Fierce mob of Islamists batters poor Scheduled Caste Hindus cruelly in Malda

This is indeed a different age when attributes like amicability, decency, warmth and faiths on verbal commitment have lost merit and any person found to practice these is considered as na├»ve and deceivers are found to mock them always. Hindus do remain best paradigms of such naivety, behave thus with Islamists also even if they turn into the worst casualty ultimately. Therefore, it’s the time for Hindus inhabiting the village of Sihipur in the district of Malda to repent for showing such gestures to Zakir Hussain who along with his coreligionists from neighboring villages of Sujaganj and Kusialbari Raniganj persecuted them inhumanly on March 31. Hindu women were not spared; they were both beaten and molested. The village of Sihipur is inhabited by wretched Hindus belong to Hari (SC) community.

It has been learnt, on March 30, at 2. 30 am, a dumb thief or Boba was caught red handed in the cowshed of Sushil Das. Boba is a notorious thief in the locality and is also the younger brother of   Zakir Hussain, an influential and also elected panchayat member of Congress Party. Now, to end such activities of Boba, Sushil Das raised an alarm and with the help of neighbors fastened him to a pillar. They planned to produce him to the police station of Chanchal in the early morning. But the timely appearance of Zakir Hussain foiled their strategy. Zakir, virtually, weltered in the floor to have clemency for his brother. His attitude prompted many Hindus there to free Boba. Zakir also assured that he would revisit Sihipur with Boba to attend the “Salishi Sabha” or council for arbitration in the following afternoon. This fact delighted the Hindu crowd largely. Zakir Hussain was also found to be elated to have Boba; he thanked Hindus repeatedly and also reiterated his pledge to attend the council. 

In the evening, almost 70 Hindu villagers were waiting for Zakir Hussain and Boba at the meeting place. Zakir turned up at 6.30 pm but with 200 Muslims from the villages of Sujaganj and Kusialbari who were having lethal weapons also. Boba was not seen anywhere. Once the villagers asked Zakir of the need of such a large crowd, Islamists attacked them. The meeting place destined to have the council for arbitration turned into a zone of violence soon and as usual, Hindus were the sole target. Being unprepared for any such eventuality, Hindus had no way other than to get away. A large number of Hindus was thrashed brutally by then.  But Muslim assailants were in no mood to let them go; attackers in strength entered Hindu households, molested and battered Hindu women. They also snatched gold rings, other jewelries and left. The brutal attack led to injuries of 45 Hindus almost. People who suffered heavy injuries including Nabakumar Ghosh, Sushil Das, Bhelu along with a few others were admitted to the Chanchal Hospital.  

Hindus from Sihipur Haripara village, to have justice, went to the Chanchal police station to lodge a formal complaint against assailants. The written complaint submitted by them recounted the whole episode, named 10 assailants including Zakir Hussain.  Neither the Officer-in-Charge was there nor did the duty officer lodge any FIR. After several pleadings, he registered a General Diary only.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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