Police becomes preys to Islamist hooligans in Kolkata

While victory remains the ultimate objective, several maneuvers to attain it exist and when the zeal is to get upper hand always, keeping both foes and bystanders under a veil of threat remains the best strategy. The art of retaining a reign of terror has never been unknown to radical Muslims; the metropolis of Kolkata is witnessing it fast these days. And policemen are becoming victims unfortunately when they strive to quiet the Islamist hooligans down, especially during the dead of night in the city. Perhaps, police force of Didi has the power to swallow all these insults for the greater cause to safeguard and promote the chronicle of secularism.    

On March 31, at 2.30 am in Ballygunje Circular Road, a team of policemen comprising a few green police as well, came across a parked car. The presence of the car there for long hours made the team skeptical and to check the reality, they went to the vehicle and found unexpectedly four tipsy youths (including 1 young lady) who were engaged in a wild ecstasy. When they were asked to come out of the vehicle as part of routine investigations during night, the group attacked policemen all of a sudden leading to a ruction. Well, timely intervention of police from the locality saved the hapless policemen. Three convicted youths were arrested in next to no time but exploiting the absence of any policewoman the (gracious?) lady tried to flee which was foiled soon with the appearance of a lady SI and constable from Lalbazar Police Station, headquarter of Kolkata Police. These arrested youths include Shaini Iqbal, Zafar Iqbal, Samir Iqbal and Mukesh Gupta. All of them live in Garcha 1 st Lane; court case has been lodged against them for thrashing government servants on duty.            

But this is not any exception or a sole incident on the same day. It was about 1 am when a taxi was found to run at a high speed in the EM Bypass. A few police patrolling the area smelt a rat and asked the cab’s driver to stop at the Patuli connector of Bypass. The request was turned down. Two police personnel chased the vehicle in motorbikes and got hold of it finally at the crossing of Pranabananda Road. When the passengers were asked to step out, all five of then instead of obeying the instruction charged at the policemen. Thanks to the well-timed interference of a large police force from Patuli police station, the two police officers remained unscathed to some extent. The team of assaulters included Amiruddin Khan, Khokon Mullah, Saifuddin Khan, Zulfikar Khan and Mohammed Azam (driver of the cab).

It has also been learnt, assailants live in Sonarpur and hearing their detention, a large crowd of Muslims from Sonarpur gathered before the Patuli police station in early morning. The enraged crowd demanded release of all 5 assailants straight away and also threatened to invite more of their coreligionists to teach the police a lesson. However, owing to the prudence of higher police officials, no violent incident happened.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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