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Hindu girl gang-raped in Sandeshkhali

Tortures on Hindus soar; administration gutless, voiceless On April 28, at 2 am, a band of robbers, headed by Osman Mollah, raided the residence of a tribal Hindu businessman (of paddy) and demanded a large amount of money and when he failed to comply with, his adolescent daughter Ratna (name changed) was taken as hostage but found gang-raped later on. This gruesome incident took place at Jhupkhali Kacharipara within the jurisdiction of Sandeshkhali police station in Basirhat subdivision in the district of North 24 Paraganas. Osman is the son of Mochiyer Rahman Mollah of the same Jhupkhali village. It has come to knowledge, the attack was premeditated and this can be found from a few facts. The gang had definite information that the hapless girl’s father had brought Rs. 70, 000 to the residence while the reality is that he had Rs. 20, 000 on hand after paying the stockist an amount of Rs. 50, 000. The robbers, to have the money, were wielding lethal weapons and once the gang

Hindus smashed up in Comilla, Bangladesh

On April 27, 2014, minority Hindus living in the village of Baksitarampur within the Chanderchar Union, sub-district of Homna in the district of Comilla in Bangladesh earned the wrath of tens of thousands of radical Muslims that led to utter destruction of 35 residences of Hindus along with a Hindu temple. Hindus were taken aback by the entire development where even students of five madrasas took part elatedly and as expected, the destruction went on for hours. Hindus pleaded with the belligerent crowd to stop but the appeal fell on deaf ears only. It has come to knowledge, a derogatory remark on Hazrat Mohammed, Prophet of Islam, on Facebook urged the Islamic crowd to assail Hindus. However, many have been found to state that it was nothing but a rumor based on which Hindus were targeted. The incident terrorized Hindus in the village such that they fled during the onslaught and they are hiding still. According to local sources and police and also devastated Hindus, Muslims, livi

Where can Hindu refugees from Bangladesh go other than India?

Political parties are up in arms against the recent statement of Narendra Modi of packing off illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh to India and some Hindus have also been found to join the bandwagon and without doubt, this attitude reflects their inhuman dearth of knowledge instead of erudition. Even if the chronicle of illegal infiltration of Islamists in Bangladesh has been ravaging the national economy, secular parties in strength, to retain power through support of Muslims en masse, prefer to be reticent. There has been no end to this endeavor. A question also arises – how will leaders of these parties react if they discern that their kith and kin are compelled everyday to convert to another religion and if he/she belongs to any minority religious community, the existence of concerned individual at stake. Do they know how Islamists are estranging Hindus in Bangladesh? Do they know that Hindus are having two options now there – either they have to become Muslims or leave Bang

Will doctor’s murder initiate anew spate of Hindu persecution in Kultali?

Law and order is not on the verge of falling down in Bengal; it is on the wane already and while the saga of violence and communal clashes soar, police and administration prefer to witness from a distance. And if the victim turns out to be a Hindu anyway, derision instead of justice remains his only destiny. All these are being said, now, by people inhabiting the areas within the jurisdiction of Kultali police station in the district of South 24 Paraganas on the unprecedented murder of Mrityunjay Purakait (age 46). He was a doctor by profession, living in the village of Manikapir within the same police station’s jurisdiction, and was murdered on April 27 in the morning.  The doctor was murdered by Karim Dhali, inhabitant of the village of Deulbari Devipur village panchayat within the jurisdiction of Kultali police station.  He is in the police custody at the moment. What led to the ghastly crime? According to villagers, Karim Dhali’s two month-old son was suffering from pneum

Hindus at nadir in Bangladesh

Alarming rise in persecution menaces Hindu existence     Inhibiting all expectations of minority communities and also of liberals in Bangladesh that the new government would adopt all measures to bring the crisis to a halt, persecutions on Hindus with other minority communities is rising alarmingly there and the alleged secular government headed by Awami League, found to be highly vociferous against mounting clout of Islamists in the country even a few months back, is found to retain a weird silence only. Has any truce been signed between Awami League and Jamaat forces? This motion is prevailing official circles of eastern part of Indian subcontinent too, primarily India as it shall have to bear the burden of Bengali Hindu refugee influx if worst pogroms start against them back home.   The surge in attacks on Hindus include plundering their residences, endeavors to both defile and destroy holy deities in Hindu temples, burning down Hindu establishments and forcible abduction

Hindus in Joynagar stave off Islamists’ nefarious plot

Conspiracy to rout Hindus hatched months back While the entire nation is under the spell of parliamentary election, 2014, Hindus inhabiting Durgapur in Joynagar, known for recurrent communal clashes through years, are engaged in a fiery resistance to fast increasing aggressions of Islamists in the area. On the word of people dwelling the area of Taltala of Durgapur in Joynagar within the Joynagar police station’s jurisdiction in the district of South 24 Paraganas, the crisis was initiated by an individual named Jehangir Ghazi. Jehangir Ghazi, in recent past, purchased a stretch of land behind the local Balak Sammilani Club and also alongside the land owned by Tappan Malakar, a Hindu individual. None in the village opposed Jehangir’s venture especially when he had constructed his own residence in the village. The residence of Jehangir looks like a ship and it became an attraction for all within the village and its vicinity also. Honest Hindus in the village assumed that Jehang

Who can stop cattle smuggling in Basirhat?

