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Strong Bengali Hindu Nationalist movement getting essential ever more

Bengali Hindus have been the worst victims of partition in 1947 and it is getting evident more and more. Lots of movements against tyrannical Islamic activism have taken place but the result has been abortive. Bengali Hindu Nationalist movement based on religious-linguistic distinctiveness can only save the community. But it must also be virile, decisive and vicious at the same instant. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Islamic supremacists rape Hindu confidence in Bangladesh

Srimad BhagavadGita burnt, temple destructed Religious persecutions on Hindus in Bangladesh (former East Pakistan) have been unabated, not from inception of Pakistan in 1947 only but from the preceding Noakhali massacre in 1946. And through decades it has grown by leaps and bounds only leading to woes of Hindus more and more. Even if various human rights organisations in and outside Bangladesh have raised this issue from time to time, there has hardly been any redemption. Burning of Gita, destruction of Hindu temple and assault on Hindus authenticate fast worsening situation for Hindus in Bangladesh . Whichever is the governance in Bangladesh , atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh remain the same. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindu-Jews protest against defaming Lord Shiva in United States strongly

A heinous conspiracy to denounce Hinduism and defame its age-old sacrosanct emblems has been hatched. And the same is getting stronger with the passing of each day. A few days before a model depicted image of Goddess Lakshmi on her swimwear at a fashion event held in Sydney ( Australia ) and it led to a great uproar among Hindus and strong campaign as well. Jews have realized the scheme and have joined hands with Hindus to crush it without ado. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Is civil administration of Pakistan double-faced?

Pakistan is in a dismal position owing to rising accusations against it of being a terror hub and David Headley’s charge that reigning Pak PM attended his father’s funeral has added fuel to fire. Even if Pakistan PMO has not left any chance to deny this outright, tensions are growing in the Indian subcontinent and especially India . It is getting clear that as regards exporting and strengthening Islamic terrorism in India , no difference exists between Pakistani military and civil administrations. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Mamata gifts Urdu – second-language, Aliah Madrasa University to Muslims

What next? Complete dominion! Every language must be provided opportunities and also amenities by the democratic governance in India, essential for its betterment. Urdu is a prominent language and also gracious. Hence, it must also be rendered the same. But the subject refuses to end here. There is another dimension of Urdu; from the end of 1930s in pre-independent India till date it speaks more of Islamic separatism than harmony and cultural exchanges. What is more, its condition (getting hapless more due to its custodians’ greater love for Pakistan than its betterment) has been exploited by Islamic supremacists at times to hackle Indian governance only. There were generous fundings in earlier decades too; but the result was reverse to expectation. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindu Samhati salutes Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Bande Mahapurushashashya Charanarabindam Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was a heroic freedom fighter, social reformer, author, historian, political leader and philosopher. Both his revolutionary spirit and notion of Hindutva has been inspiring Hindus through ages. It is he who taught Hindus how to fight for own interest and preserve self-dignity. But he and his legacy has also been the easiest prey of Indian governance. It’s the time to get rid of all these venoms and venerate this noble man. To know more please visit:

Hindu persecution defeats Left Front in West Bengal

Fall of 34-year rule of Left Front in the Indian state of West Bengal is historic. But this is also not without any reason. From before its rise to power both Communists and Lefts have been anti-Hindu and this venom has led to the downfall ultimately, without doubt. West Bengal-2011 election reveals that Hindus do not tolerate persecutions on them for long. To Know More Please Visit:

Glimpses of mosques in Kolkata

Kolkata, is a bastion of Muslims as well and evidences of this can be found in every corner of the metropolis. It is not known when and how the Muslim presence commenced in Kolkata but surely Pathan, Mughal or simply Islamic invasions played a great role in this regard. With the change of ages, mosques in Kolkata have also altered. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Bengali Hindus are innate fighters

Struggle is the only way that proves the innate virility of a community and point of Bengali Hindu community, in this regard, is quite high. But this also belongs to past while the present is deplorable. Mounting religious persecution on Hindus in Bangladesh has never got a fitting reply or admonition of retribution. The community must shed its awful present and bring its manliness back. This is only way to save them. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Lashkar-e-Taiba to destroy Hindu confidence in India; perennial soft target

Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) has resurfaced once more and this time it is all set to wreck havoc in Hindu confidence. Whatever may be the other reasons, India ’s failure to indict Pakistan using turmoil regarding Laden’s death of late has been most imperative. India ’s response to this can be apprehended by now; no need of any hope on the Indian governance. But if LeT strikes successfully, it would lead to a new inception of terror. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Rashbehari Bose; rebel who never slept

Rashbehari Bose happens to be one of the unsung heroes of Indian independence struggle who dedicated his entire life for the national liberation. His efforts have never been recognized in India, especially by the independent governance. It is the time to commemorate his contributions and draw inspirations from his fiery lifelong struggle. To Know More Please Visit:

Is Obama compensating Laden’s killing through deserting Israel?

