Bangladesh - The Vested Properties Return Act, 2011

Vested Property Act in Bangladesh, known as Enemy Property Act during Pakistani regime, was indeed much picked apart from the very beginning of its journey and it was destined to be as the Piece of legislation enabled the governance to confiscate property from individuals, especially Hindus, terming them as Enemy of the State.

In accordance with researches, the nefarious decree was made to repress Hindus and strip them of all of their possessions and thus make them get lost in the oblivion. It is also reckoned, 75% of all Hindus lands in Bangladesh, if not more, were clutched by this very statute.

For all these reasons, it is largely expected, The Vested Properties Return Act, 2011, endorsed by the Parliament of Bangladesh, will perform a historical job by returning property confiscated from the country's vast minority Hindu population.

Well, there is also a word of caution. As some Hindu organizations have started to state that the Bill has failed to gratify their decade-old aspirations altogether, it must be seen whether something effective takes place ultimately or it draws flak only.

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