Is Kolkata a city of Islamists only?

Syed Ahmed Road at Entally in Kolkata on June 24 at 8.30 am was just like any other day and Ashraf Alam had just opened his meat shop. He was with his assistant in the shop and was awaiting customers. All of a sudden, contrary to expectation of anyone in the locality, a youth came near Ashraf and fired at him. Even if the assailant’s intention was to pump bullets into chest of Ashraf, his foot was badly hit. The unknown assailant fled soon leaving Ashraf Alam behind in a pool of blood. The scene was more than enough to panic Ashraf’s relatives and neighbors but they managed to admit him to the NRS Hospital in a critical condition.

Who is the criminal? When police was asked the same question, they termed a local criminal named Mohammed Sarafu to mastermind the ghastly effort. While talking to locals it was learnt Mohammed Safaru had demanded Rs. 2 lakh as extortion from Ashraf Alam and when the demand was turned down, Sarafu attacked him. Incidentally, both Ashraf Alam and Mohammed Sarafu work as sources of Intelligence Branch of Kolkata Police and such crimes of Sarafu are not unknown to a section of police officials. Mohammed Sarafu has not been arrested yet while reportedly, police is trying to give a cold shoulder to the incident.        

While police seems to be indifferent to the crime of Mohammed Sarafu, political parties in the opposition are not ready to condone any such laxity. And this can be found from their stances in the Howrah case happened of late. They are already up in arms against police’s incapability to arrest Riaz Ahmed and Dipak Shaw, two Howrah-based extortionists. These two extortionists’ alleged threat calls led to the death of Sumit Naha, a hotelier in Howrah, at his Baguihati residence. According to reports, Sumit Naha died of heart attack following the calls. The victim’s family has already submitted CCTV footage of gangster Dipak Shaw who had attacked Ashish Manna, hotel’s manager. Both these gangsters having alleged links to reigning Trinamool Congress do operate in the Howrah station area. The Naha family has been involved in running their Bridge Lodge in the same area for the last four decades. However, neither Riaz nor Dipak, his accomplice, started controlling the area from yesterday. If truth be told, there is no end to this crime syndicate, ever fortunate to have blessings of politicians and strengthened by apathy of police and administration.     

What is most striking this type of affiliation to crime is prevalent among one particular minority community in India. They loathe refraining from controlling society and leave no stone unturned to do the same. Unfortunately, such a spate of crimes, as a result, is no more limited to felons or hard-line fundamentalists of the community and in this period of consumerism, youngsters are also coming up fast. Faizal Imam Khan happens to be the paradigm of such changing patterns of society. Faizal has been arrested for abetting an adolescent girl to commit suicide. It has been found, the victim girl used to live with her parents and elder sister in the Parnasree police station area and got introduced to Faizal through Facebook. But soon she got skeptical of Faizal’s foul intention and broke the relationship. Faizal avenged this breakup by disseminating abominable info of her in walls of Facebook; she was termed as a call girl and her cell number was also flashed through several posts. Accordingly, she got frequent calls from unknown persons who were interested to hire her. Being unable to tolerate these insults, the adolescent girl committed suicide.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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