More than a substantial population in United States has expressed solidarity with Israel for decades. But Obama’s speech is not conforming to people’s confidence and it seems he is ready to leave Israel in the lurch at this critical juncture. It is neither good for United States nor for its President Obama, became a hero through slaying Laden recently. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindu Samhati pioneers its struggles in North Bengal

Hindu Samhati is getting prominent in the northern parts of West Bengal , known to be an easy gateway for Islamic supremacists, intruders, as well. Situation in all districts of the northern region, be it Malda or any other, remains tense round the clock, thanks to unholy nexus between Muslim activists and administration, ready to capitulate to its Islamic bosses. Hindus, as a result, remain in abject fear and the apathy of police and administration to them make them more destitute. Hindus are depending a lot on Hindu Samhati to renew their rights and also the moral fiber to fight against aggressors. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Islamic supremacists flex muscles in West Dinajpur; Hindus terrified

West Dinajpur in the Indian state of West Bengal has become a haven of Islamic supremacists and now the situation is such when Hindus are no longer able to chant their religious songs and mantras. Hindus are being persecuted on a daily basis. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Will Nepal be a Hindu State again?

Nepal, erstwhile single Hindu state across the globe, is in a historical juncture once again and Hindu groups are leaving no stone unturned to make use of this opportunity to reinstate a Hindu State. Whatever may be the future remains unknown yet but it’s true Hindus in Nepal, unlike other parts of the globe, are stimulated and are ready to face any eventuality. To Read Full Report Please Visit: ind

Cricket tournament suffers Muslim rampage in Jharkhand; Hindus murdered

A simple incident is enough for Muslims to stage any demonstration against and also exterminate Hindus. What has happened in the Indian state of Jharkhand is not the beginning but a part of Islamic culture, getting more prominent in Indian scenario. Hindus must realize the fast changing scenario and struggle against Islamic assailants vehemently. If any Hindu has no confidence in this, his days are certainly finished. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Beef smugglers enjoying advocacy of governance

Beef is proscribed in Hinduism and it is known across the globe. But sadly Indian state governments remain indifferent to retain the same distinction and recent instances in UP, regarded as one of the strongest bastions among Hindus, depict the declining consciousness. Beef smuggling, backed by Hindu government officials, has become a mouthwatering business and unless Hindus stop this and find their self-esteem out yet again, there is no hope on the whole. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Bengali Hindu – newest bargaining counter in Assam

Leaving BJP baffled, Bengali Hindus have voted for Congress in Assam State Election 2011, a major shift in its standpoint enough to influence the upcoming state politics. Definitely, through this, the community has proved its own potency and has made state political scenario realize its virile presence and significance in the state. Both Barak valley districts and Brahmaputra Valley constituencies, noted as Bengali Hindu majority areas, have voted for Congress. What their benefits will be remain to be seen but truly, BJP needs serious introspection. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindu rape victim in Haroa files complaint against Islamic activist

It’s good to note that Aloka Sardar, raped victim in Teghoria (village), Kulti, P.S. Haroa, has finally got the courage to file a formal complaint against the Islamic assailant. Trust on Indian governance must remain but similar women victims, following Aloka, must come to the fore to overcome nasty Muslim designs. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Islamic supremacists desecrate Kaliagunj Temple with Beef

Hindus get distressed Hindus are under attack and unless they get strength and unity, there is no hope at all. Presence of beef in the village temple of Buri BasaliDevi in Kaliagunj proves the same necessity yet again. But the novel consciousness among Hindus and their increasing aptitude to discern true friends is indeed a commendable development. Each and every Hindu, especially in areas under attack, must learn from this. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindu Samhati pays homage to 19 May martyrs

19 May is indeed a great day in Bengali culture running through centuries. It was the day when tens of thousands of Bengali Hindu agitators in Barak Valley joined the life-or-death struggle to stop the nasty design of then Assam Government to make Assamese the sole official language in the state negating the just demand of Bengali language. 11 people died and several others were wounded but the history they created remains peerless. Status of 19 May is equal to 21 February and the day must be given due recognition. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindu woman raped in Haroa

Hindu baiting in the Indian state of West Bengal is becoming widespread these days and Minakha in 24 Paraganas (North) has turned out to be one the worst affected areas. Even if people are trying to interpret ongoing repressions as part of political animosity following West Bengal Assembly Election 2011, reality is appalling. As per classified sources, Muslims are making use of this uncanny development to eradicate Hindus from the environs. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

New chapter in Hindu persecution in Bangladesh

Hindu persecution in Bangladesh enters a new era with the rise in terrorism on Hindus. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Is Trinamool’s electoral triumph nemesis of Hindus?