Not Bengal government indubitably Basirhat is in headlines once more and as expected, for both wrong and usual reasons only. On April 23, in the night a fierce accident between a matador and a vehicle loaded with cattle led to injury of 15 people and 8 of them have already been transferred to the SSKM hospital in Kolkata and all of them, as per last reports, are in critical conditions yet. According to police and also locals, the lorry or vehicle loaded with a large number of cows was moving towards Basirhat while the matador was coming from there. Both vehicles were in high speed and collided soon. The aggrieved mob ransacked the lorry virtually and when police reached the spot, the entire police team had to deal with a strong protest. On the word of aggrieved villagers, the entire area, thanks to tacit support of local police and administration, has turned into a free zone for cattle smugglers and this saga has been going on for years. Cattle smugglers have become kingpins in t

Hindus tortured cruelly at Netrokona, Magura in Bangladesh

On April 24, 2014, large groups of radical Muslims raided two Kali Temples belonging to the minority Hindu community in the district of Netrokona in Bangladesh. it has come to knowledge, Kali Temple of Ekata Sangha located at the Nadir Par Satpai within the municipal area became victim to the Islamic onslaught in the night. A few holy deities including Kali, Saraswati and Shiva were both defiled and destroyed. On the other hand, the Kali Temple located at the Hindu crematorium of Badagara Gopalpur in the outskirts of the town was attacked in the evening and five holy deities were desecrated and destroyed. Even if higher officials of local police and administration have visited the spot, no investigation has started yet. It is alleged, fear of Hindus to lodge official complaints to the police station has prevented police to initiate any investigation.  Locals have also been found to claim that the police report will be of no avail as well.  This area in the district of Netrokona is kn

Hindu housewife turns into sex slave in Bangladesh

Islamists kidnap her again for daring to protest On April 20, 2014, at night, a group of Muslim radicals abducted a Hindu housewife from the Satanipara area in the city of Sherpur, Dhaka division in Bangladesh and even if her husband lodged an official complaint on the following day to the local police station, she is yet to be found. In accordance with sources and also content of the complaint, the Hindu housewife had been kidnapped a few days back also and then she was made victim to sexual assaults. The entire activity was recorded in a camera and she was also warned that any exposure of this would cost lives of her husband and children. Even if she requested the Islamists to render clemency to her hapless family, she was declined at every time. Some of the culprits agreed to return the video footage later on; an amount of 4.5 lakh taka (currency in Bangladesh) was collected from the Hindu family also. However, the video footage was not returned. When the radical Muslims deman

Birbhum – latest center for Islamists to stockpile weapons

Bomb explosion claims two lives, injures several critically in Labhpur Evidencing once more that the watershed Lok Sabha Election, 2014 may become violent if it fails to gratify aspiration of the ruling clique in Bengal and to vent this anger illegal arms and ammunitions are being stockpiled by radical Muslims across the state, two people were killed while seven got injured seriously on April 21 owing to an explosion in the residence of Sheikh Ismail, known as an ardent supporter and also local leader of Trinamool Congress, in the village of Kusumgaria within the Labhpur police station’s jurisdiction in the district of Birbhum. It is widely believed that the explosion happened while crude bombs were being made. According to locals, others who were less injured fled the spot soon. It has come to knowledge, the incident had taken place on April 21 at 1 pm when Sheikh Ismail’s house was bustling with the presence of lots of people. The adjoining hut of Sheikh Ismail, known also

Dream of Sovereign, Islamic Bangladesh with Kolkata comes forth

Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s assertion a couple of days back over the rising clout of Bangladeshi infiltrators in India and the obligation of Bangladesh, abiding by the principles of humanity and also of global polity to retain harmony, to compensate India with land has been retorted with strength and the speaker is Shah Alam Pradhan, president of Jatiyo Gonatantrk Party (National Democratic Party) or JAGPA in Bangladesh, known for its far-right politics. JAGPA, at the moment, is a key member of the 18 party alliance led by BNP and enjoys bonhomie with other Islamist parties in the country. While reacting to Swamy’s statements at the Jatiya Press Club (National Press Club) in Dhaka on April 21, Shah Alam Pradhan threatened to make a new, sovereign Bangladesh including Kolkata.       Dr. Subramanian Swamy, while expressing his apprehensions on the unchecked and also mounting infiltration from Bangladesh at Guwahati, had stated explicitly, “If Bangladesh does not agree to take back its

