Saraswati deities vandalized in Bangladesh

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Even though media of Bangladesh endeavors to portray that the spate of malice against Hindus has subsided, the reality is hundreds of miles away from it and the desecration along with destruction of Holy Deities of Devi Saraswati in the districts of Netrokona, Nilphamari, Gazipur denote how deep-rooted the malevolence is. It has been learnt, the destruction of Deities at Barami market in sub-district of Sripur within the district of Gazipur took place at 3.30 am on Wednesday and it was done a by a gang of 8 people wearing veils. On the word of Susanta Saha, president of the Saraswati Puja Committee at Barami market, devotees had left the place by 11.00 pm on Tuesday. The market, as a result, was almost vacant and making use of this opportunity, malefactors desecrated, destructed the Holy Deity. Two people who were sleeping in a shop adjacent to the Puja pandal were also injured brutally.  The incident was investigated by Ameer Hossain, Officer in-charge of Sripur police station, and Susanta Saha has filed a case against 8 unidentified people as regards the incident. Nevertheless, local Hindus have almost no faith on police and administration and they believe that no justice shall be delivered in this case also.

The village of Bhortoshi within the sub-district of Atpara in the district of Netrokona witnessed desecration and demolition of the Holy Deity of Devi Saraswati as well and it did also occur on Tuesday night. It has come to knowledge, problem started when Sharif and Pappu Mollah, two notorious criminals in the locality, went to the Puja pandal at 11.30 and asked the Puja committee members to stop the soiree musicale. When Hindu members of the committee said that the event would end soon, they got enraged and desecrated and demolished the Holy Deity.   A complaint was filed by the committee’s members against both Sharif and Pappu Mollah to the local police station of Atpara. But there has been no arrest as allegedly both of them are on the run.  

What happened in the village of Dakurdanga within the sub-district of Jaldhaka in the district of Nilphamari is enough to ball over any reader. People involved in the desecration followed by destruction of the Holy Deity of Devi Saraswati in the village are women and they did it to avenge a personal loss. On the word of local people and also police, they are Rehena Begum (age 45), her son Raihan (age 18) and also Nazneen (age 25) who happens to be the wife of Hamidul living in the same Dakurdanga village. People also said that Rehana who is the wife of Aminur Rahman was involved in a spat with Jagadish Chandra (inhabitant of the same village) over cutting down a bamboo tree on Tuesday morning. Even if Jagadish was warned, he defied them. To avenge the insult or defiance of Jagadish Chandra or a petty Hindu, Rehana and her son, in the evening, led a large number of people and the fuming mob went to the Puja pandal. It was followed by vandalizing the Holy Deity. Even if Hindus tried to prevent assailants, they were overpowered easily. Police went to the village at 6.30 pm and took Rehena Begum, Raihan and Nazneen into custody.  However, villagers are unanimous that miscreants will be freed and soon, a new hell will be unleashed on the village. 

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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