Hindu Samhati Activists Arrested for Protesting Against Cow Slaughter in Kalna, West Bengal

Kalna, West Bengal

A most outrageous incident has happened in the town of Kalna in Bardhaman dsitrict of West Bengal. During this Muslim festival of Eid there was extensive cow slaughter throughout the town (Hindus throughout the world consider the cow to be sacred and abhor killing of cows).
despite vigorous protests from the Hindus. In Sahapur, a village adjoining Kalna, there are only two Muslim households – the rest are Hindu – and both these families slaughtered multiple cows for Eid.

To protest this blatant affront to the Hindu sensitivities, the local chapter of Hindu Samhati had put up posters and had planned to organize a procession and a meeting in Kalna on the 3rd of Dec, 2009. However just for the ‘crime ‘ of putting up posters and planning a rally and a meeting, the police arrested Sri Haripada Adhikari and three others Hindu Samhati activists on 2nd Dec, 2009. They have been picked up without any formal charges and have not yet been released.

We are organizing protest rallies at Kalna. Please do whatever is necessary from your end.


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