Bengali Hindus must use watershed Lok Sabha Election, 2014 sagaciously

Failure to cost their survival They are international to the core and also known for their humane values. They have been torchbearers of two Renaissances, have generated myriad scholars, educationists, political leaders of high repute. Their contribution to the saga of national freedom struggle is second to none and still, their glorious ancestors who sacrificed all to break the shackles of slavery to British Empire are venerated highly by others. They have been extremely large in philosophy while extremely narrow and also rudderless in real politiks. They have the intellect of a Greek but grit of a rabbit, as per British evaluation, though this estimation has always been confronted too. How are they now? The community is just staggering and also groping in darkness. While a significant portion of this community is on the verge of extinction in the neighboring country, in its home state (yet) its religious-linguistic identity is at stake. How can this be defined? An Irony of Fate

Hindus in Bengal steadfast to conquer Love Jihad

After lots of frustrations, this is indeed a great achievement – fresh news of triumph and all credit go to the Hindu Samhati activists and their tireless efforts to recover Priya Mandal (age 14), who became victim of Love Jihad or the malice set to ravage Hindu girls through the venomous spell of love. On the word of locals inhabiting South Bishnupur within the Mandirbazar police station’s jurisdiction in the district of South 24 Paraganas, adolescent Priya Mandal (name changed) was abducted on April 13, 2014 from her residence there. She was kidnapped by Sagir Sheikh, mechanic in a local motor garage, who feigned that he loved her a lot. Sagir Sheikh lives in the village of Gilerchat within the Raydighi police station’s jurisdiction. Even after lots of searches in the vicinity, her parents failed to get her and filed an official complaint to the local police station. Being acquainted with the fast worsening law and order in Bengal and also the role of police plus rising placati

Recurrent communal clashes shudder Kakdwip, South 24 Paraganas

Police apprehends more sinister outcome Communal clashes in succession have shivered Kakdwip in the district of South 24 Paraganas lock, stock and barrel and if worst apprehensions of administration get true, the area is going to be the hotbed of mounting Hindu-Muslim clashes harrying the whole of Bengal already.  The trouble started on April 14, 2014 at the Kacharibari Shivmandir premises within the Kakdwip police station’s jurisdiction at 10 pm when Hindus in the area following the Charak Puja organized a dance competition. The contest earned attraction of Hindu girls and women and they, as expected, lost no time to take part in it. All of a sudden, a group of Muslim youths was found to hurl sexually explicit remarks at them. Even if they were ignored initially, one Muslim youth stepped forward and tore off a child dancer’s blouse that led to a ruckus. Members of the Shiva Puja Committee asked the Muslim youths to go away immediately.  The Muslim youths retreated and tension di

Abduction, rape of Hindu girls - most favored sport of Islamists in Bangladesh

Hindu girls are vanishing in Bangladesh fast. This malice is not limited to any particular district but has become a common affair across the country by now while the administration prefers to enjoy wailing of Hindus from a safe distance.  Maloti Rani, a 13-year old Hindu girl and also a student of Class VII at the Bisbari Ebatonnesa Girls’ High School, living in the district of Lalmonirhat in the Rangpur division of Bangladesh has become the latest victim. It has come to knowledge that Maloti was on her way to attend the Ashtamisnan (religious bathing) festival on April 7, 2014 and she was kidnapped by a group of Islamists then. Maloti Rani is the daughter of Jagadish Chandra Ram, a Hindu individual living in the village of Durakuti of Mogolhat Union within the Lalmonirhat sub-district headquarter in the district of Lalmonirhat for decades., Maloti was not alone on Monday morning; she was accompanied by her younger sister or Jaymoni Rani (age 11) while moving to the festival hel

Hindus wrecked in Bagchi Jamsherpur, Nadia

Radical Muslim mob stops Charak Puja; burn down houses, injure Hindus   While the Election Commission is found to apprehend only that utmost violence may mar the Parliamentary Election, 2014 in Bengal, ferocity has already set in but through soaring communal clashes at this time. On April 14, 2014, the village of Bagchi Jamsherpur within the Hogolberia police station’s jurisdiction in the district of Nadia experienced attack by a group of radical Muslims inhabiting the vicinity. The sole aim of the group was to stop the Charak Puja in the village of Bagchi Jamsherpur and also to rip financial benefits from Hindus living in the village. It was learnt, later, the attack had been designed weeks before and more than hundreds of Islamists from the neighborhood formed the group. The Puja was forestalled and Hindus suffered in every possible manner. According to the villagers, the whole village remains elated (on every year) regarding Gajan at this time and the Puja is conducted by