Bengali Hindus are innate fighters

Struggle is the only way that proves the innate virility of a community and point of Bengali Hindu community, in this regard, is quite high. But this also belongs to past while the present is deplorable. Mounting religious persecution on Hindus in Bangladesh has never got a fitting reply or admonition of retribution.

The community must shed its awful present and bring its manliness back. This is only way to save them.

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Victoria said…
It is very easy to blame the victims. Have the ancestors of LK Advani or ManMohan Singh fought against the Muslims in West Pakistan? They both Hindus and Sikhs of West Pakistan just fled to India to escape certain death.

Bengali Hindus also wanted to do that but Nehru declared that they would be send back to Pakistan if they would seek shelter in India ( According to the Nehru-Liaqat Ali Treaty). Horrible discriminations were used against the Bengali Hindu refugees by Meher Chand Khanna, who was the Refugee Minister of Nehru.

Refugees from West Pakistan got all help; they were allowed to exchange properties with the Muslims even in Bihar, but the Bengali Hindu refugees were rounded up and forced to live in Repatriation Camps.

Because of this terrible treatment by the Nehru Government Bengali Hindus decided to stay in East Pakistan and at least 3 million of them were killed in March 1970 after the arrest of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman by the Pakistani army.

At least 10 million of them came to India in 1970-71, but they were forced to go back to Bangladesh. How can they fight against the Muslims in Bangladesh, where they are only about 10 percent of the population, with all police and the army personnels are Muslims?

Why the ancestors of Advani and ManMohan Singh never fought against the Muslims in West Pakistan?

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