Muslims are considering TMC’s landslide in the West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 as the best ploy to intimidate and persecute Hindus. What has happened in Debitala village, P.S. Minakha, today is just the beginning of another horrendous episode of Hindu persecution. It’s the time for Hindus to find out their real custodians fast. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Goddess Lakshmi on swimsuits affronts Hinduism

Slanderous defamation of Hinduism in West continues in full swing and Goddess Lakshmi becomes the most recent target. Without a doubt, denigration of any religious emblem is an offence and hurt sentiment must be nursed promptly. This is not anything new for Hinduism; such defamatory campaigns have been going on for decades. And unless tough measures are adopted to call this a halt, it will continue to grow. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Is Islamic India only future?

Despite the menace Islamic terrorism is threatening India , greater part of the world is trying to downplay the incident terming it as minimal or too early to dwell on. But Indians know very well where the shoe pinches. And if the worldwide humanity fails to stand by India and stamp down the scourge, radical Islamic India would not be good for them too. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Muslims celebrating Trinamool victory oppress Hindus in Basirhat

Hindus have become target of Islamic ruffians with the assertion of TMC’s landslide. All these prove that TMC enjoys support of Islamic fundamentalism and therefore, it is not unjust to state that change in West Bengal would strengthen Muslims’ divisive tendencies only. What will happen to Hindus then? None knows; Hindus in West Bengal do not have any custodian. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindu-Jewish Solidarity Day performed with gaiety in United States

Solidarity between Hindus and Jews is not new and its inception dates back 2,000 years. Nevertheless, the same has remained unknown to the external world but it’s the time to let the world know. Both Bridge Houston and Hindus of Greater Houston have realized need of the same and all these led to the occasion. Hindu-Jew camaraderie of last 2000 years must be forwarded to the posterity so that the unity can sustain for the next 2000 years; both communities are susceptible to the threat of Islamic terrorism To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Our Struggle – Post-electoral Developments

West Bengal Assembly Election 2011, unlike other years, is an epoch-making event whose fallout is enough to influence fates of Hindus. Hindu Samhati is leaving no ways simply to analyze the situation and act in view of that. Without a doubt, whatever may be the consequence, position of Hindus is going to be more vulnerable to changing reality than before. Hindu Samhati is steadfast to put an end to repressions on Hindus, be it from the State or the Islamic zealots. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Malancha Meeting

Yesterday,10th. May 2011; a grand meeting of HS was held at Malancha in Minakhna block of North 24 Parganas district. The background should be narrated in brief to make everybody understand the sinister design of Islamic expansionism going on unabated in every nook and corner of West Bengal . Malancha is a very important junction on its way to Kolkata and several Police stations like Minakhna, Sandeshkhali, Haroa, Basirhat and Hasnabad submerge on this point. Muslim settlement, domination and capture of these strategic locations is a well known fact and they have meticulously executed this throughout the entire length and breadth of the state. They have eyed this Malancha junction for long. Their recent activity and use of violence and force is a clear indicator towards their capture of this vital Malancha junction. S ystematically, the Muslim local goons have been beating the Hindu activists in that area for last one year, especially after the victory of Haji Nurul Islam in la

Anything for 'peace of the soul' of Osama

Any individual, whether good or bad, felon or pleasant, if he is a Muslim, must be given due respect and provided all amenities anywhere across the globe. It simply doesn't matter even if he is Osama bin Laden. Death of Osama, role model of Islamic terrorism and also of hardliners across the globe, has been a severe blow to Islamic Ummah and through prayers it is licking the wound only. Prayers in Kolkata prove that there is no distinction between Muslims in spite of racial and linguistic differences. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Will a somber, liberal Bangladesh be seen before long?

