Witness brings rape charge against Sayedee

International Crimes Tribunal is in full swing in Bangladesh and with the passing of each day, more and more cruel facts, revealing the true face of Pakistan Army and their accomplices in East Pakistan – Razaakar in 1971 war, are coming to the fore. And with this, another truth has also come out – War of Pakistan in 1971 was against Hinduism (on the whole) – its ultimate goal was to wipe out Hinduism from the Indian subcontinent. More than 90% victims in 1971 were Hindus and this fact endorses the aforementioned account sincerely.   

Whether Delawar Hossain Sayedee and tens of thousands of Islamic felons (like him) will get the desirable punishment is a long-time (and debatable too) issue as there are no dearth of instances where laws are molded in Islamic countries to grant freedom to Muslim perpetrators against infidels.

It will be too early for Hindus in Bangladesh to lionize prosecution of Sayedee.

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