). But, this time in Dum Dum Central Jail, I came with my 7 fellow colleagues (including Sri Chittaranjan Dey, General Secretary of Hindu Samhati, Sri Amitava Adhikary, Dist. President of North 24 Parganas and Sri Goutam Naskar, prominent Hindu Samhati co-coordinator) for the cause of active Hindutva and obviously for the cause of restoration o

Communal Tensions Flare Up in Katwa, Burdhwan District

Communal Tensions Rise in Katwa After Muslims Abuse Hindus in Durga Puja During Durga Puja (Socio-Religious festival of Bengali Hindus), Oct 16,2010 (Nabami-ninth day) night several Muslims youth gathered in front of a Palita Road Puja Mandap (Hindu religious altar) and used abusive and condescending language against Hindus and the Hindu faith in presence of the police. The mandap is near Katwa railroad station in Katwa town (Police Station is Katwa in Burdhwan District of West Bengal). ..... Continued.... To Read the Full Story, please visit the following links:

Vijaya Sammelan held at Deganga.

Vijaya Sammelan held at Deganga. Yesterday on 24 th October at 3 pm, a grand Vijaya Sammelan held at Deganga. Venue was ‘Matri Bhavan’ near Deganga market. About 200 Hindus attended the event including ladies. Sri Chittaranjan Dey, Secretary of Hindu Samhati, Gautam Naskar, Central Committee Member of HS, Rahul Roy, and Bhuton Mali were honoured with saffron scarf by the Hindus of Deganga. These persons were arrested on 18 September at Barasat when protesting against the atrocities upon Hindus by the Muslim hoodlums. They had to spend long 26 days in Dum Dum Central Jail. Therefore the Hindus of Deganga honoured them. Prashanta Pal, Secretary of Deganga Block Durgapuja Coordination Committee delivered welcome speech. Meeting was presided over by Paritosh Ghosal. Other speakers were Tapan Ghosh, President of Chattal Pally Samity, Chitta Ranjan Dey, Gautam Naskar. Jayanta Sadhukha conducted the programme.

Durga Puja Boycotted in Deganga --- WHY?

Why Are Bengalis Unable to Perform Durga Puja Festival? Starting Monday, 6th September, 2010, Hindus have suffered relentless persecution with regards to accessing the road leading to Chattal co-operative society temple in Deganga. Hindu temples, homes as well as shops owned by Hindus were ransacked. Directly lead by Member of Parliament, Mr. Haji Nurul Islam, several Hindu Deities were broken, treasury box looted and the temple desecrated in many ways. Taking advantage of the prevailing situation, the miscreants illegally put up a loudspeaker over Deganga mosque on the 6th of September. Households owned by Hindus were selected and put of fire in addition to abusing individual women of the same homes. Fearing for their lives, residents from approximately 8 villages started to flee. . To Read the Full Story, please visit the following link/s.

Mograhat Proves Hindus Can Also Triumph.

* One…….Two……….Three – Create Many Mograhats * There is a calculated myth across the globe (and more among the adversaries of Dharma) that pluralist Hindus can’t fight at all and succumb to the first shot of every onslaught. As already said this is nothing else save for a long drawn out parable and the time has come to break the same altogether and prove Hindus can also struggle for the sake of Dharma. Well, there is nothing to lose hope as village of Dakshin Marjada under Mograhat P.S. in South 24 Parganas district has shown the way. What happened in 2009? Sovarani Atheletic Club and a Muslim graveyard is side by side. Lat year, Muslims created tried to obstruct the Hindu festival of Durga Puja. The Hindus resisted. This year, Muslims claimed that they have obtained some court judgement in their favour to stop the Puja. Hence they tried to obstruct the Puja. To Read the Full Story, please visit the following link/s. http://southbengalherald.b
LIST OF 31 BOYCOTTED DURGAPUJAS AT DEGANGA BLOCK IN 2010 (District – North 24 Pargana of West Bengal, India) Deganga Thana Para Deganga Biplabi Colony Deganga Jubak Sangha Deganga B.D.O. Office Para Deganga Milan Sangha Chattal Samity, Chattal Pally Berachapa Matrimandir Berachapa Sadhukha Para Bhaslia Rankhola Tarun Sangha Bhaslia Jubak Sangha Aminpur Shakti Sangha Joaria Sarbojaneen Durgapuja Biswanathpur Camp Ambikanagar Agradut Club Kaliyani Padmaraj Para Ramnathpur Sarbojaneen Durgapuja Khejurdanga Biswanathpur Unnayan Samity Kishor Samity, Chandana Purba Chandana Kapali Para Beledanga Das Para Hadipur Uday Sangha Jadabpur Golden Tarun Sangha Jadabpur Shakti Sangha Debalay Charabagan Maulopata Village Jhikra Netaji Sangha Goalbati Amra Kajon Ajijnagar Prabah Ajijnagar Pally Sarathi Kalijuga Sarbojaneen Durgapuja Burir Darga Sarbojaneen Durgapuja

Press Release : A Dark Dusshera for Deganga

PRESS RELEASE : A Dark Dusshera for Deganga Kolkata, India 10/15/2010 No, this is not a joke. 42 Puja Mandaps across Deganga Block will go empty. The biggest festival of the Bengali Hindus for which the populace excitedly waits the full year will be sacrificed and boycotted by the Goddess' followers. Located in Barasat Subdivision of N 24 Parganas, Deganga Hindus have decided not to bring Mother Durga and her 4 children home, ie NOT to celebrate Durga Puja, ie, Sacrifice Durga Puja in 2010. Has there been a calamity, an earthquake, a typhoon, or flood ? NO ! Over 500 Hindu homes and 500 Hindu owned businesses have been attacked, multiple Hindu temples have been desecrated and defiled, all with synchronized orchestration by a planned well organized mob under the leadership of MP Haji Nurul Islam. All within a three day span in September, 2010. Hindus in Deganga have treated this as more serious than a calamity, an earthquake, a typhoon, or a flood. The biggest festival of Deganga&#

HS Workers Released from Jail


The Lessons from Deganga

Prasun Maitra The innocent Hindus of Deganga witnessed the barbaric face of Muslim fundamentalism. The so called ‘religion of peace’ revealed its true face there and the administration failed to provide any protection to Hindus and preferred to bow down in front of Islamic terror. The most of the people of Deganga had migrated from Muslim dominated East Bengal to Hindu dominated India leaving behind their paternal property there in order to save their cultural dignity which was under tremendous threat in East Bengal. To Read the Full Story and to View Pictures of the Damage, please visit the following link/s.

Atrocities on Hindus at Deganga Riot 2010: Countdown Begins in Bengal

Debabrata Mandal 6th, 7th and 8th September, 2010 are the three black days in the past fifty years long history of West Bengal. Organized Muslim gangs committed Brutal atrocities on Hindu community in these three days over an area adjacent to Deganga, Kartikpur and Beliaghata markets, located at the east of Barasat district town. State administration totally failed to protect the honour and property of the Hindus and Army had to be deployed in this area. To Read the Full Story and to View Pictures of the Damage, please visit the following link/s.

Bajrangbali Banned in Bengal

Mr. Prashanta Das, a Hindu businessman and resident of Chingripota, near Budge Budge, Kolkata had an unwanted stranger on August 14, 2010, Officer in Charge, Mr. Rajiv Sharma of BojBoj Police Station. The item of contention was a statue of Hindu icon Lord Hanuman on the gate of the businessman's house. The newly appointed officer visited Mr. Das' house without any notice and threatened him for allegedly provoking the local devout Muslims and hurting their religious sentiments by having this deity. The officer repeatedly insisted that statue had to be altered, faced inside or taken down. To Read the Full Story and to View the Picture of the Hanuman Gate, please visit the following link/s.

Press Release - No Durga Puja in DeGanga - Protest Rally

DEGANGA PUJA SAMANVAY COMMITTEE ORGANIZED A MASSIVE RALLY TO PROTEST On 3rd October, 2010, the Deganga Durga Puja Samanvay Committee organized a massive protest rally against the local administration and corrupt TMC political leaders and named this rally as “DHIKKAR” (Shame). To Read the Full Story and to View the Pictures of the Rally, please visit the following link/s. Posted by Hindu Samhati's Media Communications Team