Bangladesh is all set to become a good and trustworthy neighbor of India yet again and therefore, has stated clearly its determination to eradicate all forms of extremism and terrorism from its soil. This is indeed a major initiative but considering the religious persecutions, thanks to silence and covert advocacy of indigenous administration, on Hindus time and again, any jovial activity would be too early. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

HS’ May summit deals with troubling developments getting higher

Hindu Samhati gathering of May, 2011 studied some common as well as uncanny developments. Without a doubt, HS workers are bold enough to face any such but the fast changing reality must be taken into account and also studied. This standpoint, positive without a doubt, was the most dominating disposition in the assembly. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Tripura witnesses rising Islamic Terrorism, Shiva Temple Destruction

Tripura is fast becoming a stronghold of Islamic terrorism and it is proved by the recent demolition of a 25 year old Shiva temple located in Bishalgarh of Golaghati Jamtali area under Takarjola P.S. in West Tripura district. The administration, thanks to the tutelage of its secular guardians, is apathetic to Hindus and Muslims are gleeful. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindus in Usthi tame Muslim ruffians

Hindus in Usthi, led by Hindu Samhati workers, claimed a major victory when a fiery community feeling, a rare instance in Hindu history on the whole, was divulged recently. The incident of Pramatha Halder, though of low magnitude, triggered off Muslims in the neighborhood and they were just waiting for applying strong-arm tactics. But the combative attitude of Hindus changed the reality. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Radical Islam all set to stamp down Opponents, takeover Globe

Radial Islam, even after the death of Osama Bin Laden, continues to be a scourge on the worldwide humanity. The recent mythos (supported by extremist thoughts) as brought forward by Muslim Brotherhood in several Middle East countries, especially Egypt , proves that the philosophy of hate is yet to be finished. Resurgences of such notions prove how deeper the saga of radical Islam is and if nations like Libya and Ethiopia become bastions of novel firebrand Islamic radicals, the peril would become impregnable without any uncertainty. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Mousumi – Newest Prey of Love Jihad

Mousumi Ghosh, teen girl of 17 years, has become the latest prey of Love Jihad in Bengal . Even if the incident occurred a few days back, the hapless family is yet to get any trace of her. Local administration’s reluctance and hostility of neighboring Muslims have become the greatest impediment before the hapless family to get her. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Worship Gopal Pantha – be a Gopal Pantha

Gopal Pantha, despite being the true savior of Hindus in Direct Action Day, 16 th August 1946, has always remained as an unheeded character. He has always been labeled as criminal or troublemaker but the time has come to give him his dues. No ungrateful race can sustain ever and same is the case with Bengali Hindus. The sin they have made by disregarding Gopal Pantha and his contribution can be annulled through paying homage to him. There is the need of hundreds of Gopal Pantha s to save dying Hindus, nowadays. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Islam’s sole catchword – destroy Hindus

A few recent excavations prove the horror of Islamic dominion in mediaeval India and its atrocities on Hindus – temples, discovered as a result of explorations, depict how temples were destroyed to serve as the basis of mosques in future. Even if any Marxist or Secular prefers to negate the same as saffron agenda, all he/she has to do is to go through works of medieval Muslim historians, known for portraying their lords best. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Has Death Knell of Bangladeshi Hindus already been Sounded?

Hindu community in Bangladesh has never been allowed to breathe freely from its inception and at the moment, the situation is out of the frying pan into the fire. Not only the community’s fast dwindling population in the country (land owned by Hindus solely once) is a cause of concern but its silent capitulation to Islamic marauders prove that virility can’t match the word “Hindu” ever. Hindu bashing, on the whole, is not new and stem from the Islamic doctrines, enjoying a great patronage from Muslim hardliners in the country and feeble opposition of alleged humanists nowadays. Can Hindus in Bangladesh be saved then? To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Hindu Samhati Congratulates United States for Stamping Out Laden

Osama bin Laden, after a 10-year long massive manhunt, has finally been killed by US special forces bringing relief to the humanity worldwide. Indeed this is a great triumph for the United States of America and all sane individuals, irrespective of racial and religious barriers, but some other things must also be heeded. This is most opportune moment to look into the infamous activities of Pakistan in sponsoring and strengthening Islamic terrorism across the globe. Pakistan , devoid of any hesitation, is on the negative side and hence, it must be driven out from the United Nations. To Read Full Report Please Visit:

Know Evangelism; Mounting Threat to Hindus

Evangelism is a mounting threat to Hindus and one of the factors leading to its exponential rise is lack of knowledge of the same in the community. Militant Christian outfits and their nameless guardians are creating havoc in North-East India . There are allegations too that Islamic outfits maintain a strange bonhomie with the militant Christian groups in India . The phenomenal book, “ The Armies Of God: A Study In Militant Christianity", written by Iain Buchanan, British-born, Malaysia-based academic, can be of great help to Hindus to ascertain the fast changing reality. To Read Full Report Please Visit: