Hindus at nadir in Bangladesh

Alarming rise in persecution menaces Hindu existence    

Inhibiting all expectations of minority communities and also of liberals in Bangladesh that the new government would adopt all measures to bring the crisis to a halt, persecutions on Hindus with other minority communities is rising alarmingly there and the alleged secular government headed by Awami League, found to be highly vociferous against mounting clout of Islamists in the country even a few months back, is found to retain a weird silence only. Has any truce been signed between Awami League and Jamaat forces? This motion is prevailing official circles of eastern part of Indian subcontinent too, primarily India as it shall have to bear the burden of Bengali Hindu refugee influx if worst pogroms start against them back home.  

The surge in attacks on Hindus include plundering their residences, endeavors to both defile and destroy holy deities in Hindu temples, burning down Hindu establishments and forcible abduction of Hindu women, girl and almost each district remains witness to such horrific events on a daily basis. Only in the last week, ten holy deities of Devi Kali were desecrated and destructed by Islamists in the district of Netrokona.  Kali Temple of Ekata Sangha located at the Nadir Par Satpai within the municipal area became victim to the Islamic onslaught in the night. A few holy deities including Kali, Saraswati and Shiva were both defiled and destroyed. Again, the Kali Temple located at the Hindu crematorium of Badagara Gopalpur in the outskirts of the town was attacked in the evening and five holy deities were desecrated and destroyed. Even if higher officials of local police and administration have visited the spot, no investigation has started yet. It is alleged, fear of Hindus to lodge official complaints to the police station has prevented police to initiate any investigation.  This area in the district of Netrokona is known for recurrent attempts on Hindu temples but there has been no definite approach against the miscreants up till now.

Again, a few days back, a Hindu temple was vandalized by radical Muslim youths in the village of Pangasi within the sub-district of Roygunj in the district of Sirajgunj. The temple was closed (as usual) after daily kirtan but on the next morning, six holy deities were found out as both profaned and destroyed. A similar fate was meted out to a Hindu temple at Kapasi in the district of Gazipur. How are Hindu women in Bangladesh now? The family of Ratan Pal, minority Hindu individual living in the village of Ataikula Kuchiamora within the sub-district headquarter in the district of Pabna, is running hither and thither out of a grave fear. Rocky, son of Shahjahan Ali, inhabiting the village of Sakharipara, had kidnapped Ratan Pal’s adolescent daughter. She was recovered almost two months after but now the Muslim family is asking the hapless Hindu father to return her innocent daughter to Rocky once more. Ratan Pal sought help of local administration but they were found to be indisposed to help a Hindu family.     

Ratan Pal is a helpless Hindu individual but he, precisely, represents the Hindu populace in Bangladesh whose existence is at stake now. According to Kajal Debnath, president of Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Committee, Hindu persecution has become usual to all in Bangladesh and hence, voice of protests to these is also on the wane. All have started to accept that Hindu persecution is natural and an intrinsic feature of Islamic society in Bangladesh. Hindus fear the verdict of Delwar Hossain Sayeedi (soon) will trigger fiery response from Islamists endangering Hindu existence in Bangladesh altogether.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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